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Cat Calorie Calculator

Cat Calorie Calculator

Enter cat's weight and choose the condition of the cat in the tool and the calculator will find the RER and MER for cats

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The cat calorie calculator estimates the energy requirements for Neutral, Kittens, and Adult cats based on their RER and MER standards. It gives you precise estimations so you can better feed your pet according to a selected goal.

How Does Cat Calorie Calculator Work?

The cat calories calculator functions to provide you with the best estimations. It works by inputting certain related parameters that include:

Here are the input values:


  • Enter the weight of the cat 
  • Select the current condition of the cat


  • Resting calories: Know how many calories your cat needs to eat while at rest.
  • Maintenance calories: Ensure your cat’s weight maintenance calories to relative to their age.

What Are Cat Calories Per Day?

The cat’s calories per day can vary depending on factors such as age, size, activity level, and overall health. The cat calorie calculator helps you to estimate the daily average calorie intake for your cats. On average, the typical adult indoor cat requires approximately 20-30 pounds to meet the calorie needs. 

Neutered Cat Calories:

Neutered calorie cats typically need slightly fewer calories per day compared to normal cats. Still, the calorie intake depends on factors 

If you have a 10-pound neutered cat, then the calories for a cat are approximately 200-300 calories per day. For a better estimation, you can also use our cat calorie calculator. Get instant results and feed your cat in a healthy way.

Kittens Cat Calories: 

Kittens normally have higher energy requirements than adult cats. Kittens need 2-2.5 times as many calories per pound of body weight compared to adult cats. It is necessary to estimate the Kitten’s calorie intake while they are growing in age with the cat calorie calculator. 

Adult Cat Calories: 

On average the healthy adult cat will require around 50 to 70 calories per pound. It means the 10-pound adult cat approximately require  500 to 700 calories a day. The normal adult cat’s calorie requirements are different from the neutered cat’s.

How Many Calories Do Cats Need?

On average calories requirements for cats are 20 calories per pound or 45 calories per kilogram. As a pet honor curious about how many calories a cat needs per day. 

Cat’s Daily Calorie Requirement (Kcal/day) = 70 x (cat’s weight in kilograms)^0.75

Calories For Cats Table:

The cat calories are different when losing weight per pound for various cats.

The table below describes the calorie benchmark for various weight categories.

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Daily Calories (Maintenance) Daily Calories (Weight Loss)
2 4.4 100 – 140 40 – 70
3 6.6 140 – 200 60 – 100
4 8.8 180 – 280 80 – 140
5 11 220 – 360 100 – 180
6 13.2 260 – 460 120 – 220
7 15.4 300 – 580 140 – 260
8 17.6 340 – 720 160 – 300

To make your cat a smart one, try to find how many calories are in a cat’s food and what the is requirement relative to weight. The cat weight loss calculator is a simple solution to the problem as some cats become obese due to extra calories. There are around 20-30 calories per pound required for most adult indoor cats. 

Cat’s Resting Energy Calories (RER):

Resting Energy Requirement (RER) interprets the amount of energy (measured in calories) when it is at rest and doing nothing. 


The Resting Energy Requirement (RER) includes the following parameters:

  • Breathing 
  • Heart function
  • Maintaining body temperature

Cat’s Maintenance Energy Calories (MER):

Cat’s Maintenance Energy Calories (MER) represents the amount of calories energy required per day. It also includes the (RER) along with the activities, growth and reproduction


  • Age
  • Neuter status 
  • Activity level 


When Do I Need To Stop Feeding My Cat High-Intake Food?

The main purpose of the high intake of cat food is to eliminate the effect of malnutrition. It is better to calculate how many calories should a cat eat per day before feeding high-intake food.

Do Neutered And Normal Cats Have The Same Calorie Intake?

No, there is a slight difference in the amount of calorie intake of neutral and normal cats. A normal cat needs 5-8 more calories per pound daily as compared to normal cats.


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