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Force Calculator

Force Calculator

Enter the parameters and the calculator will try to figure out the value for force, mass, and acceleration, with the steps shown.


Force (F)


Mass (m)


Acceleration (a)


Significant Figures:

Force Calculator

Net Force Calculator

Is the Object at rest?

Applied Force (a)


Gravitational Force (g)


Enter force values, separated with comma (,):

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Get accurate calculations for mass, acceleration, and net force for moving and static objects with this force calculator. The tool considers Newton’s second law of motion (F = ma) and calculates the value for the missing variable in it with any two provided.

What Is Force?

“Force is a pull or push that acts on an object or energy as an attribute of a physical movement or action”

This happens when two different entities or objects are in contact.

  • SI Unit of Force: Newton (N ) Or \(kg m/s^2\)
  • Quantity Type: Vector size
  • Dimensional Formula: \( M^1L^1T^{-2} \)

Force – Related Units:

Unit Symbol
dyne dyn
kilogram-force kgf
newton N
kilonewton kN
kip kip
pound-force lbf
ounce-force ozf
poundal pdl

What Is Net Force?

It is a sum of forces that act on a body or particle.

The net force replaces the effect of the original forces on the motion of the object. It gives the same acceleration as all those actual forces together as described by the equation for force or Newton’s second law of motion.

To make it convenient for you, a net force calculator can determine the net force for both static and moving conditions.

What Is The Formula For Force?

The force quantity is expressed by the vector product of acceleration (a) and mass (m).


F = ma


  • m = mass
  • a = acceleration

Usually, a Newton calculator uses the same equation for force to express the force in Newton (N) or \( Kgm / s^2 \).

How To Calculate Force Applied?

Let us resolve a couple of examples to clear your concept!

Example 1:

How to find force (f) when the mass of a body is 4 kg and its acceleration is 5 meters per second square.


The impact forces calculator uses the force formula to determine the force:

F = m∗a

F = 4 kg∗5 \( m/s^2 \)

F = 20 N

Example 2:

How to find net force, if the object is at rest position where the applied force (a) is 15 Newton and Gravitational force is 50 Newton?


The net force equation is:

n = a + g

Now, the average force calculator substitutes all values in the equation to give you the final answer:

n = 15 + 50

n = 65

Working of Force Calculator:

Our Newtons calculator can determine the force that is exerted on an object by following these steps:


  • Select the parameter you wish to calculate
  • Now enter the required values in their respective fields with units selected
  • Tap Calculate


The Newton calculator uses Newton’s 2nd law of motion equation to find the following parameter values:

  • Mass
  • Acceleration
  • Force


What Are The Types of Forces?

In Physics, we have the following two kinds of force:
Constant Force
Non-constant Forc

What Is Contact Force?

It is a certain force type that needs contact to create its effect. Our force calculator also calculates the contact force which happens to appear between the object and the surface.

Is Weight a Force?

Weight is another term for gravitational force. In physics, weight and mass are not the same. Mass is an attribute of an object that resists any changes in motion.

The weight is the force acting on the mass due to gravity. If its mass on the earth is 70 kilograms, its weight is approximately 700 Newtons (more precisely 686.5 Newtons).


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