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Roof Pitch Calculator

Select parameters and enter their values with selected units. The calculator will instantly determine the number of rafters needed and the roof pitch for the construction project.

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This roof pitch calculator is an easily accessible tool that will assist you to measure the pitch and length of the rafters you are going to need for construction. It will give you a roof pitch angle and a ratio between rise and run in the form of x:12. Here you will get to know how to calculate roof pitch step by step.

What is Roof Pitch?

Roof pitch can be described as the incline that is created by the rafter. You can assess it in dual ways:
  1. The angle made by a beam with the horizontal surface
  2. The percentage ratio between the rise and the run of the roof in the form of x:12.
Also, you can use the online gravel calculator that helps you to calculate the volume (cubic yards, cubic ft) and weight (tons, lbs) of gravel required to complete your project. Example A pitch 1:12 represents that per every 36 feet of construction length the rise will be equivalent to 3 feet.

What Are The Categories of Roof Pitch?

  • Some roofs are known as flat but they cannot be flawlessly horizontal in certainty. For the water to run off there is always going to be little slop. Usually, their pitch is from 1/2:12 to 2:12.
  • The pitch which is below 4:12 represents a low roof. They are always difficult to maintain because of the special materials that are used in them to avoid leaks.
  • 4:12 to 9:12 range of the pitch represents conventional roofs. Their construction is easy and people can walk on them without difficulty.
  • High-pitched roofs frequently need extra fasteners. Their pitch is always going to be high as 21:12.
  • The most frequently recommended range is between 4/12 and 9/12. It is recognized as a standard roof pitch.
  • The least range of roof is 1/4:12 and recognized as a minimum roof pitch. This can be constructed only with the help of built-up roofing or some particular artificial roofing.
Roof slope calculator is the only tool that can tell you the exact requirement for your construction free of cost and in minimum time duration.

Roof pitch chart:

Roof pitch chart is based on the rise, span and slope. It includes a rise/span ratio for different measurements as you can observe below: roof pitch chart
Pitch 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Degree 45 42.5 40 37 33.75 30.5 26.5 22.5 18.5 14 9.5 4.5

About roof pitch calculator:

This roof slope calculator is highly recommended as it provides the precise measurement of the slope. It gives you the required angle, length of the rafter and rise to span ratio. Result via using it will be far more in line and provide you correct standards.

How to figure roof pitch with this roof pitch calculator?

All you are going to need is the roof slope calculator. Open it whenever you want to determine roof pitch. Two boxes will appear. Now you have chosen the Rise and Run option, all you need to do is to fill in these two different blanks. You can notice that measurements in different units can be added.

Calculate roof pitch:

As soon as you fill the Rise and Run blanks and chose any unit, the calculation is just one click away. All you need to do is just enter the Calculate button: Input:
  • First of all, you have to enter the value of the rise in the given place. Now select the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu of the calculator. It can be either m,ft., in, or yd.
  • Right after you have to add the value of run in the given space. Now select the unit of measurement from the drop down menu of this roof pitch multiplier. It can be either m, ft., in, or yd.
  • Now you have to click the calculate button of the above roof angle calculator .
  • Rafter length will come out in meters as a first output in the next box.
  • As a second output, you will have a Roof pitch angel. it will be the signified in degrees.
  • You will have a value of rise to run ratio as a third output. It will be given in percentage.
  • The Value of Pitch will be given in the form of X:12 as the last output.

Rafter Length - Angle - Slope:

  • Rafter Length: It is the length of the portion of the beam required for the support and the very first delivered output.
  • Angle: It will be signified in degrees as an output. This is valuable because sometimes it is essential to cut the bevel via spherical saw and settings on the saw are standardized in degrees as well.
  • Slope: This is very beneficial for many purposes, particularly for roof framing. It is also known as pitch.Pitch: it is an incline of the roof. For example, if the rise is 4 feet and the span is twice the run that is 16 feet then the pitch is going to be 4/16, or 1/4.

What is Roof Pitch in Degrees?

There is more than one way to find a roof pitch. It can also be calculated in terms of degree. In the Roof pitch calculator application, you can also use Angle in Degrees feature. You can find roof pitch degrees manually and it is not very difficult either. This can be done by converting the pitch to a slope and then to a degree. As soon as you are done finding the width and the length you can determine how much space you will need. Another important factor while making calculations is the Roof pitch multiplier. It provides an actual area of any roof. The calculation behind this factor is that it is the square root of ((rise/run)2 + 1).

How to Calculate Roof Pitch (Step-by-Step):

Other than the roofing angle calculator we are all very well aware of the Pythagorean Theorem and the formula that is used to describe the Right Triangle. We can use it as a roof pitch finder as well.

