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Asphalt Calculator

Asphalt Calculator

Enter the required parameters and the calculator will calculate the amount and cost of hot mix asphalt tonnage required for your project completion.

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Asphalt density


Crushed stone depth


Depth of dirt


Cost per weight (Optional)


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Use this asphalt calculator that supports you to measure out the amount of asphalt you’ll need to complete any project. As asphalt pavement material is very precisely engineered, therefore it will let you calculate the total amount of crushed stone, thickness, dirt that needs to be removed, area, volume, and Total cost of asphalt according to weight. Read on to understand how to calculate asphalt, its formula, types, and some other basic facts.

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a semi-solid form of petroleum and appears in a sticky, black, highly viscous liquid form. It is classified as a pitch and can be found in natural deposits as well as a refined product. If it has a mixture of \(95%\) stone, sand, or gravel that bounds together by asphalt cement, then it will be known as hot mix asphalt. An asphalt driveway cost calculator will let you find the gravel needed for an asphalt driveway.

Asphalt Density:

The density of asphalt is:

$$0259 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³]$$

$$or 1.2965 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³]$$

$$145 lbs/cubic ft$$

Asphalt Formula:

Asphalt formula to find the cubic footage of asphalt for any project is:

\[(The length in feet) x (the width in feet) x (the depth in feet)\]

However, an asphalt calculator will automatically tell you the estimated amount of asphalt needed to complete a project. It can also support you to calculate the average unit weight of asphalt that is \(3,915 pounds per cubic yard\).

Therefore, an Online Mulch Calculator will estimate how much mulch you need to for a given area at a specified depth.

How much Asphalt do I need?

Hot mix asphalt is usually sold by the ton and coverage. Most of the asphalt combinations that are commonly used for driveways and parking lots weigh 145 pounds per cubic foot of coverage. However, you can use the above-mentioned formula or an asphalt calculator to find out the amount of asphalt needed for any project. You can even use the asphalt for the construction of the roof.

Additionally, to find the amount of needed asphalt you can also multiply the cubic footage by 145 and then divide It by \(2,000\). For example, if the length is \(25ft^3\) then the asphalt calculation will be as follows:

$$ 25 ft3 × 145 = 3624 lbs$$

$$3624 lbs ÷ 2,000 = 1.8125 tons$$

Types of asphalt:

There are four basic types of asphalt that are given below:

Hot Mix Asphalt:

It is also known as the “Dense-Graded Mix”. This type of asphalt is considered ideal for surfacing and repairing needs. During its production, the binder will be heated at a very high temperature to reduce viscosity. The high temperature will also remove all moisture prior to mixing.

Moreover, the Online Sand Calculator helps you to estimates how much sand do you need to complete your construction work.

Warm Mix Asphalt:

This type of asphalt can be produced at lower temperatures as compared to HMA. It is considered suitable for paving that is needed in off-season months. This is the best option to accomplish overnight projects.

Driveway Mix Asphalt:

This is the Cheaper mix of asphalt and considered suitable to be used in driveways and parking lots. It has crushed stone, sand as well as gravel. You can calculate its required amount and estimated cost via an asphalt driveway cost calculator.

Porous Asphalt:

It is a combination of crushed stone and grains of sand. This type is water permeable and expensive. It is the best choice that eliminates the need for drainage.

Moreover, the Online Gravel Calculator helps you to calculate the volume (cubic yards, cubic ft) and weight of gravel required to complete your project.

How Asphalt Calculator Works?

This asphalt estimator supports you in making the estimation about the quantity of asphalt in volume and weight that will be needed for a driveway, schoolyard, pavement, road, etc. blacktop calculator can be used as follows:


  • First, select one of the five options from the drop-down menu to calculate or calculate with  Length, width, area, volume, density, thickness, and dirt need to remove.
  • After selecting the required field, enter the values with corresponding units from the drop-down list.
  • Hit Calculate button.


This asphalt driveway calculator will give the outputs according to the selected input fields. Delivered outputs will be:

  • Total asphalt weight in tons, kilograms, pounds, us short tons, and imperial tons.
  • Crushed stone in tons
  • Dirt in cu yards
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Total cost per weight

You can make numerous calculations without any cost by using this asphalt calculator.


How thick should Asphalt be for a Driveway?

The thickness should be about two inches as it is considered a standard for asphalt overlays and surface courses. Two-inch thickness has the potential to properly bonds the surface course to the binder course. If the thickness is less than two-inch it will cause raveling, cracking, and other asphalt issues.

How much does It Cost to Install an Asphalt Driveway?

An estimated cost to install an asphalt driveway is near about $2,300 and $10,300. If you are a Homeowner, then the payment will be according to per square foot. The cost also depends on the contractors. Some companies may charge by the ton, with the cost fluctuating between $100 to $150 per ton.

Last Words:

This online asphalt calculator provides a great opportunity for learning to all those people who are specializing in Construction services. It helps to ensure that any company and its employees can make accurate and precise calculations about the amount of asphalt that is required for different projects.


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