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Cubic Feet Calculator

Cubic Feet Calculator

Enter the length, width, and area measurements to calculate the cubic feet present in it through this calculator.


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Use this free online cubic feet calculator to estimate the cubic feet present within a certain volume upto maximum precision. But before we move ahead, let it be clear that if you know about square footage, then you are just one step away from estimating the cubic feet. Let us find how!

What Is Cubic Foot?

A cubic foot is actually the volume of the cube having the following dimensions:

$$ Height = 1ft \hspace{0.25in} Width = 1ft \hspace{0.25in} Length = 1ft $$

The cubic foot is basically the Imperial and US customary unit of the volume.

cubic feet

A Brief Explanation:

Whenever you are willing to fill up an area of land with sand, cement or gravel, you need to calculate the height, width, and length of the land area. Once you are done with it, you have to multiply them to estimate the total cubic feet within that certain land. Not only this, but there exists another way too. You can also determine the cubic foot by multiplying the area with the height of the property premises. But many of us think it is a little bit harder and a time taking process. That is why our best cubic feet calculator deos all these calculations for you in seconds and saves a lot of your precious time.

Note: The cubic feet determines the volume of anything that is matter.

Cubic Feet Formulas:

Below here we have arranged various formulas to calculate the cubic feet. Remember all of these formulas are also used by the cft calculator. Okay, let’s move further!

Cubic Area Formula:

$$ Volume = Area * Height $$

Using Length, Width, And Height:

$$ Volume = Length * Width * Height $$

Some Important Conversions:

Sometimes, you measure the dimensions in feet that allow you to simply multiply and estimate cubic feet. You may measure the length, width, and height in either inches, yards, centimeters, or meters. No doubt our free cubic feet calculator uses all of these units and displays the answers in seconds. But it is also very important to figure out all these measurement by hand that is as follows:

Convert Cubic Inches To Cubic Feet:

$$ Volume = \frac{Length\left(in\right) * Width\left(in\right) * Height\left(in\right)}{1728} $$

If you measure all the parameters in inches and fetch them using a cubic inch calculator, it will swiftly perform calculations and determine the most accurate results in all related units.

Convert Cubic Yards To Cubic Feet:

$$ Volume = Length\left(yd\right) * Width\left(yd\right) * Height\left(yd\right) * 27 $$

Convert Cubic Centimeters To Cubic Feet:

$$ Volume = \frac{Length\left(cm\right) * Width\left(cm\right) * Height\left(cm\right)}{28316.85} $$

Convert Cubic Meters To Cubic Feet:

$$ Volume = Length\left(m\right) * Width\left(m\right) * Height\left(m\right) * 35.314667 $$

Cubic Feet of A Cylinder:

$$ Volume = \pi * \left(Radius\right)^{2} * Height $$

Cubic Foot To Other Units Conversion:

The following table displays all the possible conversions of 1 cubic foot below:

Quantity  Conversion 
1 Cubic Foot 1728 Cubic Inches
1 Cubic Foot 0.0370 Cubic Yards
1 Cubic Foot 0.028316846592 Cubic Meter
1 Cubic Foot 28.316846592 Liters
1 Cubic Foot 7.4805194805 US Fluid Gallons
1 Cubic Foot 7.4805 US fl gal  
1 Cubic Foot 957.50649350 US Fluid Ounces 
1 Cubic Foot 957.5065 US fl oz
1 Cubic Foot 6.2288 imperial gallons
1 Cubic Foot 996.61 imperial fluid ounces
1 Cubic Foot 0.80356 US Bushels
1 Cubic Foot 0.17811 Oil Barrel

How To Calculate Cubic Feet?

Here we will be resolving a few examples to make your idea more clear. Stay with it!

Example # 01:
A person has taken measurements of a land piece in inches as follows:

$$ Height = 144ft \hspace{0.25in} Width = 33ft \hspace{0.25in} Length = 98ft $$

How to figure cubic feet in various related units like cubic inches and cubic centimeters that estimates the amount of sand required to make a bed?

Here we know that:

$$ Volume = Length * Width * Height $$

$$ Volume = 98ft * 33ft * 144ft $$

$$ Volume = 465,696 ft $$

Which is the required amount of soil for making the bed.

Now converting the value in its related units as follows:

Cubic Inches:
$$ Volume = 465,696 ft * 1728 $$

$$ Volume = 804,722,688 in^{3} $$

Cubic Centimeter:
$$ Volume = 465,696 ft * 28316.85 $$

$$ Volume = 13,187,043,777.6cm^{3} $$

You can also verify the values and enhance precision by using our cubic feet calculator.

Example # 02:
How to measure cubic feet volume if the dimensions of a microwave oven are given as below:

$$ Height = 3ft \hspace{0.25in} Width = 5ft \hspace{0.25in} Length = 7ft $$

As we know that:

$$ Volume = Length * Width * Height $$

$$ Volume = 7ft * 5ft * 3ft $$

$$ Volume = 105ft $$

Which is the required answer.

Example # 03:
How to find cubic feet volume of a refrigerator with an area as \(122ft^{2}\) and height as 4ft?


Here we have:

$$ Volume = Area * Height $$

$$ Volume = 122ft^{2} * 4ft $$

$$ Volume = 488ft^{3} $$

Which is the capacity of the refrigerator.

How Cubic Feet Calculator Works?

This free cubic ft calculator takes a couple of seconds to estimate how much volume a certain object is able to occupy. Want to know how it works? Let us see!


  • From the first drop-down list, select the desired parameters with which you want to determine the results
  • After you do that, enter all the values corresponding to the parameters selected
  • Select units against the values
  • Tap the calculate button

The free cft calculator estimates:

  • Cubic feet
  • Cubic inches
  • Cubic yards
  • Cubic meters
  • Cubic centimeters
  • Volume and weight of the cargo


How many cubic inches in a cubic foot exist?

If you follow up proper calculations, there are 1728 inches in a cubic foot that you can also determine by using a cubic feet calculator.

How many cubic inches are there in one inch?

There are exactly 1.2599 cubic inches in a single inch.

How many cubic feet is a bag of mulch?

Mostly, the mulch bags are sold in 2 cubic feet. It estimates that if there is one cubic yard, then you will have to use 13 bags of mulch to cover the area.

How cubic feet for landscaping are measured?

You can simply use the length, width, and height of the landscaped area of the rock and multiply them to calculate the cubic feet. In case you find it difficult, let our free cubic feet calculator do it for you.

What is a cubic yard of dirt?

Basically, the cubic yard measures the volume of anything that has mass. A yard of topsoil is nearly equal to 1800 pounds and 2200 pounds of the gravel.

Are feet and cubic feet the same?

No, both of these quantities mean differently. Where feet represents the l;ength of an object, the cubic feet represents the volume as discussed above.

What is the cubic feet of a five gallon bucket?

According to the US units of measurement, 1 single US liquid gallon is equal to 0.135 cubic feet. As we are talking about five gallon bucket, the cubic feet will be:

$$ \text{Five Gallon Bucket} = 5 * 0.135 $$

$$ \text{Five Gallon Bucket} = 0.675 cubic feet $$

How many bags of sand do i need for a 4*4 raised beds?

You will need approximately 7 bags to cover a 4*4 dimension bed.


Cubic feet define the capacity of a certain object to hold a volume. Specially during construction, cubic feet helps the contractors to estimate the volume of sand or gravel required to build up a structure. That is why they use a cubic feet calculator to estimate the nearly exact amounts of the construction materials that fit the area occupied.


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