Method to Find Out The Roof Pitch:

Roof pitch can be efficiently calculated with the rise and run using the simple formula:
  • Pitch = Rise/run
Once you know the rise and run, you can apply Pythagorean Theorem to determine rafter, roof angle, and grade using the following formulae:
  • Rafter^2 = rise^2+run^2
Roof angle can also be determined using the following:
  • Tan(angle) = rise/run
  • Angle = arc tan(rise/run)
Pitch represented in percentage is known as grade and is given by:
  • Grade = (rise/run)100
It can be calculated either using rafter and rise or rafter and run, both using the Pythagorean theorem as a roof pitch finder. All you need to do is just to rearrange the equations. If you have the values for the rise and rafter, you can find run using the following:
  • Run^2 = rafter^2 – rise^2
Similarly, if you know rafter and run you can find rise using the following:
  • Rise^2 = rafter^2 – run^2
If you don’t have the values to find the rise you can do it manually or by estimating the rise by measuring 3 lengths of side. Using the Roof Pitch Degree Calculator program, you can make sure that your house or shed or whatever it is safe and balanced. This will help you to carry your project in all the depth and detail and make sure that it will maintain an effective and sturdy nature throughout.

Roof pitch Example:

  1. First, of fall you have to measure the run length. it is the straight distance from the roof ridge to the wall. Let's suppose it is 6 m.
  2. Now measure the rise of your roof and assume that rise = 1.5 m.
  3. Now calculate the rafter or beam length, and put the values into the formula: rafter² = rise² + run² = 1.5² + 6² = 2.25 + 36 = 38.25 rafter = √38.25 = 6.18 m
  4. Compute the roof pitch as the percentage of rise and run: pitch = rise / run = 1.5 / 6 = 25%
  5. Put again this value into an angle: angle = arctan(pitch) = arctan(0.25) = 14°
  6. Lastly, you can have the roof pitch in the form of x:12. x = pitch * 12 = 0.25 * 12 = 3
  7. Now it is 3:12 and can be written as 25% or 14°.


How is roof pitch calculated?

Pitch of any roof can be computed by the number of inches it grows vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. For example, a roof that rises 6 inches for every 12 inches of the horizontal run has a 6-in-12 pitch. However, carpenters typically make use of diverse finders of roof pitch angles, an example of that is being a rafter. To get an idea about different roof pitch angles, you can take a look at roof pitch chart!

What is a 4/12 pitch?

A 4/12 roof pitch is referred to as the roof rises 4 inches in height for every 12 inches, as it measured horizontally from the edge of the roof to the centerline. The gentle slope of a 4/12 roof pitch falls on the cusp between moderate-pitch and low-pitch.

What is the pitch of a 30 degree roof?

Yes, 7/12 – A pitch of a 30 degree roof is roughly the same as a 7/12 roof pitch. If you want to convert from degrees to the American ratio, then simply find the tangent of the angle.

What is a 3/12 roof pitch?

Roof pitch is indicated in inches rise of 12 inches run – for instance, a ‘3 in 12 pitch’ or ‘3 pitch’ or ‘3/12 pitch’, all represented that the roof rises 3 inches, means for every 12 inches of its horizontal run.

What is the best roofing material for a low pitch roof?

Typically, the slate shingles or standard asphalt shingles roof are used in moderate to high-pitched roofs cannot sustain the health of a low-roof-pitch! To ward off drainage problems, homeowners should have turn to roofing systems that can be sealed.

What degree angle is a 5/12 pitch?

A 5/12 roof pitch angle is equal to 22.62 degrees.

What angle is a 7/12 pitch roof?

A 7/12 roof pitch angle = 30.26 degrees.

What is the best roof pitch for solar panels?

The best roof pitch for solar panels is between 30 and 45 degrees.

What is the most common roof pitch angle?

The most shared or standard roof pitches are between 4/12 and 9/12. All those Pitches that are lesser than 4/12 going to have an insignificant angle, and will be recognized as low-slope roofs.

What is the best roof pitch for snow?

The best references for roof pitches in case of snow are 3:12, 4:12, 5:12 or 6:12. Higher pitches can create large snow slides.

Is a 7/12 roof pitch walkable?

Normally everything above a 7/12 is well thought-out as a non-walkable roof and needs some additional apparatus and typically some more cost to the consumer.

What is the formula of pitch?

In case of a Circular Pitch you need to apply following formula: p = ( π D )/ N p = π / P For case distance situation: Center Distance C = Np (mG + 1) / 2P C = ( Dp + DG ) / 2 C = ( NG + Np ) / 2P C = (NG + Np) p / 2P C = (NG + Np) p / 6.2832 To find Diametral Pitch: P = π / p P = N / D P = [ Np ( mG + 1) ] / 2C To find the Gear Ratio simply put your values in the following one: mG = NG / Np

How much pitch does a roof need?

First of all, you have to Match Roof Material and Use Appropriate Slope. in the case of shingles, the minimum roof pitch is 1:6. It is equal to 4 inches rise to 24 inches run. The smallest pitch for a standing seam metal roof is 1:4. The lowest pitch for roll roofing is 2:12.


This Roof Pitch Calculator is a miraculous tool that will quickly guess the precise roof slope from every angle. It can assist you in the calculation of slope, area, rafter’s length, and other significantly important dimensions. You can also use it to figure out how much roofing material you will need to get your project done.


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