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Cash Back Calculator

Enter the purchase amount & cash back percentage to get cash back amount with complete steps.


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This cash back calculator helps you to estimate the cash-back profit that you may earn on the purchase of a specific good due to any credit card policy.

How to Calculate Cash Back?

You can calculate the cash back amount by multiplying the total purchase by the cashback percentage and then dividing the amount by 100. Cashback is a common term used in finance to describe the reward earned while using a company’s credit card. 

Why do Companies Provide Cashback?

Nowadays, companies are providing different percentages and cash back amounts depending upon their marketing strategies. You can calculate the cash back amount and the percentage while signing the credit card agreement. The cashback percentage can range from anywhere between 1% and 5%. It is easy to convert the cashback percentage of the real-time amount by the cash back credit card calculator.

Why Calculate Cash Back Amount?

Credit card Cashback is a form of the reward scheme program. In this reward scheme credit card companies are providing tax-free cash back instead of giving points. You can calculate the cash back amount and spend anywhere, as it is your money. The exciting thing about the cashback amount is that it is tax-free and you don’t need to pay any tax on the cashback amount. The cash back calculator is a good resource to claim your credit card utilization reward. The cashback calculator calculates the cash back reward while using your credit card. 

How to Find Cash Back?

The following formula is used to calculate the cashback earned using a given credit card and purchase amount.

C = (P * CP)/100

  • C = Total amount of cash back
  • P =  Total purchase amount
  • CP = Cash back percentage

Practical Example:

Suppose a customer has done shopping for $100, then calculate the cashback amount if the cashback percentage is 2%.  Given: Purchase Amount = $100  Cash Back = 2% Solution Formula = Purchase * (Cash Back / 100) Total Cash Back = 100 * (2 / 100) Total Cash Back = $2

Working of the Cash Back Calculator:

The credit card cash back calculator is just too easy to operate by the simple procedure given below:  Input:
  • Enter the purchase amount and cashback percentage in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate 
  • The cash-back amount
  • Step-by-step calculation


Is there a Limit to Cash Back?

On some credit cards, there is a limit to how much cashback can be earned on a given purchase amount. 

What is 5% Cash Back on $100?

Getting 5% cash back on a credit card means you will earn $5 in cash-back rewards for every $100 you spend on qualifying purchases. You can usually calculate cash back rewards with the credit card cashback calculator as there are hundreds of transactions.

How Is Cashback Profitable for Credit Card Companies?

Credit card companies are in the business of making money and making their credit card more attractive to the market. Credit card companies offer cash back percentages to their clients for increasing their sales.


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