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Cubic Feet Calculator

Cubic Feet Calculator

Enter the length, width, and area measurements to calculate the cubic feet present in it through this calculator.

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The cubic feet calculator calculates the volume of an object by considering its length, width, and height measurements.

The cubic ft calculator will provide conversions of different units like millimeters, centimeters, miles, nautical miles, yards, meters, kilometers, and cubic inches to cubic feet and shows overall volume of the shape with accuracy.

So, estimate the cubic feet present within a certain volume up to maximum precision and visualize the resultant cube that gives you a more clear idea of its dimensions & calculations.

What Is Cubic Foot?

Cubic foot is the US customary unit of volume. It is defined as:

“Volume of a cube whose all sides have side measures of 1 foot”
Cubic Foot
\(Height = 1ft \hspace{0.25in} Width = 1ft \hspace{0.25in} Length = 1ft\)

Formulas To Calculate Cubic Feet:

Calculating Cubic Feet From Area:

\(Volume = Area * Height\)

Calculating Using Length, Width, And Height:

\(Volume = Length * Width * Height\)

Calculating Cubic Feet From Meters:

\(Volume(m^3) = Length\left(m\right) * Width\left(m\right) * Height\left(m\right)\)

\(Volume(ft^3)= Volume(Cubic meters) * 35.31\)

Calculating Cubic inches to Cubic Feet:

\(Volume(inches^3)= Length\left(in\right) * Width\left(in\right) * Height\left(in\right)\)


Calculating Cubic Feet From Yards:

\(Volume(yard^3)= Length\left(yard\right) * Width\left(yard\right) * Height\left(yard\right)\)

\(Volume(ft^3) = Volume(yd^3)*27\)

Cubic Feet Calculations (From Meters, Yards, and Inches):

It might be possible that you never get a volume of a cube in terms of cubic foot only. In this case, you will have to convert volume manually. Stick to the following points to perform these conversions:

From Meters:

There are 35.31 meters in cubic feet. Hence to get proper calculations follow the below stepwise example.

  • First, determine the volume
  • Multiply the volume by 35.31 meters


 Cubic feet example

\(Length = 3 m\)

\(Width = 6 m\)

\(Height = 7 m\)


\(Volume = Length * Width * Height\)

\(Volume = 3m * 6 m * 7 m\)

\(Volume =126m^3\)

Converting to Cubic Feet:

\(Volume =126m^3 * 35.31\)

\(Volume =4,449.06ft^3\)

From Inches:

There are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic feet.

  • Calculate the volume
  • Divide the total volume by 1728 cubic inches


Cubic feet Example

\(Length = 2 in\)

\(Width = 8 in\)

\(Height = 1 in\)


\(Volume = \frac{Length\left(in\right) * Width\left(in\right) * Height\left(in\right)}{1728}\)

\(Volume = \2 in * 8 in * 1 in\)

\(Volume = 16 in^3\)

Converting to Cubic Feet:

\(Volume = \frac{16 in^3}{1728}\)

\(Volume = 0.00925 ft^3\)

From Yards:

There are 27 yards in cubic feet.

  • Estimate the volume
  • Multiply the volume by 27 yards


Cubic Feet example

\(Length = 7 yd\)

\(Width = 9 yd\)

\(Height = 2 yd\)


\(Volume(yd^3)= Length\left(yd\right) * Width\left(yd\right) * Height\left(yd\right)\)

\(Volume(yd^3)= 7yd * 9yd * 2yd\)

\(Volume(yd^3)= 126yd^3\)

Converting to Cubic Feet:

\(Volume(ft^3) = Volume(yd^3)*27\)

\(Volume(ft^3) = 126yd^3*27\)

\(Volume(ft^3) = 3402ft^3\)

Cubic Feet of Irregular Shapes:

The cubic feet calculator determines the cubic feet by inserting length, width, and height along with setting their units. If there is any irregular shape, you can determine its volume by sticking to the points below:

  • Divide the irregular shape into small regular shaped objects
  • Determine the volume in terms of cubic foot (If you have the measurements in other units, you can follow up the examples above to convert to the unit of concern)
  • After you are done, add up all the volumes to get the final result


Are Feet And Cubic Feet The Same?

No, both of these quantities mean differently. Where feet represent the length of an object, the cubic foot represent the volume as discussed above.

What Is The Cubic Feet of a Five Gallon Bucket?

According to the US units of measurement, 1 single US liquid gallon is equal to 0.135 cubic feet. As we are talking about five gallon bucket, the cubic feet will be:

\(\text{Five Gallon Bucket} = 5 * 0.135\)

\(\text{Five Gallon Bucket} = 0.675 cubic feet\)

Cubic Foot To Other Units Conversion:

Quantity Conversion
1 Cubic ft 1728 Cubic Inches
1 Cubic ft 0.0370 Cubic Yards
1 Cubic ft 0.028316846592 Cubic Meters
1 Cubic ft 28.316846592 Liters
1 Cubic ft 7.4805194805 US Fluid Gallons
1 Cubic ft 7.4805 US fl gal
1 Cubic ft 957.50649350 US Fluid Ounces
1 Cubic ft 957.5065 US fl oz
1 Cubic ft 6.2288 imperial gallons
1 Cubic ft 996.61 imperial fluid ounces
1 Cubic ft 0.80356 US Bushels
1 Cubic ft 0.17811 Oil Barrel


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