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About Sales Tax Calculator

Sales tax is a type of consumption tax which you pay to the seller when you buy anything. It is imposed on everything. There is a fixed percentage of sales tax which retailers charge from the and then pay it to the government. It is imposed on daily life usage things as household items, fruits, vegetables and on luxury items.

Different or related types of sales tax are:
  • Wholesale sales tax
  • Manufacturers sales tax
  • Retail sales tax
  • Gross receipts tax
  • Excise tax
  • Use tax
  • Value added tax
  • Fair tax
  • Turnover tax
  • Securities turnover excise tax

Sales tax is different from value added tax in a way that sales tax is only collected at the final point of sales from the consumer of the product rather than at every stage of product processing as a vat. It is an added amount based on the fixed percentage of the selling price of the goods for example if you are buying any item costing Rs.2000 and the sales tax is 17%. The total amount which you’ll have to pay is Rs.2340. Some sales tax is not to be kept with the retailer. They are collecting sales tax from buyers because of the agreed with the government that they’ll pay tax value for each item if they allow them to work in the particular area.

The money of sales tax is used by the government for country’s development and economic growth. It is used to provide free public services to the community. This money is used to make more public parks, schools, roads, bridges and recreational places. The government also uses these funds of the tax to maintain already established public places. It is used to pay the salaries of various government workers such as police, army or to pay those people who came to collect garbage at your door step daily. It is therefore not wasted as the government is using for the betterment of a country.

To calculate sales tax, you have to use a tool which can do it quickly. We have sales tax calculator for you which you can use anytime sitting anywhere just by entering the amount and sales tax rate. Then hitting the calculate button will give you the total sum after sales tax. Moreover, when you know the sales tax rate, the sellers can’t cheat you in charging the wrong amount. If you want to figure out how much amount you have to pay sales tax in the mentioned prices if they are exclusive of tax you can use our sales tax, calculator.

We know many of you people are not sharp enough in calculations and can’t add or subtract a percentage in mind quickly. So, for those people, we have a fantastic tool of sales tax calculator. A sales tax is imposed on most items you need to calculate it many times of the day. Even if you went out for shopping or you go out to have a cup of tea or eating dinner, you have to pay the sales tax on your total bill. So, to cross check the bill amount you need to have a tool which can do it quickly. Here you need to go to and enter into the sales tax calculator. Type the amount and tax rate and then click the calculate button you’ll get the total sum with sales tax in a few seconds. Your time is not wasted in lengthy calculations. And if the seller is charging you more amount you can confidently argue with him on the tax rate and total amount.

We know the need of fastest performing tools in your busy life. No one wants to spend extra time on any calculations which is not much needed. In this life, many rich people don’t bother about the value of tax they are paying. But for limited income individuals and for those who can’t bear to spend extra money on lavish things the cost of the tax is significant as they had to plan their whole month in a limited amount of money. Our site is giving you a tool to which you can benefit in giving the right sum of money while purchasing anything. Sales tax calculator is allowing you to know the proper amount of money to give to the seller with the added amount of sales tax in the selling price. Once you know that you have paid the right amount you’ll have the mental satisfaction that you have not wasted your money. It is possible only if you calculate the sales tax at the moment when you are buying anything. Otherwise regretting after purchase and coming to home is of no use if the seller has charged you more money with the added sales tax. Use our best free online available sales tax calculator whenever you are buying anything or enjoying a dinner at a restaurant to know the amount you have to pay. And the sellers can’t cheat you in the sales tax amount.

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