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BMI is a calculation of body fat with respect to height and weight. Calculate body mass index with help of our most advanced BMI calculator for adult men, women and kids. It helps you to know if your are in a healthy weight or not. Enter your current weight and height bellow to calculate

BMI Calculator

Body mass index (BMI) is the measure of your body weight taking into consideration your height and age, although BMI Calculator doesn’t measure your body fat, it does give an idea of how much is normal weight range for appropriate height and at the particular age using bmi formula. However, it does not directly take into account the age of an individual. It also does not measures body fat percentage depending on race and gender.

The index that is weight/height2 was first introduced by Adolphe Quetelet in the 19th century as an index of weight adjusted for height. Ancel Keys reintroduced it and named it as body mass index. It is an estimation of individual’s body fat. Body mass index is defined as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height meters.

BMI Calculator is a straight forward and quick way to determine your body mass index. BMI Calculator can be used for men, women, teens and kids. If you want to see whether your weight is appropriate for your height than BMI calculator is the tool for you. Just put in your height in centimeters and weight in kilograms or height in inches and weight in pounds, and it gives you your body mass index. From this value, you came to know whether you are healthy weight range for your height. You can easily have an estimation of your body fat percentage using BMI formula.

The values fall into four categories for specific weight and height. Whether you’ll be in an underweight category which is less than 18.5kg/m2, average weight category which is between 18.5-24.9, an overweight category which is in between 25-29.9 and lastly obese category which is above 30. Last two groups are more prone or are at more risk of having health problems, so you can quickly assess your health by using our adult BMI Calculator.

Anyone whether male or female aging from 18 years and above can calculate their body mass index using this BMI Calculator. It is one of noninvasive, inexpensive and quickest way of screening in the medical field. Although, its limitation is that it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool for diseases, but it can roughly tell you based on your value that you are falling in healthy category or risk category being at risk for various diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins and the list is non-ending. Being overweight or obese puts an increased risk for you to be affected by diseases at an early age. Many conditions solely develop due to increased weight or body mass for a particular height, like being overweight puts extra weight on your knees, and you are prone to have knee joint problems including arthritis which is a condition of having pain in knees making it difficult for you to walk or perform daily tasks.

Exceptions are there in body mass index calculation in the cases where someone's muscle mass is more or less. In the case of body builders who have more muscle mass than the value calculated by fitness calculator comes out to be more, so it doesn’t mean that every time depending on the value of weight calculator you have to lose weight. So in such cases, only body mass index cannot be used to measure body fat and assess health risks. Other measurements should be taken into consideration in such situations.

BMI CALCULATIONS can also be used in populations as a screening tool to determine the potential weight problems in people. It is one of the reasonable indicator of body fat for adults including males and females. However, it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool to detect or diagnose any disease. In today's world of technology where everyone is adopting sedentary lifestyle obesity and obesity-related diseases are becoming more common it is important for people to have information about their weight so they can keep themselves away from diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, joints problems. Regular body mass index monitoring can allow you to maintain long term good optimum health. So it is important that general public should know what normal healthy weight range for their height is. In simple words, healthy or normal weight can be defined as body mass index(BMI) equal to or greater than 19 and less than 25 among every individual aged 18 years or above male or female independent of race and ethnicity. Body mass index equals to 30 or above is obese which put an individual at risk of serious health issues, therefore by educating public about this simple thing we can avoid the serious health problems in future. And by using this adult BMI Calculator this can be easily done by anyone, one just has to enter his or her weight and height, and our fitness calculator calculates the body mass index for you and you can quickly assess your health risks based on your body fat percentage.

BMI Calculator can be a path to your good health. It can be a helpful tool for the people who want to lose a lot of weight; it provides them the standard range of body mass index height and weight which they should aim for. It this way it can be useful in keeping people healthy and protect them from adverse effects of being overweight or obese. In this way, individuals can protect themselves timely by knowing the risks of being overweight or obese vice versa if a person is underweight he or she is also at risk of health problems so it’ll tell you how much weight you should put up to be in a right category.

Body mass index is an accurate calculation of your height and weight, the higher the value of body mass index comes out to be the more overweight you are. Nowadays many health professionals and even doctors are using BMI Calculator as a tool for assessing the general health of a patient. Body mass index classification is currently also being used widely by health professionals in population-based studies to determine or evaluate the risks of morbidity and mortality in different body mass index (BMI) grades.