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Sphere Calculator

Sphere Calculator

Enter the required parameters of a sphere and the calculator will calculate the radius, volume, surface area, and circumference for it, with the steps shown.

Calculation With:

Radius (r)

pi π=



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An online sphere calculator is exclusively designed to calculate the radius, volume, surface area, and circumference of a sphere body with 100% precision. You can analyze any sphere in terms of its parameters by using this free sphere volume calculator. So want to get more knowledge about this? We have arranged this content so that you may not feel problems while investigating a sphere.

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What Is A Sphere?

In geometrical analysis:

“An object in three-dimensional space having resemblance in shape with that of a ball is termed a sphere”



Radius Of A Sphere:

You can find radius of a sphere with the help of the following formula for radius of a sphere:

Radius Of A Sphere From Volume:

$$ r = \left(\frac{3V}{4π}\right)^\frac{1}{3} $$

Radius Of A Sphere From Surface Area:

$$ r = \sqrt{\frac{A}{4π} $$

Radius Of A Sphere From Circumference:

$$ r = \frac{C}{2π} $$

Surface Area Of A Sphere:

Use the following surface area of a sphere formula to solve for surface area of it.

Surface Area Of A Sphere From Radius:

$$ A = 4πr^{2} $$

Surface Area Of Sphere From Volume:

$$ A = \left(π\right)^\frac{1}{3} \left(6V\right)^\frac{2}{3} $$

Surface Area Of The Sphere From Circumference:

$$ A = \frac{C^{2}}{π} $$

The interesting thing here is that you can also use a free online sphere surface area calculator in case you find it difficult to determine.

Volume Of A Sphere:

You can calculate the volume of the sphere with the help of the following volume of a sphere formula:

Volume Of A Sphere From Radius:

$$ V = \frac{4}{3} πr^{3} $$

Volume Of A Sphere From Surface Area:

$$ V = \frac{\left(A\right)^\frac{3}{2}}{6\sqrt{π}} $$

Volume Of A Sphere From Circumference:

$$ V = \frac{C^{3}}{6π^{2}} $$

Circumference Of A Sphere:

Get a grip on the formulas below to find circumference of the circle:

Circumference Of A Sphere From Radius:

$$ C = 2πr $$   (For detailed calculations, click circumference calculator)

Circumference Of A Sphere From Surface Area:

$$ C = \sqrt{πA} $$

Circumference Of A Sphere From Volume:

$$ C = \left(π\right)^\frac{2}{3} \left(6V\right)^\frac{1}{3} $$

How To Explore A Sphere?

Below are some important examples that are being solved thoroughly to make your vision better. Stay focused!

Example # 01:

How to find the volume of a sphere with radius of 3cm?


Using the sphere volume formula:

$$ V = \frac{4}{3} πr^{3} $$

$$ V = \frac{4}{3} *3.14* 3^{3} $$

$$ V = 12 * 3.14 $$

$$ V = 113.04cm^{3}$$

Here our free volume of a sphere calculator provides you an edge of determining the same results but upto more better accuracy.

Example # 02:

The circumference of a circle is about 4m. How to find the surface area of a sphere?


The sphere surface area formula is as follows:

$$ A = \frac{C^{2}}{π} $$

$$ A = \frac{3^{2}}{3.14} $$

$$ A = \frac{4^{2}}{3.14} $$

$$ A = \frac{16}{3.14} $$

$$ A = 5.095m^{2} $$

Which is the required answer.

Example # 03:

How to find the radius of a sphere with surface area of \(4cm^{2}\)?


We know that:

$$ r = \sqrt{\frac{A}{4π} $$

$$ r = \sqrt{\frac{4}{4π} $$

$$ r = \sqrt{\frac{4}{4*3.14} $$

$$ r = \sqrt{\frac{4}{12.56} $$

$$ r = \sqrt{0.318} $$

$$ r = 0.564cm $$

Want more absolute results? Try using our free radius of a sphere calculator for free. We assure that you people are not going to be disappointed.

How Sphere Calculator Works?

The free surface volume calculator helps you to better estimate the parameters of the sphere. Let us guide you how to use it properly:


Select either of the following from the drop down list.

  • Radius
  • Volume
  • Surface Area
  • Circumference

After you make a selection;

  • Write down the value of the selected parameter
  • Tap the calculate button


The free sphere surface area calculator calculates:

  • Radius of the sphere
  • Volume of the sphere
  • Surface Area of the sphere
  • Circumference of the sphere

No matter what parameter you select as your input, the radius of a sphere calculator will enumerate all of these parameters precisely. Also, the whole information is displayed in the form of a well-defined table so that you can read it easily.


Is circle and sphere the same?

No, a circle is a two-dimensional geometrical shape while a sphere is considered a three-dimensional object. Along a plane, the points on the circle are equidistant from the center of it. On the other hand, the points on the sphere surface are at the equal distances from the center at any of the axes present.

What is meant by the arc of the circle?

The term arc refers to the part of the circle. It has only two types which are designated as the minor arc and the major arc.

What are the most basic forms of angles?

The main types of the angles include:

Obtuse angle >\(90^\text{o}\)
Acute angle <\(90^\text{o}\)
Right angle \(90^\text{o}\)


Sphere has its vast applications in the field of geometry. Also, the scholars and professionals make a vast use of the free online surface area of a sphere calculator for accurate results so as to avoid any hurdle during the calculations. So go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity.


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