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torque calculator

Torque Calculator

Enter the required values and the calculator will calculate the amount of torque produced along with other related parameters.


To Calculate:

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Coil Current


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Enter Distance Vector, r:


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This torque calculator is the smart tool that helps you to calculate torque of a rotating object, torque on a flat coil and vector torque. Well, torque calculation becomes easy with this calculator as it uses the basic torque equation of physics. So, just give a read to this post to know how to calculate torque manually or with calculator, torque formula, and much more! But, before knowing these terms, you should beware of the basic definition of torque. Read on!

What is a Torque?

Torque is defined as an amount of force that is acting on a certain object to put in a rotational motion. Such object will also rotate about an axis, which is known as its pivot point ‘O’. Whereas the torque is force ‘F’. Torque definition in physics represents it as a twisting or turning force of any object. It has magnitude and direction that’s why it is known as vector quantity. Symbol for torque is τ and its SI unit is N-m.

Also, this free kinetic energy calculator will works best for you if you want to know about the kinetic energy of any moving object.

Example of Torque:

Suppose that you are trying to open a door by pushing it. Your applied force (F) will cause the door to revolve about its hinges that are in fact its pivot point, O. The amount of applied force to open the door always depends on your distance from its hinges. If you are closer to its hinges, then it will be harder to push, but if the distance is large then you can easily open the door by applying a very little amount of force. This force is known as torque that can be calculated manually as well as with the help of an online torque calculator.

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Torque Equation:

The torque equations can be determined by three different factors that are listed below:

  • The first thing is the distance among the pivot point and the point from where you are applying the force. This distance is represented by “r”.
  • Second thing is the total amount of force that you are applying on a certain object. It is represented by “F”.
  • The last thing is the angle that is formed between the distance r and applied force F. It is represented by sinΘ. It usually equals to 90°.
  • Therefore, on the basis of these factors calculating torque can be easily possible with the help of the following torque equation in physics:

τ = r multiplied by F andsinΘ

How to calculate Torque (manually)?

Torque can be calculated manually with the help of a torque equation with ease.

  • In the first step, you have to determine the force that is acting on any object to put it in a rotation. Assume that the force F is 100 N that is acting on a door.
  • Now measure the distance r from the point of force applied to the lever arm length. Assume it 0.5 m.
  • Now you have to choose the angle between these two points. Normally in all the cases, it is 90°. Therefore, if all these values are given then how to find torque?
  • All you have to do is to put all these values in the torque equation
  • τ = r (multiplied by) F and sinΘ = 0.5 x 100 x sin (90°) = 50 Nm.

With the support of a torque calculator, you can figure out the amount of force as well as lever arm r if you have the value of torque.

About Torque Calculator:

This torque calculator is functioned to calculate torque that is created on a certain object because of applied force and distance from where the force is being applied to the pivot point. It will calculate torque vector as well as the amount of torque for a flat coil from which current is passing and creating a certain magnetic field.

How to find torque with this torque calculator?

This calculator for torque is 100% free through which you can readily perform torque calculations, swipe down for better understanding.

Calculate Torque of a rotating object:


There are four fields are available:

  • Distance: it is referred to as the distance between the pivot and the point of force application
  • Force: (it is said to be the force that acts on the object)
  • Angle: (it is said to be as the angle between the force vector and lever arm and often it is equal to 90°
  • Torque: (it is said to be a torque of an object)

So, you just have to enter values for any three given fields of this calculator for torque to calculate the fourth unknown value.


Once you entered the values into the above any three fields, just hit the calculate button, the tool shows:

  • Distance
  • Force
  • Angle
  • Torque

Calculate Torque on a Flat Coil:


There are 6 fields are available:

  • Coil loop numbers
  • Angle
  • Coil Current
  • Coil Area
  • Magnetic Field
  • Torque

Just enter any 5 values into the designated boxes to get the sixth one.


Once you added the 5 known values into the given fields, then hit the calculate button, the calculator provides you with:

  • Coil loop numbers
  • Angle
  • Coil Current
  • Coil Area
  • Magnetic Field
  • Torque

Calculate Torque Vector:


  • All you have to choose the “torque vector” option from the given drop-down list of this calculator for torque vector calculator
  • Very next, you have to enter the distance vector, r values into the designated fields
  • Right after, you have to enter the force vector, F values into the designated fields


Once you added the values for distance and force vector, just hit the calculate button, this calculator for torque vector will generate:

  • Torque vector corresponding to the given values

How do you calculate rotational torque (manually)?

Rotational torque can be calculated by following newton’s law of motion. According to it if any object is rotating because of certain applied force because of this rotational motion the torque will be the product of moment of inertia “I” and angular acceleration “α”.

  • Rotational torque = moment of inertia × angular acceleration = Iα
  • Now if the value of 1 = 5
  • And angular acceleration= 5
  • Then the rotational torque according to above formula = 5 x 5 = 25.

How to find net torque?

