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Curtain Size Calculator

Choose curtain style, fullness, and enter length and width. The tool will readily calculate the curtain size in multiple units of measurement.

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The curtain size calculator calculates the curtain height and width relative to its style and fullness.

How to Measure Curtain Length?

The length of the various styles of curtain and their fullness is different. It is better to decide the style of the curtain before deciding its length. The curtain pole length calculator utilizes different formulas for various curtain styles.

Sill, Apron Curtain:

Curtain length = Height + height of the rod

Café Curtain:

Curtain length = Height/2

Extra Long Curtains:

Curtain length = Height + height of rod + 6 When measuring the curtain sizes in inches, add 6 inches and if using the cm, add 15.24 cm.

Standard Length Curtain Sizes Chart:

The standard length of curtain sizes in inches and their relative conversion in cm are given below in the following chart:
Inches Centimeter
63 inches 160 cm
84 inches/s 213 cm
96 inches 244 cm
108 inches 274 cm
120 inches 305 cm

How to Measure Curtain Width?

To calculate the curtain width, you need to measure from the left edge of the window to the right of the frame. You then enter the measured width to calculate the exact width relative to the curtain style. The standard curtain size is always 2, 2.5, or 3 times the width of the window. The width of the curtains relative to the curtain fullness is as follows:


curtain width =  window width  × 2


curtain width = window width  × 2.5

Ultra Fullness

curtain width = window width × 3 The curtain width calculator assists to evaluate the width of the standard, ultra, and deluxe curtain.

Standard Width Curtain Sizes Chart:

The standard curtain sizes chart for the curtain pair pack, full and relaxed curtains are as:
Curtain Pair Pack x Width Approx. pole or track length for a full Gather Approx. pole or track length for a relaxed Gather
46 inches (117 cm) 46 inches (117 cm) 66 inches (168 cm)
46 inches (117 cm) 46 inches (117 cm) 66 inches (168 cm)
66 inches (168 cm) 66 inches (168 cm) 90 inches (228 cm)
90 inches (228 cm) 90 inches (228 cm) 112 inches (284 cm)
112 inches (284 cm) 112 inches (284 cm) 157 inches (400 cm)

Working of Curtain Size Calculator:

Using our curtain size calculator UK requires you to choose and enter certain inputs which include: Input:
  • Choose the style and fullness of the curtain
  • Enter the length and width of the curtain
  • Hit the Calculate Button
  • Curtain length and width (Inches)


What Are Standard Curtain Sizes?

The standard curtain sizes are 84, 96, and 108 inches. When needed to find the standard curtain size then use our curtain size calculator for precise answers in all the given units.

What Is the Spacing For Curtains?

Spacing For Curtain” means the spacing between the window casing and the end of the curtain rod. Its standard measure is around  4 to 10 inches.


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