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BMI is a calculation of body fat concerning height and weight. Calculate body mass index with the help of our most advanced BMI calculator for adult men, women and kids. Our Body Mass Index calculator shows whether you are at the phase of underweight, normal weight, overweight, obese, severely obese, or morbidly obese.

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What Is BMI or Body Mass Index?

A BMI or Body Mass Index is an essential measurement that helps you to monitor whether you are healthy, normal, overweight or obese. According to National Institutes of Health (NIH), Body Mass Index is a prestigious indicator that assists you to track the body fat, and these fats are highly related to the risk of death and disease. You can calculate bmi with the ease of BMI calculator, and the entire calculation is based on your height and weight.

How to Calculate Bmi:

How to calculate BMI is the most common question that frequently asked by many individuals. Well, here we are going to tell you about the fastest tool through which you can readily track your BMI. Our smart bmi calculator helps you to monitor entire body fat based on weight and height ratio of your entire body. Additionally, you can calculate BMI for men, women, and kids, teens and any age or gender through this accurate bmi calculator.

Additionally, if you are interested in army recruitment, then keep in mind the doctors of army utilize army bmi calculator, and if you are interested in Navy recruitment, then their experts utilize navy bmi calculator.


How much should I weigh?

Many individuals want to unfold this question: how much should I weigh? However, there is not one ideal or standard healthy weight for each person, as there are several different factors that play a role.

Body mass index or BMI is an incredible tool that helps to decide whether you have appropriate body weight. It measures an individual body fat concerning their height and weight.

What Is a Healthy Bmi?

Keep in mind; there are several distinct phases on which your body mass index depends upon – According to NIH bmi:

The ideal or healthy BMI for a normal person is 18.5 to 24.9!

BMI Chart for Women

Women around all over the globe face different health issues, and the most prominent issues that are being faced by women are weight loss. They didn’t have an idea about their BMI, and as a result, they face different health issues. Thus, it is imperatively important to utilize bmi calculator for women to track BMI concerning weight and height.

Well, according to the CDC, men who are obese are facing lots of health issues like heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancers, depression, and other ailments.

bmi calculator for women


Bmi Chart for men

The prior thing you have to keep in mind that the BMI formula for men and women are the same. The major and prominent difference is that men are more muscular than women. However, men with muscles have high BMI like athletes, bodybuilders, and a naturally muscular man; this all happens because BMI cannot differentiate between muscle and fat of their bodies.

Men around all over the world utilize bmi calculator for men to determining their body fat; these calculations also rely on their weight and height ratio.


bmi chart for men

Adult BMI Calculator

For most adult boys and girls, BMI is a stunning way to get an idea of body fat percentage, healthy weight ranges, and overall health. But keep in mind, it’s not always the final results in deciding if an individual is overweight or obese. The adult boys and girls often face health issues due to several factors, including diet, family health problems, body fat percentage, and other factors.

We recommend you to utilize adult bmi calculator to estimate your total amount of body fat. Our accurate bmi calculator helps you to determine your body mass index by inputting your height and weight. And this tool specifically designed for boys and girls over the age of 18.  It works with BMI calculator formula: Weight (lb) / (Height (in)) ² x 703 

BMI Chart for Adults

The given graph of BMI categories based on the WHO (World Health Organization) data.


bmi chart for adults

BMI Calculator for kids

Keep in mind BMI can be determined the same way for kids and teens as it is for adults, but the measurements don’t have the same meaning. It’s all because of the normal amount of body fat changes with age in kids and teens, and it varies between boys and girls. So, you have to remember that BMI levels that define being standard weight or overweight are depended on the kid’s age and gender.

If you want to know about your kids or teens weight, then you ought to utilize bmi calculator for kids. If your kid isn’t with normal BMI, then you have to consult with a health expert.

Well, here we are decided to discuss age- and gender-specific growth charts that are based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These charts work incredibly to translate a BMI number into a percentile based on a kid’s sex and age. And, these percentiles are then utilized to figure out the different weight groups.