Value added tax (VAT) Calculator


Value Added Tax or VAT is imposed in most parts of the world especially in Europe and UK. Whenever you buy something in UK, you pay VAT like you pay Sales Tax in other parts of the world. VAT calculation is little different than Sales Tax and its calculation is also more tricky than the calculation of Sales Tax. It's not just a simple rate but it's a tax on each stage of production of goods which finally comes out on the price of the product.

To calculate VAT, you must know about the formula and should have little knowledge about the UK Tax System. If you are not good in these all then it's going to be very difficult for you to calculate VAT. There's no other way to calculate VAT without knowledge except having a VAT Calculator. VAT calculating function often comes in some calculators but it's hard to find such calculators. Our website has eliminated all these hurdles and hassle as here we give you a free to use VAT Calculator.

If you are using this VAT Calculator then there's nothing difficult. You don't need to know the Tax Rates and Tax Systems. You don't even need to know the formula. Simply open this VAT Calculator in your browser and you are ready to calculate this complex VAT on the price of any product. Just enter the price and it will tell you the VAT you are paying to the Government. Now you will be aware of the actual price of the products and the tax on it. If you find some catalogue in which prices are mentioned exclusive of taxes then this VAT Calculator can assist you in calculating the prices inclusive of tax so you will get the best idea of the actual price of the product you are going to buy.