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Impulse Calculator

Impulse Calculator

Enter the force and time in the tool and the calculator will calculate the impulse of the object


$$ J \ = \ F \ t $$

$$ F \ = \ \frac{J}{t} $$

$$ t \ = \ \frac{J}{F} $$

Impulse (J)


Force (f)


Time (t)


Impulse Units

Force Units

Time Units


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The impulse calculator calculates the instantaneous rate of change in momentum or impulse of a moving object.

How to Calculate Impulse?

The impulse is the instantaneous rate of change of momentum. For calculating the impulse of an object, you need to multiply the force and time.

The formula for impulse is given by:

               J = FT


  • J = impulse
  • F = applied force
  • t = time interval

The equation for impulse to force is:

          F = J/T

The time T for the impulse:

               T = F/J

The Impulse formula calculator uses the equation J = Ft to find impulse, force, or time when two of the values are known.

Practical Example:

A player hits the football with a force of 20 N and the football comes to the ground after 7 sec. Then how to find impulse or instantaneous rate of change of impulse?


F = 20 N

T = 7 Sec 

J = ?


J = FT

J= (20 N) (7 sec)

J= 140 N/Sec or 140 Kg m/sec

This impulse calculator physics will assist you to analyze the momentum of any object in motion at a particular moment.


Working of the Impulse Calculator:

The impulse physics calculator can be operated by the following operation:


  • Select the option 
  • Enter the values of F and T
  • Tap the calculate


  • The impulse of the object 


Can Impulse be Negative?

Yes, it can be negative, a negative impulse means the net force is in the negative direction. This impulse calculator will assist you to analyze the momentum of any object in motion in both negative and positive directions.

Is Impulse a Force?

Yes, the impulse is a certain amount of force you apply for a certain amount of time to cause a higher change in momentum. The impulse calculator calculates the amount of force and displays the impulse of a moving object in a fraction of a second.


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