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Feet and Inches Calculator

Feet and Inches Calculator

Enter the feet and inches fractions and the calculator will add, subtract, multiply, or divide them instantly.







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Try this feet and inches calculator to add, subtract, multiply or divide feet and inches fractions. No doubt such calculations are very tricky and may confuse you.

That is why we have designed this free ft and in calculator so you may not feel trouble in performing such calculations.

What Is Foot And Inch?

“Both foot and inch are the imperial units of measurement”

When it comes to measurement, there are exactly 12 inches in a foot as shown in the pictorial representation below

feet and inches
So whatever length you measure in either feet or in inches, our best feet-to-inches calculator would be converting measurements to both feet and inches in seconds. How does it sound? Great enough!

Feet And Inches Fractions Calculations:

Okay let’s move on to have a look at the feet and inches fractions. In this short but important section, we will be discussing that how you could resolve these fractions by considering the formulas below:


You can add feet and inches by considering the equation below:

Addition = Value1(ft + in) + Value2(ft + in)


Subtract feet and inches by subjecting to the formula as written:

Subtraction = Value1(ft + in) – Value2(ft + in)


Go for obtaining the product of feet and inches to determine the area of the object or any thing else by using the expression as:

Multiplication = Value1(ft + in) * Value2(ft + in)


Carry out the division in between feet and inches involved in the measurement by following the given formula:

Division = Value1(ft + in) / Value2(ft + in)

All above calculations are instantly performed by our best online feet and inches calculator.

In case if you involve mixed numbers, you can easily simplify them by using a free mixed numbers calculator to determine the results.

Important Tables:

Below we have summarized different standard values in feet and inches so that you may pick your desired one and perform instant calculations with our free feet inches calculator. Have a look!

Inch Fractions To Total Decimal Inches:

Measurement in fraction (Inches)  Total decimal measurement (Inches)
5/7 0.7142
5/8 0.625
5/5 1
4/2 2
7/5 1.4
3/7 0.4285
5*1/2 5.5
6*1/2 6.5
2*1/4 2.25
3*1/8 3.125
1*3/4 1.75
4*1/2 4.5
7*1/2 7.5
8*1/2 8.5

Inch Mixed Numbers By Difference Of 2:

Measurement in fraction (Inches)  Total decimal measurement (Inches)
23*3/4 23.75
11*3/8 11.375
17*3/4 17.75
17*5/8 17.625
19*3/4 19.75
29*5/8 29.625
17*3/8 17.375
21*7/8 21.875
33*3/4 33.75
29*3/4 29.75

As all above are fractions, you can also simplify them by using our fraction simplifier calculator.

How To Calculate Inches And Feet?

Let us resolve an example here to clarify your idea in more depth.

Example # 01:
Jack measured the dimensions of the room which are as follows:

Length = 10ft 5/8 inches
Width = 6ft 2*1/3 inches

Determine the area of the room in inches. Also keep in mind that all measurements must be converted to inches.

First we take length:

Length = 10ft 5/8 inches

Converting to inches:

10 feet = 10 * 12

10 feet = 120 inches

5/8 inches = 0.625 inches

Adding feet and inches as total inches:

Length = 10ft 5/8 inches = 120+0.625 = 120.625 inches

Considering the width:

Width = 6ft 2*1/3 inches

Converting to inches:

6 feet = 6 * 12

6 feet = 72 inches

2*1/3 = 2.33 inches

Adding up as total inches:

Width = 6ft 2*1/3 inches = 72+2.33 = 74.33 inches

Determining Area:

Area = length in inches * Width in inches

Area = 120.625 * 74.33

Area = 8966.056 in2

If you still feel a lack in calculations, allow our free foot and inches calculator to do that for you in a fragment of moments.

How Feet And Inches Calculator Works?

This free calculator performs operations on feet as whole numbers and inches as mixed numbers or fractions to give you a reduced fraction that represents the most simplified form. Want to see how it works? Let us move further enough!


  • Enter the feet as exact number and inches in either whole number, fraction, or mixed number for the first measurement
  • Select the operator that you want to perform on the measurements
  • Do the same for the second measurement taken
  • Tap the calculate button

The free feet inch calculator performs the following operations:

  • Calculate feet and inches as total
  • Display the conversion of feet and inches metric and imperial units


Is it 12 inches or foot?

Generally, foot and inch are both units of measurement. But foot is the greater unit and inch is the smaller one. This can be confirmed by looking at the equation below:

$$ 1 Foot = 12 Inches $$

What is the traditional symbol for inches?

The traditional symbol for the inch is denoted as a sign of colon.

For example:
If you measured the length of the room as 300 inches, you can write it as 3”. Our feet and inches calculator also shows the inch measurements in inches properly.

How many feet are there in 2 inches?

There are exactly 0.166667 ft that are corresponding to 2 in inches that could also be double checked by using inches and feet calculator.

How many centimetres are there in 1 foot?

There exists 30.48cm in one single foot.

How many total centimeters are there in 6 and a half inches?

6 1/2
= 13/2
= 13/2 * 30.48
= 198.12 cm

You can also cross verify the results with the assistance of feet and inches calculator with proper ease.


Everything around us has a certain set of dimensions. Without measuring length, width, and height of anything, we would not be able to fix them at a certain position. Also, construction is also about measurement and building structures according to the measurement taken. In short, measurements are the deciding factors that allow you to give a start to any project or design. So here our best feet and inches calculator play its role. A wide range of public including contractors, architects, students, and professionals make use of this online feet calculator to decide measurements against anything to attain perfection.


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