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Force Calculator

Force Calculator

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Force Calculator

Net Force Calculator

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An online force calculator will allow you to determine the missing variable in Newton’s second law of motion. It can compute the mass, acceleration, and net force for moving and static objects. The calculator uses multiple formulas for finding the force and net force instantly.

What is Force?

In Physics, the force is a pull or push that acts on an object or energy as an attribute of a physical movement or action. This happens when two different entities or objects are in contact. According to the law of universal gravitation, each object in this universe exerted force on another object, represented by the following parameters:

SI Unit of force: Newton (N ) Or \(  kg m / s^2 \)

Force: F

Quantity Type: Vector size

Measurement formula: \( M^1L^1T^{-2} \)

Other units: pound-force, kilopond, dyne, poundal, kip

For example, if there are two objects with masses M and m, and they are kept in such a way: an object with mass m is placed on an object with mass M. In physics, we say that these two bodies exert forces on each other, so we can say that whenever two or more bodies interact, the force is part of the interaction.

Formula For Force:

The force quantity is expressed by the vector product of acceleration (a) and mass (m). The equation for force can be expressed mathematically as:

$$ F = ma $$

m = mass
a = acceleration
Usually, a normal force calculator expressed the force in Newton (N) or \( Kgm / s^2 \).

However, an online Acceleration Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate acceleration corresponding to different acceleration formulas.

How to Calculate Force?

Force is the interaction with a system or object, which changes the motion of that object. Since there is no opposing force, this force also changes the speed of the system.

When the mass and acceleration are both known, just multiply them to calculate the force. However, acceleration is often not fully understood. Therefore, the position or velocity change used to calculate the acceleration. Contrary to acceleration and velocity, force is not the product of the derivative of time. This means that it is calculated at a specific time, rather than based on changes over time.

Example 1:

How to find force (f) when the mass of a body is 4 kg and its acceleration is 5 meters per second square.


The impact force calculator uses the force formula to determine the force:
F=4 kg∗5 \( m/s^2 \)
F=20 N

Example 2:

How to find net force, if the object is at rest position where the applied force (a) is 15 Newton and Gravitational force is 50 Newton?


The Net Force equation is:

n = a + g

now, net force calculator substitute all values in equation:

n = 15 + 50
n = 65

Types of Force:

Force is a physical reason that can change the dimensions or state of motion of an object. According to their application, there are two types of force:

  • contact force
  • non-contact force

Contact Force:

The force acting on an object directly or through a medium is called contact force.
Contact force example:

  • Muscle force
  • Mechanical force
  • Friction force

We can use the muscular force of animals such as bulls, horses, and camels to perform actions. Friction is another type of contact force that acts between a pair of connected surfaces and tends to prevent the movement of one surface on the other.

However, use an online Work Calculator which allows you to determine the total amount of work done on an object.

Non-Contact Force:

Force acting through space without direct physical contact is called non-contact force.
Non-contact force example:

  • Electrostatic force
  • Magnetic force
  • Gravitational Force

The force acting on a magnet from another magnet is called magnetic force. Electrostatic forces act on distant objects, so these are non-contact forces. Gravitational force is the force of gravity exerted by the earth on objects, causing them to fall to the ground. Weight is the force that pushes the earth towards the center.

What is Net Force?

The Net force is a sum of forces that acts on a body or particle. The net force replaces the effect of the original forces on the object’s motion. It gives the same acceleration as all those actual forces together as described by the equation for force or Newton’s second law of motion. To make it convenient for you, a net force calculator can determine the net force for both static and moving conditions.

The Relationship Between Motion and Force:

Before we study the relationship between motion and force, let us first look at the meaning of force. Simply, the force is either a pull or a push. Force is defined as “any interaction that changes the motion of an object without resistance.” It is clear that force affects the state of motion of an object.

But what does the state of motion mean? In physics, motion is defined as a change in position relative to time. Simply motion refers to the movement of the body. Usually, this kind of movement can be described as a

  •  change in speed or,
  • change in direction.

Sir Isaac Newton was discovering the connection between force and motion. From his research on force and the law of motion, we can draw the following three conclusions:

  • Force can accelerate an object
  • Force slows down the moving object
  • Force can change the direction of a moving object

Application of Force:

Force Can Accelerate the Body:

When force is applied to a stationary body, it starts to move until more force opposing it. In a cricket game, when the ball is thrown to the batsman, the ball begins to move forward from its original resting position from his hand. When something starts to leave a static state, it accelerates. Acceleration can be described as a positive change in speed within a certain period of time. When a force acts on a moving object in the same direction, it will accelerate. For example, if you rotate the pedal faster on a bicycle, it will run faster.

Force Can Cause an Object to Decelerate:

At the other end of the spectrum, a force applied in the opposite direction of a moving object will decelerate, eventually reaching a force that stops completely. For example, when the goalkeeper stops the ball, he will cause to slow it down and stop.

Force Can Change Direction of an Object:

If force is applied to an object at an angle that is different from its direction of motion, it will cause the object to change its motion. The speed can be maintained when the force is applied at perpendicular angles, but the velocity changes.

How does Force Calculator Works?

An online f=ma calculator can determine the force that is exerted on an object by following these steps:

To Find Force & Missing Values By Newton’s Second Law of Motion:


  • First, choose an option from the drop-down list.
  • Now, enter the corresponding values in all fields.
  • Then, select how many significant figures required.
  • Hit the “Calculate Force” button.


An impact force calculator provides the complete solution for force, mass, and acceleration with Newton’s second law of motion formula.

To Find Net-Force:

If you want to calculate net-force, then follow the following steps:


  • First, tell the object is at rest or not, then provide the given values.
  • Click on the “Calculate Force” Button.


  • The net force calculator can compute the net force for both situations instantly, whether the object at rest or not.


Which force is stronger?

The stronger force is the strongest nuclear force that is 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic force.

Is weight a force?

Weight is another term for gravitational force. In physics, weight and mass are not the same. Mass is an attribute of an object that resists any changes in motion. The weight force acting on the mass due to gravity. If its mass on the earth is 70 kilograms, then its weight is approximately 700 Newtons (more precisely 686.5 Newtons).

Is force a vector?

Force is a vector. This means that it is determined by direction and size. Scalar quantities, such as length or mass, are determined only by size. Therefore, if you apply two forces to an object, you cannot add them as scalars. You must consider the direction and find the resultant force from the vector sum of the forces.

Name of the force that causes a charged balloon to attract another balloon?

The electrostatic force causes a charged balloon to attract another balloon.

What are some examples of force?

Some examples of force are:

  • Magnetic force
  • Gravitational force
  • Electric force
  • Nuclear force
  • Frictional force


Use this online normal force calculator that calculates values for newton’s second law of motion and net force for the given values. According to the 2nd law of motion force (f) is directly proportional to the acceleration (a) and mass (m).


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