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Blind Size Calculator

Blind Size Calculator

Enter the blind measurement (length & width) in the tool and the calculator will find out the precise size of blinds.

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This blind size calculator allows you to calculate the size of the blind you need to purchase to cover the whole window. With that, you can have the correct blind sizes for any size of the window in a matter of seconds.

What is a Window Blind?

A window blind is a shade that is used to cover the whole window. 

It consists of vertical or horizontal slats that are made from wood plastic and metal and you can adjust various curtains. They can be easily opened to let the daylight in through the controller that is available on the left side. 

How to Calculate Standard Window Blind Sizes?

Our online calculator considers the following points to calculate the blind sizes:

For Inside Mount Blinds:

  • Calculate the Width at the middle, top and bottom of the frame from the inner side of the window frame.
  • Now you need to calculate the height at the center, left, and right sides from the inner sides as we have done in the case of width.
  • Write down all of these measurements on a piece of paper. 
  • If you don’t like that your blind touch the bottom of the window sill then utilize the longest length measurement and subtract 1/4th of an inch from it. 

Keep in mind that when you have to install the blind from the inner side of the window then you will have to fit it inside the window frame and when you have to install it from the outer side of the window then you have to install the blind over the frame. 

For Outside Mount Blinds:

  • Now in the outside blind, use the longest width. Add the 3 inches to this measurement. It is necessary because the blinds have to overlap by 1.5 inches on both sides. 
  • Utilize the longest height and add 1.5 inches to it. It’s crucial to use 1.5 inches because the blind has to overlap at the top. 

An online blind calculator just requires the measurements and provides you with the precise size of the blinds you need for your windows. 

What Standard Blind Sizes Are Available in the Market?

No such standard window blind sizes are available in the market form which you can make the selection. Meanwhile, you can get the size according to your need. There are three common window types that are:

Picture Window:

The height is from 12 to 96 inches, and the width is 24 to 96 inches.

Slider Window:

It is 24 to 60 inches tall and 36 to 84 inches wide.

Double-Hung Window:

The height ranges from 36 to 72 inches and the width from 36 to 84 inches.

These are the standard window sizes for blinds that anyone can use to get the right size blinds.

For the accurate size, you should perform the calculation with the help of a free blind size calculator. As it will just require the measurements and will perform the calculation correctly. 

Window Blind Size Chart:

Get the assistance of the following useful blinds size chart to get the right Blind size. 

w x 23″ Long w x 36″ Long w x 42″ Long w x 48″ Long w x 54″ Long w x 60″ Long w x 64″ Long w x 68″ Long w x 72″ Long w x 78″ Long w x 84″ Long w x 96″ Long
22.5×23 16×36 18×42 17×48 17×54 17×60 16×64 24×68 11×72 34×78 12×84 23×96
17×36 23×42 18×48 19×54 18×60 17×64 25×68 12×72 35×78 13×84 33.5×96
18×36 24×42 19×48 23×54 19×60 18×64 13×72 36×78 14×84 34×96
19×36 25×42 20×48 25×54 20×60 19×64 14×72 15×84 35×96

Working of Blind Size Calculator:

This calculator is quite straightforward to use! Let’s find out how to use it!


  • Choose hanging styles such as “inside mount” or “outside mount”.
  • Add the required measurements in the specified fields.
  • Tap Calculate


  • Accurate blind Width and Length in inches.
  • Also provides the result in other units.


How Much Do You Subtract for Inside Mount Blinds?

Firstly, calculate the length from the three inner places the right side, left side, and center side. If you don’t need the blinds to touch the window sill then subtract 1/4 inch from the final number.

What size Blinds for the 34.5-Inch Window?

Let’s assume you want to have an outside mount window blind then you will have to add three for width and height. As 34.5+ 3 = 37.5-inches. Meanwhile, a 37-inches blind will also do the work. 

What Types of Window Blinds You Can Install in Your Home?

Let’s take a look at the following Blind types that you can install:

  • Wood blinds.
  • Aluminum blinds.
  • Vertical blinds.


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