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Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Enter your dog’s mating date and the tool will immediately estimate the delivery date.

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Allow this free dog pregnancy calculator to estimate your dog due date by entering the mating date.

Keep going through the article below that is packed with a full fledged information regarding dog’s pregnancy duration, due date, and take care tips to follow in such a situation.

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How To Calculate Dog Due Date?

As far as the manual estimations are concerned, they can be carried out by using the following dogs due date formula:

Due date = Date of mating + 63 days

This free dog due date calculator also makes use of the same formula to calculate the labour date for your dog. Here you must keep in mind that the gestation time span of 63 days is not fixed for every dog race. It may fluctuate between 58 to 68 days. If you are having a pet too and want to know the whole pregnancy cycle of it, you may utilise the dog gestation calendar as well to mark days and prepare a fully fledged dog pregnancy chart.

How To Take Care of Your Dog During Pregnancy?

When you are confirmed about your dog’s pregnancy, there are a couple of things to do. First is to celebrate the moment with your pet and second to follow the precautions mentioned below to keep your dog and puppies healthy enough. So let’s get through these one by one:

Time For Veterinarian Registration:

After the moment you come across the reality of your pet’s gestation, it’s time to visit a vet for the registration process. This is because you can not handle the situation without the medical help of a veterinary doctor. Keep the vet’s number with you always so as to contact him/her at the time of any emergency situation being faced by your dog. Also, you can get an estimation of the due date by using this dog due date calculator and discuss it with the vet for further confirmation.

Your Dog’s Nutrition:

During pregnancy, your pet’s hunger increases more than before. Yes, even it gets doubled for some breeds. So except following a raw diet routine, you must go for such meals that are specially prescribed for pregnant dogs. Also, vets prescribe feeding several small meals instead of only a couple of large meals. With that all, do not forget to make use of this dog pregnancy calculator so that you may decide better about the diet accordingly.


Deworming is the injection of anthelmintic drugs in your pet’s body so as to keep it and puppies away from any worm infection. This is very important because the larval stage of roundworms may travel to the puppies’ bodies through placenta. This causes a lot of worm infections in the puppies that may affect their development and health badly. So if you notice any kind of worming during the dog pregnancy calendar, you must visit the vet to ask for the best treatment possible.

Healthy Exercise Routine:

Usually, dogs feel unhealthy and weak during the gestation period. That is why you must keep noticing it so that you may not force her in such an awkward situation. For instance, you may employ our free dog gestation calculator to highlight pregnancy days and look for any behavioural changes in your pet.

A Whelping Box:

It is very important to prepare a whelping box for your pet’s smooth delivery. This is because dogs feel it very comfortable to whelp in the whelping box.

Dog’s Pregnancy Confirmation Tests:

Besides calculating the days remaining in dog due date either by using the formula or this best dog pregnancy calculator, you may ask the vet for various pregnancy tests for your pet. Among these tests, the most effective ones are listed below:

Palpation Test:

Usually, this test is taken almost after 28 days of mating. This is indeed one of the instant and safest tests performed to confirm the pregnancy of the dogs. In this test, the vet may roll his/her fingers to gently press the abdomen area of the dog’s is done so that any swelling in the uterus may be noticed due to presence of puppies.

Ultrasound Check:

This test can be performed as early as between 21 to 22 days after breeding is done. Before this number, confirmation is not possible to be obtained because of no start of process. But if the ultrasound is done after a month, then the chances of pregnancy verification are maximum. Although the test can not accurately measure the number of the puppies in the womb, it can detect the heartbeat of each and every puppy. And rest for due date of puppies, you may utilize this puppy due date calculator for dogs.

X-Ray Process:

This test is the most effective and considered reliable for verifying the dog’s pregnancy and the exact number of the puppies present in the womb. When it is 52nd day after breeding, then you can ask the veterinarian to do this test so as to confirm how many puppies will be born on the delivery date. Rest for further clarifications,vets also make use of this free dog pregnancy calculator.

Hormonal Changes Noticing:

Some veterinary doctors also apply different medical treatments to notice any hormonal changes in dogs that may occur only during the time of gestation.

Here if you follow the dog pregnancy calendar regularly, it would be very easy for you to estimate the exact days for the tests to be taken mentioned above.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

No doubt your dog will never be able to give you good news. But there are certain indications that may give you a signal of its pregnancy. These include:

  • Increase in the hunger
  • Sudden increase in the body weight
  • Affection rise
  • More irritated behaviour of your pet
  • Easily tiredness
  • Your dog’s nipple size also increases during pregnancy

So if you feel any such changes in your pet, then without a doubt it’s time to make use of this free dog pregnancy calculator to confirm the delivery day and make preparations to say a warm welcome to puppies.

Signs Your Dog Will Deliver Soon:

Here we will encode some indications that signify that the delivery date is near for your dog.

Let’s go through these!

Behavioural Changes:

When the dogs due date approaches soon, your pet may feel a little bit uncomfortable than before. Also, it finds some private space that is not visited by many people so to spend some time privately.

