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Fence Calculator

Fence Calculator

Enter the number of rails, picket dimensions, and fence length. The calculator will readily estimate the number of rails, hardware, pickets, and fence posts.


Calculate For:

Number and height of posts needed:

Fence Length:


Post Space:


Fence height:


Number of pickets needed:

Picket Width:


Picket Spacing:


Number of rails needed:

Rails per Section:

Concrete for post footing:

Post Width:


Post Thickness:



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Estimate the number of posts, fences, nails, rails, concrete, pickets and hardware for your fence project with the assistance of this free online wood fence calculator. Not only this, you can also estimate the cost of the whole project that you will be bearing to complete the project by using this free wood fence cost calculator.

Are you thinking to build up fence all around your house? That’s a great idea. Let us help you to do some important calculations that are essential to build up a well-renovated fence.

Let’s go!

What Is A Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is a mesh that keeps you safe from the interruption of anyone’s eyes looking at you. It keeps your privacy always and you feel satisfied and free when wandering or sitting on the porch in the evening.

If you wish to build such a well-maintained fence, you can use our fence calculator for this purpose. You will get a detailed estimation of each and every element to be used in the construction

wooden fence

Fence Calculations:

Whenever you think of building a fence, it is very important to go for measuring the dimensions. This is because without it, you would not be able to estimate the material and cost required for the accomplishment of the project. Here an easy and most accurate method of doing so is the usage of our fence material calculator. Moreover, what about having a look at the formulas that may help you to perform such calculations by hand.

Number of Posts:

Number of posts = (fence length / post spacing) + 1 (round the result up)

As rounding off may cause human aid errors, you must use the fence post calculator to estimate the exact number of the posts you will be required with.

Number of Sections:

Number of sections = number of posts – 1

Post Length:

Post length = fence height * 1.5

Number of Rails:

Total number of rails = number of rails per section * number of sections

Number of the Pickets:

Total number of pickets = fence length in inches / (picket width + picket spacing) (round the result up)

You could also determine how many pickets you need for your fence project with the help of our free online picket fence calculator.

Total Concrete Volume:

Volume of concrete = (hole volume – post volume) * number of posts

Cuboid Post Volume:

Cuboid post volume = post width * post thickness * height of the buried part of post

Cuboid Hole Volume:

Cuboid hole volume = (3 * post width) * (3 * post thickness) * height of buried part of post inches

Cylindrical Hole Volume:

Cylindrical hole volume = (3 * post radius)² * height of the buried part of post in inches * π

Cylindrical Post Volume:

Cylindrical post volume = post radius² * height of the buried part of post * π

Here you must keep in mind that the buried length of the post would be one third of the total length

Cost of the Fence:

As a whole, the total installation cost of the fence varies between $2000 to $8000. The main factors that contribute to this variation in the cost are the materials you are using and the quantity of that material. Usually, pressure-treated wood, cedar, or redwood are the three kinds of woods that are considered the best woods for building a fence around your selected area. Moreover, our free privacy fence cost calculator allows to estimate the price for all these wood types so that you may not feel any difficulty in deciding which one is going to suit your budget.

One of the most crucial pieces of advice we would be giving here is that you should always go for buying 10-15% extra material for your project. This is because some extra material is better than facing a lack during the process.

Why Build Up A Privacy Fence?

Well, it is a good question. Some of us may feel no need to build fences around their property. But after reading the pros below, they would be going for this for sure. Let’s move on!


If you have a garden in front of your home, then you must be wondering about something that will add to the beauty of it. The best way to do so is to install a modern fence around it, it will make your garden look more attractive than others. Moreover, your garden will be the one standing out of all within your area.

Noise Reduction:

Are you living in an industrial area or near any supermarket? If yes, you must be disturbed by the noise pollution. But do not worry. If you go for building a fence around your premises, then it will help a lot in reducing this noise too much.

Traditional Practice:

Most of the people build up a white picket fence around their houses or farms. This is because it symbolizes the American Dream culture. So if you are one such believer, then building a white fence would be the element contributing to your dream come true.


Privacy is very important in case you want to walk on the porch in front of your house. If you construct a fence around the garden, you will always feel relaxed without getting disturbed by anyone gazing at you. Also, the free privacy fence calculator will help you alot in calculating the quantity of the fence that would be enough to cover your porch boundaries.


