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Using Pregnancy Calculator

Now coming to the birth of the baby which you are carrying inside your body. Every female who gets pregnant wants to know the date when her pregnancy ends, and she can take her baby in hands. For this, you need to calculate the period of whole pregnancy from the date of last menstrual period. This complex calculation can’t be done by every female easily. For this calculation, you need pregnancy calculator which can tell you the date when you baby is coming into this world. And whenever you want to know how many weeks are you pregnant you can calculate it using pregnancy calculator. Having a baby is one of the precious moments of life, not all of you have got this moment, but those who get pregnant should take care of their pregnancy and developing baby in a right way. So, that no complications or problems arise which leads to early delivery of a baby, before completion of gestation period which is 40 weeks from last menstrual period.

By knowing the time of your pregnancy that at how many weeks are you now can allow you to feel every stage of baby's development like at or after 18 weeks, you will feel your baby's movement which he/she is doing inside your body. And at specific weeks you are required to take certain calcium, vitamin and iron supplements. If you don’t know your pregnancy weeks, you can end up in taking these supplements at the wrong time which can affect your baby in a bad way. Therefore for the safety and health of your child and yourself, it is important that you use our pregnancy calculator regularly.

Pregnancy calculator will also help to tell you the stages of development of your baby, and it is a thrilling feeling to know that how much your baby is developed or grown up inside you. For example, when you use our pregnancy calculator and it tells you that you are eight weeks pregnant you’ll be happy to know that at eight weeks your baby has a heart which is beating now. At 18 weeks your baby is ready to give you punches and kicks. You can track your baby's weekly growth and development by using pregnancy calculator, and if anything goes wrong like you don’t feel your baby's movement until 25 weeks of gestation it is a matter of concern, and you should consult a doctor for this. In this way calculating the pregnancy duration can allow you to know if your baby is developing healthy and your pregnancy is normally going.

Our pregnancy calculator is designed only keeping in mind that many females are not educated enough or don’t have enough knowledge about calculations or mathematics and many females also don't know the medical importance of calculating the gestational age. Knowing how many weeks or months you are pregnant is important to have a healthy baby in your hand after completion of pregnancy. And it will also aid in keeping yourself at optimum health during the whole gestation. Mother health is of vital importance during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby because she is the one who feeds her baby and nurtures him/her after birth. Everyone can use our pregnancy calculator even the male partner can use it too if he knows the dates required to calculate gestation. Just having an internet access is the requirement to use it. Go to and use our pregnancy calculator free of cost anytime when you want to know the progress of your pregnancy.