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Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

Enter the measurements of the roof and the selected material in the field and the tool will estimate the roofing cost.


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The roof replacement cost calculator computes and estimates the roof replacement costs in the US market.

The Roof Replacement Cost?

The roofing costs around $6000 to $9000 for a typical square-foot asphalt shingle roof. The labor cost charge is around $3.50 to $6.00 per square foot for an asphalt roof. This is the average replacement roofing cost in the USA. There are a lot of factors that can affect roof estimates and replacement costs. These factors are the roofing cost of material, size, complexity, structure, labor cost, etc. The roofing estimator computed on the basis of the average roof replacement cost in various regions of the USA.

Roofing Cost Estimate:

The roofing cost estimates change on the basis of the height and its level. The other thing is that the roofing costs are different if you only need to change a part of the roof. The roof cost calculator finds the average, middle, and high roof replacement cost estimate based on the region and the material used for the roofing.
Average Estimated Roof Cost $11,500
Highest Estimated Roof Cost $80,000
Lowest Estimated Roof Cost $6,700
The roof estimation can be average, lowest, and highest due to material cost and region differences.

The Overlapping Roof Cost:

The overlapping metal roof is the best way to increase the lifespan of your existing roof and it is going to decrease the cost of roofing. The main reason the overlaying roof is not a common method is that it is best to decrease the roofing cost estimates. The roof replacement cost calculator is a simple way to calculate the roofing cost of a part of the roof. The homeowner or a businessman wants to save a bit of money. Then the overlapping roof is the best way to save roofing cost estimates and increase the life of the existing roof. The cost of roofing is decreased by around 50 to 70% when using the overlapping roof. You can compare the roofing cost by the roof estimator of the overlapping roof and total roof replacement. The overlapping roof is normally used to protect the roof and to avoid the wear and tear of the existing roof.

The Roofing Cost Estimate of Various Materials:

The roof material is critical in estimating roofing costs for the replacements. The type of material is like Asphalt shingles, Metal roofing, Tile roofing, Wood shakes / shingles, Slate roofing, etc. The cost of the material is going to affect the measurement of the Roofing calculator cost and estimation. The estimated cost of roof replacement for various materials for the 1700 square-foot roof is as follows:
Roofing Material Labor Cost Per Square Foot Average Total Replacement Cost
Asphalt shingles $3.40 - $5.95 $5,840 - $10,100
Metal roofing $6.00 - $24.50 $10,245 - $41,640
Tile roofing $10,245 - $41,640 $10,665 - $20,900
Asphalt shingles $6.00 - $9.15 $5,840 - $10,100
Slate roofing $3.40 - $5.95 $10,230 - $15,500
Based on a 1,700 sq. Ft. Roof. The estimated roof replacement cost is different due to material quality and roof pitch. The roofing replacement cost estimates depend largely on the area and pitch of the roof. It may be possible some material roofing cost is specific to a certain region or state. You need to understand the various rates calculated by the roof cost calculator before placing an order.

Roof Replacement Estimate Per Square Foot:

The estimated cost for a new roof is between $4 and $40 per square foot or about $7 on average. It includes both labor and materials of the estimated cost of roof replacement. The estimated cost for roof replacement can be a great help if you don’t have the original blueprints. The slope and shape of your roof may be inclined, garbled, or flattened at the end. You need a professional for calculating the estimated cost of roof replacement. The roof replacement cost estimate is critical for managing your budget. 
1,000 $7,000
1,100 $7,700
1,200 $8,400
1,500 $10,500
1,600 $11,200
1,700 $11,900
1,800 $12,600
1,900 $13,300
2,000 $14,000
2,500 $17,500
3,000 $21,000

Working of Roof Replacement Cost Calculator:

Let’s how to find the roof cost by the roofing cost calculator in simple steps: Input:
  • Enter the length and width of the roof
  • Enter the roof slope and complexity 
  • Enter roofing material and US region
  • Hit the calculate button 
  • Low-end roofing cost
  • Middle-end roofing cost
  • High-end cost of roofing


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