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VAT Calculator

Make your selection, input gross price, net price, and VAT %. The calculator will readily estimate the inclusive or exclusive value added tax rate in the United Kingdom.


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What is VAT?

The VAT is a value-added tax which is imposed on things or goods being sold. It is an indirect tax which is added to the products sales price. It is imposed on every stage of goods production starting from raw material till the final sale of the product. It is imposed on each level of production and distribution of goods. In easy words, it is an indirect consumption tax on the value by which the amount of product has been increased at each level of its production or distribution. It is paid whenever a product is sold to the maker of the goods takes the value-added tax from the wholesaler, the wholesaler gets the shop value-added tax, and the store takes VAT from the customer. And the value-added tax collected or made at each stage is paid to the government.  

It is not the tax on the goods sold as sales tax. It is different from the sales tax as it is being added at every stage of production where the price is added by the last seller. The seller has to pay the tax on the total value added by him in the process of making goods which are net worth minus the value of parts purchased from other sources/firms. As the raw material during its production passed through various stages of processing before being converted into the final product and then moving through sellers till reached the final consumer. At all these stages some element of value is added to the price of goods. This value-added tax is imposed only on the value-added at each stage.

Read on to know about how the above vat calculator helps to determine the inclusive and exclusive Vat Price in the UK.

How to Work Out VAT With Our Vat Calculator?

You can get quick results as our calculator does not involve any lengthy procedure; you just have to enter a total of two values out of three fields. The actual price of the product and the value-added tax rate, which is fixed in a country but can vary from country to country. Then click on the calculate button and the VAT calculator give you the tax amount which you or the buyer has to pay. It is also the way of knowing the actual price of the product as you can minus the Vat amount from the net price to get an actual price.

Calculating vat becomes easy with our vat calculator; you just have to follow the given steps to know how to calculate vat with this reliable tool – yes, this helps to determine:

If You Want to ADD Vat:

  • First, you have to select the ‘Add Vat’ option
  • Once done, then you ought to enter the net price of VAT in the field of ‘Net Price.’
  • Right after, you ought to enter the rate of vat in percentage in the field of ‘Rate of Vat.’
  • Finally, hit the calculate button of our vat cal, to get gross price and value-added tax amount

If You Want to Remove Vat:

  • First, you have to select the ‘Remove Vat’ option
  • Then, you have to enter the gross price value in the field of ‘Gross Price.
  • Very next, you have to enter the rate of vat(%) in the field of ‘Rate of Vat.
  • Once done, then you ought to hit the calculate button to

Keep in mind – calculating VAT, adding/removing Vat for your invoices can be done within a couple of seconds with the ease of our value-added tax calculator.

What Are the Vat (Value Added Tax) Rates in the UK in 2019?

Well, there are only 3 basic rates of VAT in the United Kingdom (UK) that is applied to goods and services.

The Standard VAT Rate is 20%:

Yes, the standard value-added tax rate is 20% that is commonly used in the UK and covers most goods and services. Our vat calculator uk is best for calculating the standard Vat rate through which you can able to adding Vat to a number and subtracting the Vat rate from a number. The 20% Vat rate has been taken into account since 4th January 2011. The value-added tax (VAT) rate was previously 17.5%.

The Reduced VAT Rate is 5%:

There are some goods and services that use the Reduced value-added tax (VAT) rate (e:g Home Energy).

The Zero Rate VAT is 0%:

There are different goods and services that are 0% VAT; food and children’s cloth are examples of a 0% value-added tax rate.

How to Add VAT?

You can add the VAT using a simple formula for VAT.

To Add Vat: 

Gross Amount= (Vat * Net Amount) / 100

Tax= Gross Amount - Net Amount

Additionally, you can utilize our add vat calculator to get your VAT value.

How to Remove VAT?

You can remove Vat with the ease of a given formula.

To Remove VAT:

Net Amount = Gross Amount / (1 + (VAT/100))

Tax = Gross Amount - Net Amount

Well, there is no need to remember the above formula; you just have to enter the values in the above remove vat calculator to the results instantly.

Final Words By Calculator-Online:

Keep in mind, value-added tax (VAT) not only varies between countries, but you can find different categories of goods or services in the same country that varying too. For example – In the UK, the VAT rate for a book is 0%, which means you don’t have to remove VAT if you buy a book in the UK. The reduced VAT rate is 5% for electricity for domestic and residential use. You can find that some items are exempt from the VAT, such as lottery tickets or water supplied to households.

Remember that the average Value Added Tax (VAT) Rate for non-exemption goods/services in the UK is 20%. Well, the above vat online calculator helps you to unfold the question of how to calculate VAT UK.  

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