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Fence Calculator

Fence Calculator

Just, enter the values and get to determine the plan and budget for your privacy fencing project.

Calculate For:

Number and height of posts needed:

Fence Length:


Post Space:


Fence height:


Number of pickets needed:

Picket Width:


Picket Spacing:


Number of rails needed:

Rails per Section:

Concrete for post footing:

Post Width:


Post Thickness:



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The Fence calculator helps to calculate the amount of fencing material that you have to complete your fencing project. This calculator calculates the material needed (number of posts, fences, rails, concrete, pickets) for those who want a convenient way to plan and budget for their fencing needs.

How Fence Calculator Works?

Let’s find out what type of dimensions a fence calculator needs to provide quick calculations. This identifies how to use it!

Required Values:

  • Enter the fence length and post spacing values by selecting their units
  • Select whether you want to determine the fence height or post height
  • Enter the picket width and picket spacing along with units
  • Now, select whether you wish to determine the volume of concrete for cuboid post or cylindrical post
  • After selecting, go for entering the values of all the parameters associated
  • Tap the calculate button

Results Summary:

  • Number of posts needed for fence
  • Number of sections in fence
  • Post height of fence
  • Rails per section
  • Number of pickets
  • Concrete volume in cubic inches, cubic feet, and cubic yards
  • Price of various woods per linear foot

What Is A Privacy Fence?

“A fence is a structure that serves as a boundary or barrier, typically made of posts and wire or boards”

A picket fence is a specific type of fence adorned with vertical boards as shows in the below picture.

wooden fence

Formula’s For Fence Calculations:

Number of Posts:

Number of Posts = (Fence Length / Post Spacing) + 1 (Round The Result Up)

Number of Sections:

Number of Sections = Number of Posts – 1

Post Length:

Post Length = Fence Height * 1.5

Number of Rails:

Total Number of Rails = Number of Rails Per Section * Number of Sections

Number of the Pickets:

Total Number of Pickets = Fence Length in Inches / (Picket Width + Picket Spacing) (Round The Result Up)

Formula’s for Total Concrete Volume:

Volume of Concrete:

Volume of Concrete = (Hole Volume – Post Volume) * Number of Posts

Cuboid Post Volume:

Cuboid Post Volume = Post Width * Post Thickness * Post Depth

Cuboid Hole Volume:

Cuboid Hole Volume = (3 * Post Width) * (3 * Post Thickness) * Post Depth in Inches

Cylindrical Hole Volume:

Cylindrical Hole Volume = (3 * Post Radius)² * Post Depth in Inches * π

Cylindrical Post Volume:

Cylindrical Post Volume = Post Radius² * Height of The Buried Part of Post * π

How To Do Fence Calculations?

Right here, we will be calculating some parameters regarding fence construction so that you may get through it and understand thoroughly.


Harry is looking to install a 100 ft long wooden fence around his porch. How many posts and rails would be needed for the fence project? (keeping in view the distance between the posts is about 6.6ft and the number of rails would be 6 in each section).


Here we have:

Number of Posts = (Fence Length / Post Spacing) + 1 (Round the Result Up)

= (100ft / 6.6ft) + 1 (Round the Result Up)

= 16.15 (Round the Result Up)

= 16

Now we have:

Number of Sections = Number of Posts – 1

= 16 – 1

= 15

At last:

Total Number of Rails = Number of Rails Per Section * Number of Sections

= 6 * 15

= 90