Drop In Temperature:

As per the arrival of the due date earlier, the dog’s body temperature shows an alarming decrease that can be up to 37.5 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit). Here you must keep checking the temperature using a rectal thermometer and also employ this dog pregnancy calculator to confirm the due date straightaway.

Contractions In The Abdomen:

When proper contractions are visible in the abdomen of your dog, it means the puppy is about to come. During contractions, pups are pushed out by dogs every 20 minutes.

Hymen Discharge:

If you notice any clear fluid discharge from hymen, then it is a sign that the path for the puppy to come out is paved. Also here if you notice any brownish or greenish fluid secretion, it shows that the

How Dog Pregnancy Calculator Works?

You may like to learn the use of this free dog gestation calculator to estimate the dogs due date. Let’s get ahead towards it!


  • Simply enter your dog’s mating date in the designated field
  • After you are done with it, hit the calculate button


The best puppy due date calculator gives you the following estimations:

  • Calculates and displays the dog pregnancy due date
  • Displays a complete pregnancy timeline details about your dog


How Long After Mating Can You Tell a Dog Is Pregnant?

You may see the following indications if your dog is expecting. About one month after mating, a little mucus discharge may happen. Around 30 days after mating, her teats could start to show more clearly in terms of size and colour. You might also notice that they start to secrete a semi-clear fluid.

How do dogs act when they are pregnant?

Normally, a pregnant dog gains some weight than usual that is also visible to the naked eye. Although it seems healthy and fit, some dogs become ill and weak enough. It almost happens during the third or fourth week of the pregnancy. Also, the nipples may get more prominent than before.

Can you buy dog pregnancy test?

The first instant dog pregnancy test that could be easily performed at home is known as Bellylab Pregnancy Test. All of the necessary tools are included in the test kit so that a breeder or owner may conduct the test at home. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you can read the outcome, which has an accuracy rate of 96 percent across all dog breeds.

How many times do dogs need to mate to get pregnant?

Normally, breeding once is more than sufficient. But some people think it is considerable to breed 3 to 4 times so that the chances of pregnancy may increase, which could be analysed by using this online dog breeding calculator in a matter of seconds.

Is a pregnant dog lazy?

Due to the excess weight, the dog can appear fatigued or sleepy because it might be challenging for her to engage in her regular activities. In general, when caloric requirements rise to sustain growing puppies, appetite rises.

How long is dog labour?

Typically, it lasts between three and twelve hours. Contractions in the abdomen are seen at this time. The fluid that leaks from your dog’s broken waters will be clear. Up to two hours before giving birth to her first puppy, your dog may exhibit mild and irregular pushing during typical labour.

Can you hold a newborn puppy?

Yes you can! When a puppy is born, it’s weight is too low that you need to handle it with extra delicate holdings. Also, you can also use another puppy weight calculator that lets you calculate the weight of any puppy most accurately and absolutely for free.

What should I do when my dog is pregnant for the first time?

When you suspect your dog is pregnant for the first time, the first thing you should do is take them to the doctor. Because dog pregnancies continue for just around 9 weeks, you must schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Can dogs have abortions?

Of course, dogs are capable of becoming pregnant, just like people. However, if an abortion is regarded to be the best solution, they can also have one.

Do dogs sleep during labour?

After many hours of irregular, small contractions, the whelping female dog will enter active labour with frequent, strong contractions. During the initial stage of labour, your dog will pant often, move erratically, whine, and sleep soundly.

Can dogs get pregnant without locking?

If a male dog gets locked for moments, ejaculates, and again gets unlocked with the female dog, pregnancy can happen. No doubt the chances of such slip locking are not so high for pregnancy, but some male dog sperm that may be left in the female dog may cause it to happen. For further assistance, you may let this free dog pregnancy calculator to check whether it’s happening or not.

Can one puppy have two fathers?

Yes, of course! A little puppy may have one or more than one single father. But it causes a lot of genetic changes in such puppies being born by mating of its mother with different male dogs.

Is it OK to bathe a dog after mating?

Many talks about this issue revolve between folks. But these can never be considered true. The only factor to notice is that giving your dog a bath after mating is very beneficial for it.

Will a female dog bleed after mating?

Yes, after the first 10 days of mating, the female dog will bleed and the vulva will get swollen. After the first ten days, the bleeding gets slow or even stops completely, making the female dog receptive to male dogs.

How many months is a dog pregnant for?

A dog remains pregnant for approximately two and a half months at a maximum. You can get a detailed overview of the whole duration by using this free when will my dog give birth calculator.


It is conceivable for a dog to get pregnant for up to 70 days or more, despite the fact that most dog pregnancies endure 60 to 65 days. The dog is thought to be late at this point and may run the risk of difficulties for both the dog and the puppies that are still developing. Therefore, you want to speak with your veterinarian as soon as possible about it. Also, you can get instant assistance from this free dog pregnancy calculator so as to predict the most exact dog due date.