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circumference Calculator

Circumference Calculator

Enter only a single parameter value and the calculator will determine circumference, diameter, radius, sphere volume, and surface area with detailed calculations displayed.

Note: Just enter only one value to know others.









Sphere Surface Area


Sphere Volume


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The circumference calculator that allows you to find the circumference, radius, diameter, area, sphere surface area, and sphere volume of a circle. This circumference of a circle calculator is 100% free and provides you with precise measurements.

What Is The Circumference of a Circle?

“It is the distance around the outside of the circle”

Circumference Formula:

Our calculator utilizes the following circumference of a circle formula:

C = 2πrWhere

r = Radius of the circle

π = 3.14159…

If you find any difficulty in calculations, simply add the values into the above-given circumference formula calculator to calculate circumference. It directly uses the same equation for circumference calculations.

Also, there is another geometry calculator that works best to determine the coordinates of the midpoint with the x & y coordinates.

How To Find The Circumference of a Circle?

If the diameter of a circle is 18cm, then how to find the circumference?


As the diameter is as follows:

D = 18cm

As D= 2r

r = D/2 = 18/2 = 9cm

Now we have:

C = 2πr

C = 2 * 3.14 * 9

C = 56.52 cm

How To Find Radius From Circumference?

A radius of circle is referred to as a straight line from the center of a circle to the circumference of a circle.

As we know that:C = 2πr

Rearranging the above equation to get the radius formula as follows:

r = C/2π

If the diameter is given:

Radius = D/2

If the area is given:

Radius = √ A / π

How To Find Diameter From Circumference?

“It is the measure of length from one point on the circumference to another one through the center of the circle”

As we know:

If the circumference is given:

Diameter = C / π

If the radius is given:

Diameter = 2R

If the area is given:

Diameter = √4A / π

Apart from these formulas, you simply add the value into the designated field of the diameter of a circle calculator to find the diameter of the circle instantly.

Diameter to Circumference & Vice Versa:

The above calculator will directly turn values from diameter to the equivalent circumference value. And, if you want to do it yourself, then swipe down!


C/d = π

C = π x d

C = πd

Conversely (Circumference To Diameter):

C = πd

C/π = d

Working of Calculator:

This calculator for circle circumference is packed with a simple & user-friendly interface through which you can easily find the circumference, area, and different other parameters of a circle.


  • Just enter any single parameter value in its field and tap Calculate to get results


  • Radius & Diameter
  • Circumference
  • Area & Sphere Surface Area
  • Sphere Volume


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