As many stray animals wander here and there, it is very dangerous for your kids if they like playing outside the house. That is why a fence will always protect them from such animals. Not only this, they will also be protected from the fast wind chills.

How To Do Fence Calculations?

Right here, we will be calculating some parameters regarding fence construction so that you may get through it and understand thoroughly. Stay with it!

Example # 01:

Harry is looking to install a 100 ft long wooden fence around his porch. How many posts and rails would be needed for the project?(keeping in view the distance between the posts is about 6.6ft and the number of rails would be 6 in each section). Also determine the sections as well.


Here we have:
Number of posts = (fence length / post spacing) + 1 (round the result up)
Number of posts = (100ft / 6.6ft) + 1 (round the result up)
Number of posts = 16.15 (round the result up)
Number of posts = 16

Now we have:
Number of sections = number of posts – 1
Number of sections = 16 – 1
Number of sections = 15
At last:
Total number of rails = number of rails per section * number of sections
Total number of rails = 6 * 15
Total number of rails = 90

How Fence Calculator Works?

Let this online fence estimator provide you with the most accurate estimations of the material that is to be used in the project. Let us guide you how to use it!


  • First of all, enter the fence length and post spacing values in the designated fields. Also select their units
  • After you do that, select whether you want to determine the fence height or post height
  • After making this selection, enter the parameters in their respective positions
  • Do the same for rail section and no of rail calculations
  • Now enter the picket width and picket spacing along with select units
  • Now select whether you wish to determine the volume of concrete for cuboid post or cylindrical post
  • After se;ecting, go for entering the values of all the parameters associated
  • Tap the calculate button

The free fencing calculator determines:

  • Number of posts required
  • Number of sections
  • Post height
  • Rails per section
  • Number of pickets
  • Concrete volume in cubic inches, cubic feet, and cubic yards
  • Price of various woods per linear foot


How much does a typical wood fence cost?

If you do not include the labour cost, the actual cost of the normal wood fence is about $70 to $120 per meter. If you are looking to build a fence around your house or any other premises, it will almost cost you between $700 to $2000 that could also be estimated by subjecting the fence cost calculator.

What is the cheapest fence to install?

PVC fencing is supposed to be the most cost effective fence. Also, its labour cost is also less than installing a wooden fence.

Is bamboo fencing cheaper than the wood one?

Bamboo is used in special climatic conditions. You have to order it specially to make its fence. That is why it is more expensive to build a bamboo fence than a wooden fence.

What is the easiest fence to install?

The easiest fence installation is the wooden bars. This is because they are not only cheaper enough, but also use less in quantity than the pickets and posts. After you estimate the posts and pickets quantity and costs with our free home depot fence calculator, you will feel a huge difference in the cost and installation labor for both wooden bar fence and the standard fence.

Which is more expensive, a wooden fence or a chain link fence?

A chain link fence is typically less expensive than a wooden fence. This is because the labour cost and the material cost are very less when compared to the wooden fence.

Is a bamboo fence flammable?

Yes, as bamboo is dry enough, they catch fire very fast. No doubt the bamboo fence is very attractive looking, but due to this lack, most people avoid using it.

Can I build a fence on my own?

Yes, why not. You can definitely do that. Moreover, our best lowes fence calculator would be your best friend in designing your fence according to your wish that is cheap enough.

Can you install fence posts without using cement?

Yes, you can use gravel as the alternative of the cement for installing the posts in the ground. It must be kept in mind that one third of the post’s length must be dug into the ground.

How long does a wood fence last?

If maintained properly with care, a well-maintained wooden fence can last for up to 20 years or more.

How can I protect my bamboo fence?

You can protect your bamboo fence by covering it with a wood protectant.

Can I build a fence without posts?

Yes, of course! Such fences are very cheap and good looking too. Zigzag, split-rail using stone pillars and pallet fences are several of the types available. So if you are thinking of installing a simple but stylish fence, use the free online fence calculator first and then go for buying the material for the project.


So we discussed the fence calculations briefly in the context. We hope using our free horizontal fence calculator would assist you whenever you look forward to constructing a fence around a certain boundary.


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