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torque calculator

Torque Calculator

Calculate torque force produced by the rotation of an object around an axis with the given tool.

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Use this torque calculator to find the torque of a rotating object, the torque on a flat coil, and vector torque. Enter the known values into this tool and let it determine the torque force for your physics workflow. 

What Is A Torque?

This is the amount of force that is acting on a certain object to put in a rotational motion about an axis. The object rotates around which point is known as its pivot point ‘O’. 

Torque Image:

This force has a magnitude and direction that’s why it is known as a vector quantity. The SI unit of torque is Newton meter(N⋅m) and its symbol is τ.

Also, you can use a kinetic energy calculator to find how much kinetic energy is required for the moving object. 

Torque Equation:

Calculate torque with the given equation:

\(\ τ = \ rFsin(\theta)\)


  • “R” is the distance between the pivot point and the point from which you apply the force 
  • “F” is the total force you are applying on a certain object
  • The last thing is the angle that is formed between the distance r and the applied force F. It is represented by \(sin\theta\). It usually equals to 90°

How To Calculate Torque?

This is the torque formula that lets you make calculations:

\(\ τ = \ rFsin(\theta)\)


Suppose you use a wrench to apply a force of 30 Newtons perpendicular to a lever arm. The lever arm is 0.8 meters long. Now, find the Torque.


Step 1: Determine the force acting on the object to put it in a rotation

Force = 30 Newtons

Step 2: Measure the distance “r” from the point of force applied to the lever arm length

r = 0.8 meters

Step 3: Choose the angle between these two points. Normally in all cases, it is 90°

\(\theta = 90^{0}\)

Step 4: Put all these values in the torque formula below

\(\ τ = \ rFsin(\theta)\)

\(\ τ = \ 0.8\times 30\times sin(90^0)\)

\(\ τ = \ 24\times sin(90^0)\)

\(\ τ =\ 24 N⋅m\)

With the support of a torque calculator, you can effortlessly calculate torque and in the reverse, it can find out the amount of “force” as well as lever arm “r” if you know the value of torque.

If you face any problem regarding the cross-product of two vectors, use the cross product calculator and verify your results. 


How Do You Convert Torque In lb to ft lb?

To convert inch-lbs to foot-lbs, divide the inch-lb number by 12.

How Much Torque Does a 1 HP Motor Have?

The 1800 RPM (Rotation Per Minute), 1HP motor generates 3 ft. lbs of torque at 1800 rotation per minute, and 1 HP motor generates 1.5 ft lbs.

What Is The Dimensional Formula For Torque?

The magnitude of torque is equal to the multiplications of the force and length of the lever arm. The dimensional formula for force is as follows:

\(\ The\ Dimensional\ Formula = \ [M^{1}L^{1}T^{-2}]\) 

\(\ while\ for\ a\ lever\ arm\ it\ is\ [L]\)

How Does Torque Relate To Horsepower?

The horsepower is the power of a vehicle. The Horsepower tells how quickly an engine can create torque to reach the desired speed.  Multiplying the torque (measured in foot-pounds) with the RPM will give you the horsepower of the engine. 

Get the assistance of this horsepower calculator to effortlessly estimate how much power your vehicle is producing.