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Gross Income Calculator

Gross Income Calculator

Enter the frequency of the salary and tax filling status in the Gross Income Calculator to find your take-home or net income from gross salary.


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The gross income calculator assists you to estimate (take-home) net income after taxes and benefits withheld along with the net income.

Gross Income:

Gross income is also known to be the gross salary when it’s on a paycheck. Gross income is an individual total income before taxes or other deductions. It includes all the income resources, not simply employment. You can calculate the gross earnings of an individual (single, married, or head of a family) with the monthly gross income calculator. 

Net Income:

Net income is the amount of money an individual takes home after deductions. These taxes are usually taken out of your paycheck. 

How to Calculate the Net Income?

The Net salary is also referred to as the Take Home Salary. It is the one that gets credited to an employee’s salary account on a (monthly, weekly, or daily) basis ( depending on the terms of the employment contract). Just add the salary frequency in the gross pay calculator to find the net income. It is the amount given by the organization, in which the individual is employed after the employer has subtracted deductions like Federal Taxes, insurance, social security, medicare taxes, etc.

It is simple to find the net income, basically, deduct all the applied tax and benefits from the gross salary. This deduction can be taxes, insurance, social security, and medicare taxes. You can also able to calculate gross income from net income just by adding the deductions. You need to mention the mode of your salary and its frequency in the gross monthly income calculator.

Net income= Gross income – Deductions 

Let’s suppose your gross income is $3,350 a month. But you are paying 12 % Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax 6.2%, Medicare Tax 1.45 %. Then what is your Net Income after the deduction?


Federal Income Tax = 12 % of ($3,350) = $402

Social Security Tax = 6.2 % of ($3,350) = $208

Medicare Tax = 1.45 % of ($3,350) = $49

Deductions = Federal Income Tax + Social Security Tax + Medicare Tax 

Deductions = $402+ $208+ $ 49

Deductions = $402+ $208+ $ 49

Deductions = $659

Net Income = Gross Income – Deductions 

Net Income =  $3,350 – $ 659 

Net Income =  $2691

2022 Tax Brackets and Tax Rates (For Filing in 2023):

You can calculate gross income from net by applying the tax rate for the year 2022-2023. These tax rates are applied all around the US. You may simply find your net income by entering your gross income and the frequency period in the gross to net income calculator. The online calculator applies all the deductions automatically and calculates your take-home salary.

2022 Tax Brackets and Tax Rates
Income Slot Tax %
$0-$10,275 10 %
$10,276-$41,775 12 %
$41,776-$89,075 22 %
$89,076-$170,050 24 %
$170,051-$215,950 32 %
$215,951-$539,900 35 %
$539,901-No Limit 37 %
Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow (Widower)
Income Slot Tax %
$0-$20,550 10 %
$20,550-$83,550 12 %
$83,550-$178,150 22 %
$178,150-$340,100 24 %
$340,100-$431,900 32 %
$431,900-$647,850 35 %
$647,850-No Limit 37 %
Married Filing Separately
$0-$10,275 10 %
$10,276-$41,775 12 %
$41,776-$89,075 22 %
$89,076-$170,050 24 %
$170,051-$215,950 32 %
$215,951-$323,925 35 %
$323,926-No Limit 37 %
Head of Household
Income Slot Tax %
$0- $14,650 10 %
$14,651-$55,900 12 %
$55,901-$89,050 22 %
$89,051-$170,050 24 %
$170,051-$215,950 32 %
$215,951-$539,900 35 %
$539,901-No Limit 37 %

How Does Our Calculator Work?

This gross income calculator lets you calculate gross pay from net pay, for accurate results follow the simple steps:


  • Choose From Salary or the Bonus and Pay Frequency
  • Choose your Tax Filling Status and Enter the Gross Salary
  • Hit the calculate Button


  • Federal Income Tax and Social Security and Medicare Tax 
  • Net Income of Individual 


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From the source of Net Income, calculate gross pay from net pay