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Steps to Calories Calculator

Steps to Calories Calculator






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This free steps to calories calculator helps you to estimate the number of calories you burn by walking. Scroll down to know how you could estimate the calorie burn rate while taking a walk and what are the health advantages of walking.

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What are Calories?

“A particular unit of energy that corresponds to the energy consumed by your body for each meal or drink you intake are called calories”

If you desire to estimate the caloric gain on a daily basis, you may better tap the meal calorie calculator.

Calorie Burn Per Step:

According to a medical estimation, an average person weighing 70kg expends 0.04kcal as steps walked to calories burned ratio. You can also verify by putting the weight and steps values in this steps to calories calculator.

How Many Steps Burn Calories?

Walking is an exercise that does not need any equipment. You may do it anywhere and at any time. And when it comes to the calorie burn during walking, it is dependent of the following medical factors including:

  • Walking steps that you cover for a particular distance
  • Your body height and weight
  • Your pace

Our free steps calories burned calculator also takes in to calculations the following factors aforementioned to estimate the calorie burn rate while walking.

Factors Affecting The Calories Burn Rate:

Basically, the number of the calories being lost during a casual walk depends upon certain factor, the major of which include the following:

  • Mass of your body
  • Activity Duration
  • MET (Metabolic equivalent of task)

Let’s discuss these factors in brief detail!

Body Mass:

Body mass is a key contributor to calorie shredding during a walk. Let us take an example here:


Obama and Reshaeel are two friends. Where Obama weighs 300 pounds, Reshaeel weighs about 400 pounds. Now if both of them take a regular walk by walking an equal number of steps each day, the calorie burn for Reshaeel will be more than that for Obama. This is because Reshaeel weighs more and his muscles will burn more calories during walk than Obama.


This is another factor that contributes a lot. The more the exercise or walking time duration, the caloric shedding rate would be directly proportional to it.

Intensity of exercise:

The third but not last factor affecting the calorie burn ratio. The harder you practise, the number of calories you burn will increase. Basically, intensity of the exercise may be estimated due to various factors, some of which are narrated as under:

Your Heart Rate:

As you are better aware of the fact that the more you exercise intensely, the heart rate gets higher and higher. So this provides a rough estimation of the exercise intensity and caloric expenditure. This is because every other person has a different heart rate. A fir person may have a greater heart rate while doing a normal exercise. On the other hand, an old man may have a slower heart rate even during a hard exercise. That is why this method is not considered a reliable one while estimating the intensity of exercise.

The Intake of Oxygen:

The consumption of oxygen gas has a linear relationship with the exercise intensity. As you know the more you exercise, the demand for oxygen increases as well. In actual, the oxygen intake is closely related to the body mass and that is why it is considered as a standard test to predict the strength of workout.

Other Factors:

Besides the major factors that affect the exercise intensity, we have some other secondary factors that alter the training of you. These include:

Body Composition:

If there are two persons having the same height and weight, and one of them has a higher muscle mass. Then the energy expenditure for one with higher muscle mass would be greater than the other one with less muscle mass.


When a person gets older, the lean body mass is decreased significantly. This further decreases the number of calories an old grown man would be shedding. So becoming older will not let you burn calories easily. Further if you wish to know how many macros you need to burn, we recommend you use the online macros calculator for this purpose.


When temperature increases, the people will find it easy enough to burn calories. Walking in warmer environments lets the body direct the excessive heat to burn calories, by keeping the overall body heat at constant level.

Fitness Level:

A person with a fit body will require a lower energy consumption to perform a respective exercise. This is because the body is already in proper shape and thus used to regular activity. Now here, you must consider the fact that your body expends energy differently at different energy levels. And to calculate calories burning at different activity levels, you can now subject to the free TDEE calculator for this purpose.


If you do not sleep properly, it will reduce your metabolism activity and overall calorie burn ratio. That is why you must take proper sleep up to 6-8 hours a day. And if you are subjected to any medical condition in which you are not able to get regular sleep, you may better use the melatonin dosage calculator. The tool will readily help you to estimate the dosage of melatonin you need to take for a better sleep.


You must eat properly and consume a healthy diet. This will enhance the body metabolism, thereby letting you shed more macros easily.

Health Benefits of Walk:

Our free calories burned step calculator would let you estimate an adequate amount of calories that are for sure associated with many health benefits. It is no wrong to utter that walking needs no thinking approach as you can do it anywhere without any pressure and get benefit from the following health advantages:

  • Your mood swings are improved a lot and you start to feel fresh by giving a walk support to your legs and other vital organs including brain
  • Your bones get strong enough and become capable of walking long distances without any trouble
  • Balance is the most important factor to care about. And none other than a regular walk could help you improve your balance
  • When you walk regularly, your excess body fat gets decreased, making you slim and good looking enough
  • By walking on a daily basis, your muscle endurance is enhanced thereby increasing your activity level
  • Your heart health gets increased and it pumps more oxygenated blood throughout your body

Steps To Calories Chart:

As you know, the standard walking speed is about 3 miles per hour. So we have arranged a table below that highlights the optimum number of calories burned walking by steps. Let’s go through these!

