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Momentum Calculator

Momentum Calculator

Select the method and fetch in the values needed. The calculator will instantly figure out the overall momentum, the force needed to produce it, and the time taken, with the steps shown.

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An online momentum calculator helps you to calculate the momentum of the moving object or particle in one dimension with respect to velocity & time. We have detailed information about how to calculate it manually with both the methods, definition, formulas and much more. So, give a complete read to this useful article to get to know all the related information about momentum.

Read on!

What is Momentum?

In physics, it can be defined as “the quantity of the motion that an object has”. It is a vector quantity & gives both magnitude and direction of the motion. The momentum of an object can also be defined as “the product of mass and velocity of the object”. It can be classified into two types, namely linear & angular momentum. The SI unit for the momentum is kilogram meter per second \((kgm/s)\) or Newton second \((Ns)\).

Here we have momentum equations, swipe down!

What is the Momentum Formula?

The formula for the calculations from both the methods is as follow:

When Mass (m) & Velocity (v) Given:

The formula when \(m\) & \(v\) is given is as follows:

$$ p = m \times v $$


\(p\) is the momentum

\(m\) is the mass of object

\(v\) is the velocity of object

You can try our online velocity calculator to exactly determine the velocity/speed of the moving object.

When Time (t) & Force (F) Given:

The formula when \(t\) & \(F\) is given is as follows:

$$ p = F \times t $$


\(p\) is the momentum

\(F\) is the force

\(t\) is the time taken by the object

Also, our online momentum calculator considers these momentum equations for the momentum calculations.

How to Calculate Momentum Manually (Step-by-Step):

The formula for the calculations from both the methods is discussed earlier. Now, we have examples of both methods with complete step-by-step calculations.

Calculation with Velocity:

For the calculation from velocity, you consider the mass & velocity of the object. Here we have an example.


An object weighs \(500 kg\) and moves with the speed of \(80 m/s\). Calculate the momentum of the object?


Step 1:


\(m = 500 kg\)

\(v =80 m/s\)

Step 2:

The formula is,

\(p = m\times v\)

Step 3:

\(p = (500 kg) \times (80 m/s)\)

Step 4:

\(p = 40000 kgm/s or 40000 Ns\)

Calculation with Time:

For the calculation from time, you consider the force & time of the object. Here we have an example.


A player hits the ball with the bat with a force of \(20 N\) and the ball comes to the ground after \(7 sec\). Find the momentum?


Step 1:


\(F = 20 N\)

\(t =7 s\)

Step 2:

The formula is,

\(p = F \times t\)

Step 3:

\(p = 20 N \times 7 s\)

Step 4:

\(p = 140 Ns\) or \(140 kgm/s\)

You can use this free momentum calculator to verify all these calculations in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use This Free Online Calculator:

The calculations becomes very easy with this online momentum calculator. Simply follow the detailed points for calculations:

Swipe on!

From Velocity:

For calculations from the velocity, just stick to the following points:


  • First of all, choose the parameter which you want to calculate (momentum, mass or velocity).
  • Then, enter in all the designated fields according to the selected calculation parameter.
  • Finally. Hit the calculate button.

From Time:

For calculations from the time, just follow the following points:


  • First of all, choose the parameter which you want to calculate (momentum,force or time change).
  • Then, enter in all the designated fields according to the selected calculation parameter.
  • Finally, hit the calculate button.

For time calculations, you can try our online acceleration calculator that helps you to calculate the time with velocity & acceleration of the moving object as input parameters.


Once you fill all the fields, the momentum calculator shows:

  • Momentum in kgm/s, N/m, N/h, lb-ft/s.
  • Mass in kg, lbs, g, mg.
  • Velocity in m/s, miles/s, km/s, ft/s, in/s, yd/s, km/h, m/h.
  • Force in N, kN, MN.
  • Time is s, min & hrs.


No matter what the finding parameter is, the online momentum calculator displays the results according to the selected parameter.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s):

How do you calculate momentum combined?

As the two objects after colliding travel in the same direction, then the momentum can be calculated by the multiplication of total mass of objects with their velocities.

How do you find final momentum?

The product of final velocity and mass of the object is final velocity. If the final velocity of the body is zero, then the final momentum will also be zero.

Does Momentum have direction?

As it is a vector quantity, it gives the direction as well as the magnitude. The direction of momentum is always in the direction of the velocity because it is derived from mass and velocity.

What is the difference between force and momentum?

Generally, the momentum represents the quantity of mass in the motion while the force represents the amount that changes the amount of motion. The amount of motion surrounds a moving object represents momentum.


The momentum is very helpful in all the fields of science & in our daily life. It gives the relationship between speed, mass and direction of the moving object. Also, it tells the force needed to stop objects and to keep in motion. So, for finding the quantity of motion of a moving object, account for this online momentum calculator that helps you to perform calculations within a couple of seconds.


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