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Quickly determine the increase in the rent of a property with the help of this annual rent increase calculator.  Simply, access this online tool from your browser and proceed with the high-speed calculation of rent increment.

Understanding Rent Increase Phenomena:

Rent is the amount that is paid by the tenant to the landlord against the use of a property. It's a payment that is made for the temporary use of the property Generally, the amount of rent is increased whenever a lease agreement expires. For instance, if you are a landlord and you have made an agreement of one year, then you will have to wait for one year to increase the rent.  After one year, you can increase the rent as per the law, but if there is no such law then you can mention the rent percentage increase in the agreement. 

Rent Increase Formula:

Let's take a look at the following rent increase equation: Future Annual Rent = Current Annual Rent x (1 + Average Rent Change) ^ Number of Years

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage?

Go through the following steps to calculate the rent increase:
  • First of all, note down the current rent that you are paying annually
  • Determine the average rent change per year
  • Now write down the number of years for which you want to calculate the future rent amount
  • Put these values in the above-mentioned formula to calculate the rent increase as we have down in the following example 
To save time, you can also get the assistance of a rent escalation calculator. It will let you proceed with a high-speed calculation of rent increase and will provide the correct results swiftly. 


Let's suppose I am paying $22,000 annually for a home and only one month is remaining in the completion of a year. After that one month, the rent will be increased by 10%. Now calculate how much will my rent increase.


Given that: Annual Rent = $22,000 Average Rent Change = 10 % Number of years = 1 Put these values in the rent increase formula: Future Annual Rent = Current Annual Rent x (1 + Average Rent Change) ^ Number of Years Future Annual Rent = 22,000 x (1 + 10%)^1 Future Annual Rent = $24,200 This is the amount that you will have to pay after one year. If this calculation looks difficult then get the assistance of a rent increase calculator California. It will let you perform the whole calculation of rent increase swiftly. 

How Much Should Rent Rise Each Year?

The amount of rent increase is determined by the local laws, state laws, or the terms defined in the agreement. In the following table, we have provided some of the allowable rent increases. 
County Effective before 8/1/23 Effective after 8/1/23
Los Angeles 10% 9.2%
Kern 10% 8.8%
Orange 10% 8.8%
Riverside 10% 9.6%
San Bernardino 10% 9.6%
San Diego 10% 10%
Ventura 10% 8.8%

How Does Our Online Rent Increase Calculator Work?

This rent increase percentage calculator requires you to provide a couple of simple inputs.

What Do You Need To Enter?

  • Current Annual Rent
  • Average Rent Change Per Year 
  • Number of Years. 

This Is What You Will Get!

  • You can easily get the expected future annual rent in no time with the help of this rent inflation calculator. 
  • It provides you with step-by-step calculations.


Can A Landlord Raise The Rent During A Lease Term?

No, the landlord can not raise the rent until the lease agreement allows for it or the tenant has allowed the landlord to increase the rent after a specific period. 

What Is The Maximum Rent Increase For AB 1482?

It limits annual rent increases to no more than 5% + local CPI (CPI = inflation rate), or 10% whichever is lower.

Is It Legal To Raise Rent More Than 10% In California?

According to the Tenant Protection Act, landlords can not increase the rent by 10 % or 5% plus a percentage change in the cost of living.  


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