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Sales Percentage Calculator

Sales Percentage Calculator

Enter the sales item and the total sales in the calculator and it will find the percentage of the sales.

Sales of Item ($):

Total Sales ($):


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The sales percentage calculator is a financial tool to assess the sales percentage of an individual item compared to the total sales of all the items of a brand. It is necessary to know the percentage of sales of certain goods sold at a certain rate.

What Is Percentage of Sales?

The sales percentage of an individual item is necessary to know how much an individual item is contributing to the total revenue of the brand. It is essential to know the rate of return on an individual item, service, or a specific region compared to the total sales of the company. 

The demand and supply of the products are going to fluctuate with the passage of time. The individual items sales are essential to know the percentage of the revenues by the percentage of sales calculator. 

How To Calculate Sales Percentage?

The percent of sales formula the sales percentage is as follows:

Sales Percentage = Sales of a specific item / Total sales of the business * 100

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose a company “X” has a total sales of $100,000,0 and in a specific quarter the sales of an individual product “Y” are $ 100,00. Then how to calculate percent of sales of item Y?


The percentage of sales formula is given by:

Percent Of Sales = Sales of Item / Total Sales x 100

Percent Of Sales = 10000 / 100000 x 100

Percent Of Sales = 10 %

The sales percentage calculator is a way to know the individual sales of the product, service, or sales in a specific region.

Sales Percentage Calculator and Business Productivity:

It is essential to know how much an individual item contributes to a business’s total sales. This is necessary to know the productivity of individual items and their Return on investments. The percentage of sales method calculator provides sufficient ground to assess the performance of the production 

Performance Measurement:

The performance measurement of a product or service on the basis of its market share. The sales percentage calculator makes the appraisal of the product easy by the productivity in terms of acceptability in the market 

Decision Making:

 Decision-making is easy for the management on the basis of the revenue generated by the specific product in a current fiscal year. How much is the brand management going to invest in the product or service?

Competitive Analysis:

The SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is easy for the brand. They can gauge the performance of their product versus the competitors and their services.


What Is the Percentage of Sales Method of Budgeting?

The percent of sales method formula is used to develop a budgeted set of financial statements. Each historical expense is converted into a percentage of the total sales formula, and these percentages are then applied to the forecasted sales level in the budgeting period.

What Is a Percentage of Sales Called?

Gross profit margin is the profit after subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS). Put simply, a company’s gross profit margin is the money it makes after accounting for the cost of doing business. 

What Is a Good Sales Growth Percentage?

In general, the ideal sales growth rate percentage of the sales method formula for the business is around the 15-25% bracket. But, SME businesses generally have a higher sales growth rate, which can even go up to 75-100% for startups.


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