Number steps

Distance (miles) Duration


130 lbs 140 lbs 150 lbs 160 lbs 170 lbs 180 lbs 190 lbs 200 lbs 210 lbs 220 lbs
1 step 79 CM 0.009 0.033 0.036 0.039 0.041 0.044 0.046 0.049 0.051 0.054


1000 steps

0.5 miles 9.8 33 36 39 41 44 46 49 51 54 57
2000 steps 1 miles 19.6 67 72 77 82 87 93 98 103 108


3000 steps

1.5 miles 29.4 100 108 116 123 131 139 147 154 162 170
4000 steps 2 miles 39.2 134 144 154 165 175 185 195 206 216


5000 steps

2.5 miles 49 167 180 193 206 219 231 244 257 270 283
6000 steps 2.9 miles 58.9 201 216 231 247 262 278 293 309 324


7000 steps

3.4 miles 68.7 234 252 270 288 306 324 342 360 378 396
8000 steps 3.9 miles 78.5 267 288 309 329 350 370 391 411 432


9000 steps

4.4 miles 88.3 301 324 347 370 393 416 440 463 486 509
10000 steps 4.9 miles 98.1 334 360 386 411 437 463 488 514 540


15000 steps

7.4 miles 147.2 501 540 578 617 656 694 733 771 810 848
20000 steps 9.8 miles 196.3 668 720 771 823 874 926 977 1028 1080


30000 steps

14.7 miles 294.5 1003 1080 1157 1234 1311 1388 1465 1465 1620


How Steps To Calories Calculator Works?

Let’s learn how to use this smart steps to calories converter to estimate the cumulative calorie loss during walking!


  • Enter your weight and height in the respective fields and select the related units
  • Likewise, enter the number of steps you walked
  • Now select the speed level from the drop-down list at the end
  • After you are done with the stuff, hit the calculate button


The free steps calories burned calculator provides the following estimations:

  • Calories burned during whole walk
  • Calories burn per step


How many calories does 1000 steps burn?

Depending upon the step length that is approximately 2-2.5 feet, a person would be wedding 50 calories in a 1000 steps walk. You can also estimate it better by utilising the steps to calories calculator.

How many calories does 10000 steps burn?

Walking 10000 steps will let you burn approximately 500 calories. You can also cross check it by using the online step calorie burn calculator.

How many calories are burned by brisk walking?

If you adopt a brisk walk practice on a daily basis, then your walk speed would be 4mph. And as the activity is stronger than the normal, it would let you shed more calories.

Below we have a data representing the optimal calorie expenditure during a brisk walk for different body weights:

Weight (lbs)

Calories Burn













Moreover, you may like to employ this steps to calories calculator to better predict energy shed during a brisk walk for you.

How to lose weight walking?

If you continue to walk 6 miles per day for 5 continuous days, then we guarantee you that you will lose weight. In case you wish to track your weight loss progress, then we highly recommend you using the weight loss calculator for this purpose.2

How many calories do you burn in a 30 minute walk?

If a person weighs about 120 pounds, then a 30 minutes walk will let burn 100 calories in total. On the other hand, same amount of steps walked calories burned by a person weighing 210 pounds

How many step burn calories do you burn in 60 minutes of walking?

In 60 minutes of a daily walk, you can shed about 200 to 350 calories without compromising any health issues. But for a better estimation, we would better suggest you consider our free steps to calories calculator for free.

Do you only burn calories while walking?

Not at all! Your body needs energy all the time for proper functioning. If you are at rest or even sleeping, you need energy to enjoy a better sleep. If you wish to calculate the number of calories you burn at rest, you may use another BMR calculator that lets you estimate the minimum amount of energy a person does require for normal body function.

What burns the most calories the fastest?

  • Running is the best exercise to burn maximum calories
  • Apart from this, you may also practise stationary cycling, jogging, or even swimming
  • There is still another option which is HIIT workout. It’s confirmed ow that after HIIT workout, your body continues to lose calories for next 24 hours

To better predict the normal to maximum ratio of the burning macros, you can get a free output for you by using this calories burned steps calculator.

How many steps per calorie a person walks?

According to our best steps to calories calculator, a person needs to walk 25 steps in order to lose 1 single calorie.


Walking is one of the best ways to keep you away from various health issues including cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. That is why we have designed this calculator so that you may immediately estimate the optimum number of calories you should actually burn. This practice will ultimately let you enjoy a healthy wealthy life.


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