If different forces are acting upon on a single object to put in a rotation, then the sum of all the individual forces is known as net torque. Whereas the net torque formula is “Σinτ=ΣinriFisin(θ)”. In this net torque formula “Σ” represents the sum of all the torques that are present when more than one forces acting on a single object.

Net torque: -torque1 + torque2

When two torques are present at the same time then they will work in opposite direction. Negative sign indicates counter clockwise direction. Therefore, net torque calculation will be:

T1= -r1F1 sin0

T2 = r2F2 sin0

Net torque: – 0.34 x 11 (sin 58 degrees) + .26 x 15 (sin 61 degrees) = .24Nm.

How to calculate torque on a flat coil?

A flat coil contains a huge number of very close turns of a wire that is insulated with copper. Its shape is similar like a spiral loop of an ordinary wire. For a simple understanding it can be described as a circular coil that has large number of turns. Such coils create electromagnetic fields around them on passing current. This phenomenon creates torque that can be calculated as follows:

For calculating torque on a flat coil certain quantities are required:

  • Number of coil loops (N)
  • Angle (SIN0)
  • Current that is passing through the coil (I)
  • Area of coil (A)
  • The magnetic field that is created due to passing current (B)

The formula for torque on a coil is:τ = BANIsinθ

If the number of coil loops is 4 with an area 2 and passing current is 4 amperes along with a created magnetic field of 5 then what will be the torque?

You have to put all these values in the above formula for torque calculation on a flat coil:

τ = 4 x 4 x 2 x 5 x 90 degrees = 80 Nm.

How to calculate torque vector?

To calculate torque vector, you need to have two things:

  • Applied force vectors (I + j + k)
  • Distance vectors (I +j + k)

If distance vectors “r” are 3i + 8j + 0k and force vectors “F” are 4i + 5j + 7k then by using following formula, you can calculate torque vector by taking cross product of vectors:

Torque vector = r x F = 3i + 8j + 0k (multiplied by) 4i + 5j + 7k = 56i -21j -17k

Also, if you have any problem regarding the cross product of two vectors, then try this free cross product calculator by calculator-online.

FAQ’s (Torque):

How do you calculate torque needed?

The required torque is simply calculated by multiplying the sum of load torque and acceleration torque by the safety factor. Remember that when the required torque for the motor varies over time, all you need to determine if the motor can be utilized by calculating the effective load torque.

How much torque is required to move a car?

Your torque requirement is indicated as the force required to accelerate divided by the radius of your wheel. There is the other thing that needs to consider is whether you’re using electric or gas, as the torque delivery is completely different between the two. Just in contrast, a 3 to 5 hp motor should be enough to do what you need.

How much torque does a 1 hp motor have?

The 1800 RPM (Rotation Per Minute), 1HP motor generates 3 ft. lbs of torque at 1800 Rotation Per Minute, 1 HP motor generates 1.5 ft. lbs.

Is torque a power?

Back to Berra’s theorem, torque is said to be the capacity to do work, on the other hand, power is said as how quickly some strenuous task can be accomplished. In other words, power is referred to as the rate of completing work (or applying torque) in a given amount of time. In mathematical terms, horsepower equals to torque multiplied by RPM (Rotation Per Minute).

What is maximum torque?

Torque is said to be as the amount of “turning power” you have, it is in the same way that you turn a wrench. The number typically quoted is the maximum torque of the internal-combustion engine at the crankshaft, which is typically higher value than the actual torque on wheels. This is also referred to as a machine torque.

What is full load torque?

Full load torque is stated as the name plate or rated torque of an induction motor. This referred that if the motor is run under normal operating condition, then it can easily deliver up to the full load torque without having any issue in the motor. Also, max torque is said to be as the maximum torque that the motor can develop at any point of its operation.

What is initial torque?

Initial torques is something that indicated in Newton meter (Nm). 1 Nm indicated as – on a hand gear of 1m works a force of 1 Newton meter. When it comes to the value of the initial torque, it is said to be as the maximum force that should be used for tightening the fixing elements against the sensor housing.

Does torque make a car faster?

Yes, torque multiplied by RPM (Rotation Per Minute) returns horsepower (Hp). Experts depict that the faster the crankshaft spins with the same amount of force, the more power an engine will generate. Remember that a car with more hp than torque will be always quicker as this provides a car acceleration and speed.

Does 2 motors double torque?

The torques would definitely add up, when two motors are connected on a same shaft and are run at same speed, but the speed of RPM (Rotation Per Minute) won’t change. Remember that a motor always provides the torque which the load requires. A crankshaft (even not coupled to the load) can be accounted as a load (light load).


This torque calculator supports you in finding torque that produced in any rotating object. It follows basic torque formulas for calculation of net torque,rotational torque, torque vectors and torque for a coli with ease. It is best way to avoid the risk of error that comes from manual calculation. Furthermore, it can verify your answers in the blink of any eye. In short we can say that it is the best learning option for all the students and professionals.


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