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Paver Calculator

Paver Calculator

Select the area and enter the patio length and width measurements. The calculator will estimate the number of pavers needed to complete a patio project along with the cost needed.

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This free online paver calculator assists you in determining the size of the paver and the cost required to complete your patio paving project. So if you are thinking of starting a new project or going to pave your patio, this read is specially arranged for you.

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What Are Some Common Paver Sizes?

The most common paver size that is used all around the globe today is 4” * 8”. But it does not mean that all other sizes are rare. Size of the pavers differ accordingly with the area and shape of the pavers along with patio. Below here we have a list of most commonly use paver sizes in various units:

Size (in)

Size (cm) Area (ft²) Area (cm²)
4 x 8 10 x 20 0.22


6 x 6

15 x 15 0.25 225
6 x 9 15 x 23 0.38


8 x 8

20 x 20 0.44 400
12 x 12 30 x 30 1.00


14 x 14

36 x 36 1.36 1296
12 x 18 30 x 46 1.50


Moreover, get more finer details about the paver sizes that will fit your patio by using our best patio paver calculator.

How Many Pavers Do I Need?

Whenever you start renovating your home garden or floor, the first question that comes to your mind is how to measure the patio size? Not only this, the paver quantity will also disturb you as you can not estimate it accurately every time. That is why we have designed this paver patio calculator so that you may use it and estimate the most accurate results. This will indeed help you out in determining the exact numbers of pavers required for the patio. It will save you a lot of money in the end.

Steps Involved To Calculate Pavers Needed:

You need to follow the steps that are defined below to determine how many pavers you actually need to fill the patio. Let’s go through these together!

Measure The Patio Size:

This is the start of your project that needs to measure the size of your patio, so that it could become easy for you to estimate the pavers needed for the area. You can also rely on the best online patio paver estimator to estimate the dimensions of the patio and calculate pavers needed for the required dimensions. What you need to do for manual calculation is to just find the square footage of the patio by using the formula below:

Patio (sq ft) = length × width

Measure The Paver Size:

The next step ahead is the calculation of the paver size that you could also do with this free paver calculator. But let us tell you how you could be able to determine it by the following equation below:

Paver (sq ft) = 144/length × width

Calculate Pavers Needed:

This is the final step that is attention seeking. Use the following equation that will help you calculate the number of pavers that you need for the project:

Pavers needed = patio sq ft/paver sq ft

Different Paver Patterns:

Well, most of the time pavers are used as rectangular blocks or bricks. But what to do when specific patterns are to be made using these bricks that may contain different brick sizes? Do not worry at all as our paver stone calculator would be assisting around the corner. But you should go for doing the calculations below:

  • Calculate the size of each paver so that you may know how much patio area it would be covering
  • Repeat the same step for all the remaining pavers
  • Now add all the answers to know how many pavers would cover a certain patio area.
  • At the end, multiply the pattern repetition number to get the estimation of how much bulk of pavers you are required with.

Suppose you want to determine the area of the pattern as above. You need to do the calculations according to the formula given as:

Sets of the Pattern = Total Project Area / (a * b + c * d + e * f + g * h)

Also, the free online paver calculator does the same calculations but instantly to save you a lot of time.

Some Different Patterns:

Below here we have enlisted some most popular paver patterns of dimensions 4” * 8” that could also be calculated by using a paver calculator easily. Let’s have a look!


These specific patterns create a sensation of confusion due to large bricks disappearing under each other. You can create numberless patterns of these pavers according to your wish.

Stacked Bond:

Well, this is the easiest paver pattern to make on your own. So if you are installing pavers without any help, try adopting this particular pattern.


This pattern shows the 90o herringbone pattern as shown above.

Running bond:

Most of the time, these brick patterns are used as they are most liked by everyone and are liked. Also, this pattern is also adopted to build up walls.

Make use of the paver pattern calculator to look for the exact number of pavers that you must be buying for covering the patio.

Benefits of Paved Patios:

A few of the most remarkable advantages of paving your patios are as follows:

Low Maintenance:

Installing pavers is a great source of minimizing your expense in case of any damage. You do not have to remove the whole concrete slab, but only defective tiny pavers. This costs you very less than you ever expect. Also,making use of the paver patio cost calculator will let you know how much it is going to cost you to install new pavers.

Reliable For Changing Weather:

Basically, solid concrete surfaces are cracked at many places due to the variations in the temperature. You might have seen on the roads that they get broken due to these specific reasons. But if the pavers are used instead of concrete, this issue will not arise for sure.


This is the most catchy factor that makes public use pavers for their projects. Pavers are considered the most durable construction blocks than any other materials. This is why pavers remain unchanged for years and give your patio a catchy look.

Paver Cost:

You must know the price per square footage for the pavers. If you do not know, multiply each paver cost with the total number to get the total value. Moreover, our free paver cost calculator can also do that for you but in seconds. How does it sound? Really great!

How To Measure Paver Size?

Let us resolve an example to clear your idea so that you may not feel any hurdle while thinking of using paved patios. Let’s go!


How many pavers do I need for 12×12 patio?


Here we have:

Patio Area:
Patio (sq ft) = length × width
Patio (sq ft) = 12 × 12
Patio (sq ft) = 144ft2

Paver Area:
Paver (sq ft) = 144/length × width
Paver (sq ft) = 144/144
Paver (sq ft) = 1ft2

Number of Pavers:
Pavers needed = patio sq ft/paver sq ft
Pavers needed = 144/1
Pavers needed = 144

You can also verify the results by using the free brick paver calculator to check whether the number of paver bricks are exactly ok or not.

How Paver Calculator Works?

Allow this free patio calculator to tell you how many pavers would be in demand to cover a specific patio area. Let us guide you how it works!


  • First of all, select the patio area for which you want to calculate pavers needed
  • Then, select the parameter against patio that you wish to determine and enter all required elements in the designate fields
  • Repeat the same process for pavers
  • Enter the amount per square footage of pavers
  • Enter the cost of installation
  • Tap calculate button


The free brick calculator for patio calculates:

  • Dimensions of the patio (length, width, and area)
  • Dimensions of the pavers (length, width, and area)
  • Total Paver cost
  • Total cost of installation


How many patio pavers do i need for a 2 * 5 patio area?

You need exactly 40 pavers for the said area. For instance, you can cross check it by using a patio paver calculator.

Are pavers good for the environment?

Yes definitely. It is very easy to install pavers and maintain them. Changing environments do not affect the pavers composition as they are made up of concrete that can last for a long time.

Are pavers a good investment?

Investing in pavers is no doubt a good approach. By using pavers, home owners not only add to the beauty, but also durability that lasts for a long span of time.

How long a paver patio lasts?

A well installed paved patio will almost last for 25 to 50 years or even more.

Wrapping It Up:

Pavers add to the beauty of the construction. Pavers are preferred today because of their durability and ability to settle in case of sand slipping. That is why contractors make a vast use of the free online concrete paver calculator for patio to estimate how much quantity you need to cover the patio or sidewalk. When the underlying earth and materials move, clay paving adjusts itself to accommodate the movement of the underlying soil and thus prevents cracking of the pavement system.


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