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Percentage Increase Calculator

Percentage Increase Calculator

Fetch in the initial and final value and the calculator will calculate the percent increase and decrease, depending upon the original value.

Initial Value:

Final Value:


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An online percentage increase calculator is specifically programmed to calculate the increase and decrease in the percentage depending upon the original value. This free growth rate calculator helps you to estimate the alteration among different analysis based on percentage. Before we go ahead to use it, you need to have a sound knowledge of the following terms.

Let’s dive into it!

What Is The Percentage Increase?

“Any increase in the value from its actual value that depends upon the 100 parts of the original value is called the percent increase.”

For example:

If the price of the sugar in the market increases to $1.2 from the standard price that is $1, then we say that the price increase in percentage is 20%

Percentage Increase Formula:

You can determine the percent increase with the help of the following formula:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\text{New Value} – \text{Actual Value}}{\text{Actual Value}} $$

Our free percentage increase calculator also uses this standard formula to enumerate the results.

How To Calculate Percentage Increase?

Let us solve a couple of examples to clarify your concept in more depth:

Example # 01:

Jack’s blood pressure increased from 80 to 140. How to find percentage increase between two numbers.


As we know that the percent increase formula is given as follows:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\text{New Value} – \text{Actual Value}}{\text{Actual Value}} $$

Now, calculating percentage increase by putting the values given:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\left(140 – 80\right)}{80} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\left(140 – 80\right)}{80} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase}= \frac{60}{80} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase}= 75% $$

Here the free percent increase calculator also determines the same results but immediately. As time is money!

Example # 02:

The price of 1kg meat goes higher from $1 to $2. How to find percent increase?


Again, we have the same percent increase formula as below:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\text{New Value} – \text{Actual Value}}{\text{Actual Value}} $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = [\frac{\left(\text{2 – 1}\right)}{1} * 100] $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = 100% $$

Well, these are very basic calculations, but many students still find it difficult to determine this basic increase. That is why an online percentage calculator assists you to know how to figure out percentage increase with proper difference and accurate answers.

Example # 03:

Harry works in a reputed organization. His salary increased from $1250 to $3200. How to calculate percent increase in the salary?


We can calculate percentage increase with the help of the equation below:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\text{New Value} – \text{Actual Value}}{\text{Actual Value}} $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = [\frac{3200 – 1250}{1250} * 100] $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = [\frac{1950}{1250} * 100] $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = 1.56 * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = 156% $$

Do not forget to use the percent gain calculator if you get stuck at any step during your calculations.

Example # 04:

How to calculate growth percentage if the price of a share is increased in the stock market from $25 to $25.3 as a whole?


We know that:

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{\text{New Value} – \text{Actual Value}}{\text{Actual Value}} $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = [\frac{\left(25.3 – 25\right)}{25} * 100] $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = [\frac{\left(25.3 – 25\right)}{25} * 100] $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = \frac{0.3}{25} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Increase} = 1.2% $$

As a shareholder, you must use a price increase calculator for hitting a right bid by making a strong comparison.

How Percentage Increase Calculator Works?

This free percentage gain calculator helps you to find exact ascend in your calculations. Let us guide you how to use it.


  • Simply enter your initial value
  • Enter the final value the same way
  • Hit the calculate button


The percentage increase calculator determines:


What do you mean by the term percent error?

The difference between the actual value and that of the estimated one is called percent error

How do you convert percentile to percentage?

You need to follow the following steps while converting a percentile into percentage. These include:

  • First, arrange the whole data from least to greatest.
  • After doing so, count the number of values and give them a name, say r.
  • Find the value of\(\frac{q}{100}\)
  • After that, simply multiply both q percent and r
  • Finally if the answer is a whole number, then it is good. In case it is not, convert it into a proper whole number.

Can we add two or more percentages?

Yes, if the percentages are determined in the same way, then they can be added simply.

What is 21% of 30?

Let us suppose that the respective increase or decrease in the percentage is equal to x.

We know that:

$$ x = 21% * 30 $$

$$ x = \frac{21}{100} * 30 $$

$$ x = \frac{63}{10} $$

$$ x = 6.3 $$


Percentage plays a very important role in analysis of the production rate. Mathematicians, engineers, architects, professionals, and scholars make a wide use of the free percentage increase calculator for estimating any increase in the results and their performance.


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