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An online density calculator that helps you to determine the relationship between the density, mass & weight of the object using the density formula. This calculator has small, but very important option where you can easily find the density of the object by the category & name of the material. If you want to have a brief knowledge about how to calculate density with formula  then, keep reading!

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What is the Density Formula?

The calculations is not too complex, it’s very simple. Just put the values in the following density equation to easily compute any of the variables you want:

p = m/V


V is the volume & m is the mass of the object.

If you want to find volume with density and mass, then the density calculator uses formula:

V = m/ p

To find mass with density and volume, consider the following formula:

m = p * V

The density can be defined as mass per unit volume of the object. With the values, enter the units of measurements and this calculator will convert among the units.

How to Find Density of an Object with Mass and Volume (Step-by-Step):

It’s very simple to calculate the density with this density calculator. You can find any of three values by entering the two values in the formula. Here we have an example for each calculation:

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The object has weighed about 150g and volume of 90cm3. Find the density of object?


The formula is:

p = m/V


m = 150g

V = 90cm3


p = 150/90

p = 1.66gcm-3

How to Find Volume with Density and Mass:

You can readily find the volume of an object by rearrange the density equation. Let’s have a look at the example:


What a body have volume, if its mass is 500g & density of 4cm-3?


The formula is:

V = m/ p


m = 500g

p = 4cm-3


V = 500/ 4

V = 125cm3

How to Find Mass of an Object with Density and Volume:

The calculations of mass from volume & density become easy. Simply follow the example as follow:


The volume of object is 200cm3 and the density is 9cm-3, what is the mass of object?


The formula is:

m = p * V


V = 200cm3

p = 9cm-3


m = (9) * (200)

m = 1800g

What is the Density of Water?

The density of water between 0 °C and 4 °C is generally 100kg/m3, but it changes with the temperature. As the temperature increases, the volume of material increases. As from formula, the volume & density are inversely related to each other, ultimately the density of material decreases. The density of water at different temperatures is given in the table follow:


Following is the table of units in which density is usually expressed with the densities of some materials.


How to Use the Density Calculator:

Follow the given instructions for the calculation with this online tool. You can do calculations for simple mode and advance mode with this calculator. Let’s take a look!


  • First of all, choose what you have to find from the tab.
  • Then, enter the values in all designated fields according to the selected option.
  • Lastly, hit the calculate button.


Once you fill up all the fields, the calculator shows:

  • Density of object
  • Mass of object
  • Volume of object
  • Cube root of volume


There is an extra field, where you can enter the material category & material name, this calculator find the density of the selected material. If you don’t know the value of volume, use the advance option of this calculator for volume calculation otherwise use simple mode.


Densities are widely used to identify the pure substances and determine the composition of the different kinds of mixture. In real life, it is helpful when working out something will float in water & important in calculating the volume and mass of the substance. When it comes to calculation, give an account to online density calculator that helps you to find the relationship between the mass, volume & density of the substance in no time.


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