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Army Body Fat Calculator

Army Body Fat Calculator

Provide a couple of simple inputs to this online army fat calculator and get the body fat percentage for males and females within seconds.

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The army body fat calculator is developed to find out the body fat percentage of a person’s body. This tool is solely designed according to US Army recruitment standards.

Ensure accuracy by taking the average of at least three measurements. Try to measure the nearest 1/2 or 1/4 inch.

Understanding Army Body Fat Percentage:

Being a soldier is not an easy thing, soldiers have to meet the standards of fat percentage to remain fit and active.

Males and Females have different fat percentages. These standards are created to keep all the soldiers in shape so that they can face the challenges of their services. 

Body Fat Formula:

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned army body fat formula:

Body Fat Formula For Males:

% body fat = [86.010 × log10(waist – neck)] – [70.041 × log10(height)] + 36.76

Body Fat Formula For Females:

% body fat = [163.205 × log10(waist + hip – neck)] – [97.684 × log10(height)] – 78.387

Rather than dragging yourself in the manual calculation, you can also get the assistance of an online army height and weight calculator to perform the calculation effortlessly. 

How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage Army?

There are very strict standards for the active US Army soldiers to keep their fat in control. These standards are essential to maintain good physical fitness, well well-being and to achieve good performance. 

To calculate the body fat you will need to have a couple of body measurements that are:


It’s necessary to measure the height of the soldier while standing straight and wearing a physical fitness uniform and without running shoes.


Measure circumference below the larynx, or Adam’s apple.


Measure the waist to the closest half inch at the point of the minimal abdominal circumference.


Place the tape around the hip so that it goes over the greatest protrusion of the gluteal muscle when viewed from the side.

After knowing all of these measurements, just put the values in the above-mentioned formulas and get the fat percentage. If it looks difficult and a time-consuming task, then simply go for an army body fat calculator. It will let you perform the precise calculation swiftly. 

What Is The Army Body Fat Standard By Age?

The standard for the maximum allowable body fat percentages is defined in AR 600-9 and the Army body fat standards are available in the following table:

Age Male Female
17-20 20% 30%
21-27 22% 32%
28-39 24% 34%
40 and older 26% 36%

Using an army ht wt calculator, one can easily determine whether he /she meets the standard of the army before going for the test. A little bit of relaxation is given to the joining youngsters as shown in the following table:

Age Male Female
17-20 24% 30%
21-27 26% 32%
28-39 28% 34%
40 and older 30% 36%

If you want to save time and effort, then simply opt for a good abcp calculator. As it will require a few inputs and will provide you with accurate results in no time. 

Working of Army Body Fat Calculator:

Get the assistance of our army height weight calculator and estimate the fat percentage by just providing a few simple inputs within seconds. Let’s see how it works!


  • Firstly, choose whether you are on “active duty” or not from the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter the values of “Age”, “Sex”, “Height”, “Neck”, and “Waist” in the specified fields.
  • Set the “measuring units”
  • Tap on the “calculate” button


  • Body Fat Percentage

Determine whether you meet the fat percentage requirements of the US Army or not with the help of this handy army weight calculator.


What Are The Tape Test Standards?

The Army regulation 600-9 states that males and females have different body fat standards that are necessary to meet during the tape test. They are divided into height, age, weight, and gender. Get the help of an army tape calculator to measure the body fat percentage instantly.  

What Are The New Army Body Fat Standards For 2023?

To meet the latest standards, the soldiers have to maintain a BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9. Use a height and weight calculator army to know the fat percentage of your body. With this estimation, you can clearly determine whether you will meet the US Army standards or not.

What Is The Body Fat Standard For The Army?

The allowable body fat for men ranges from 18 to 26 and for females this value ranges from 26 to 34 percent. By using an army tape test calculator you can find the fat percentage of your body and can check whether you lie in this range or not. 


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