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Density Calculator

Enter the mass and volume to calculate density through this calculator. Also, you can determine the density of any material by selecting it from the drop-down list given.


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An online density calculator allows you to find the density of a substance that is equal to its mass per unit volume. Also, if you are looking for a way to calculate density of the object by the category & name of the material, then this density finder best way to go!

So, here you get brief knowledge regarding how to find density, its formula, and a little more for your understanding.

Also, you can try our online momentum calculator that helps you to find the momentum of the moving object as well as determine the mass of the object.

Read on!

Density (Overview):

The density of a substance is referred to as its mass per unit volume. More precisely, it is said to be as the volumetric mass density; also called specific mass. Mostly, the symbol that is used to represent density is \(\rho\) (the lower case Greek letter rho), although sometimes the Latin letter \(D\) can also be considered. For the mathematical representation of density, you have to look at the given formula.

Remember that density is typically expressed in units of grams per cubic centimeter. For example:

  • The density of water is equal to \(1\) gram per cubic centimeter
  • The earth density is equal to \(5.51\) grams per cubic centimeter

Also, density can be expressed as kilograms per cubic meter (in meter-kilogram-second or SI units). For example:

  • The density of air is expressed as \(1.2\) kilograms per cubic meter.

However, you can find that densities of some common solids, liquids, and gases are listed in textbooks and handbooks. Also, our density calculator helps you to find the densities of some common substances within a fraction of seconds.

What is the Density Formula?

Calculating density is not too complex as it seems, it’s very simple. Just put the values in the given density equation to easily compute any of the variables you want:

$$ \rho  = \frac {m}{V} $$


\(\rho\) = density

\(V\) = volume

\(m\) = mass

If you want to find volume with density and mass, then the density calculator uses the formula:

$$ V = \frac {m}{\rho} $$

To find mass with density and volume, consider the following formula:

$$ m = \rho \times V $$

The density can be defined as mass per unit volume of the object. With the values, enter the units of measurements and this calculator will convert among the units.

density calculator

How to Find Density of an Object with Mass and Volume (Step-by-Step):

No doubt, density calculator is the best way to measure the density of any substance. But, if you want to check your sample problems by hand, then you can calculate density by entering the values into the density formula. Here we have an example for each calculation:

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The object has weighed about \(150\) \(g\) and volume of \(90\) \(cm^3\). Find the density of object?


The formula is:

\(\rho = \frac {m}{V}\)


\(m = 150 g\)

\(V = 90 cm^3\)


\(\rho = \frac {150}{90}\)

\(\rho = 1.66 gcm^-3\)

How to Find Volume with Density and Mass:

You can readily find the volume of an object by rearranging the density equation. Let’s have a look at the example:


What a body have volume, if its mass is \(500 g\) & density of \(4cm^-3\)?


The formula is:

\(V = \frac {m}{\rho}\)


\(m = 500 g\)

\(\rho = 4cm^-3\)


\(V = \frac {500}{4}\)

\(V = 125 cm^3\)

How to Find Mass with Density and Volume:

The calculations of mass from volume & density become easy. Simply follow the example as follow:


The volume of object is \(200cm^3\) and the density is \(9 cm^-3\), what is the mass of object?


The formula is:

\(m = \rho \times V\)


\(V = 200 cm^3\)

\(\rho = 9 cm^-3\)


\(m = (9) \times (200)\)

\(m = 1800 g\)

What is the Density of Water?

The density of water between \(0 °C\) and \(4 °C\) is generally \(100kg/m^3\), but it changes with the temperature. As the temperature increases, the volume of material increases. As from the formula, the volume & density are inversely related to each other, ultimately the density of material decreases. The density of water at different temperatures is given in the table follow:

32°F/0°C 0.99987 62.416
39.2°F/4.0°C 1.00000 62.424
40°F/4.4°C 0.99999 62.423
50°F/10°C 0.99975 62.408
60°F/15.6°C 0.99907 62.366
70°F/21°C 0.99802 62.300
80°F/26.7°C 0.99669 62.217
90°F/32.2°C 0.99510 62.118
100°F/37.8°C 0.99318 61.998
120°F/48.9°C 0.98870 61.719
140°F/60°C 0.98338 61.386
160°F/71.1°C 0.97729 61.006
180°F/82.2°C 0.97056 60.586
200°F/93.3°C 0.96333 60.135
212°F/100°C 0.95865 59.843

Following is the table shows the density of water with different units:

Unit Water Density
Density of water g/cm3 1 g/cm3
Density of water g/mL 1 g/mL
Density of water kg/m3 1000 kg/m3
Density of water lb/ft3 62.4 lbs/ft3


How to Use the Density Calculator:

Follow the given instructions for the calculation with this online density finder calculator. There you find simple as well as advance mode, select the option according to your need! If the volume is not known, then advance mode is for you, otherwise, just use simple mode.


  • First of all, choose what you have to find from the tab.
  • Then, enter the values in all designated fields according to the selected option.
  • Lastly, hit the calculate button.


The calculator calculates:

  • Density of object
  • Mass of object
  • Volume of object
  • Cube root of volume


There you will find the densities of different categories like metals, non-metals, gases, liquids, and astronomy. All you need to choose a category, then choose the name of the material and density unit, the calculator will show you the real-time calculation for density.


Densities are widely used to identify pure substances and determine the composition of the different kinds of mixture. In real life, it is helpful when working out something that will float in water & important in calculating the volume and mass of the substance. When it comes to calculation, give an account to an online density calculator that helps you to find the relationship between the mass, volume & density of the substance in no time.


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