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What is VAT?

VAT is value added tax which is imposed on things or goods being sold. It is an indirect tax which is added to the products sales price. It is imposed on every stage of goods production starting from raw material till the final sale of the product. It is imposed on each level of production and distribution of goods. In easy words, it is an indirect consumption tax on the value by which the amount of product has been increased at each level of its production or distribution. It is paid whenever a product is sold to the maker of the goods takes the value-added tax from the wholesaler, the wholesaler gets the shop value added tax, and the store takes VAT from the customer. And the value-added tax collected or made at each stage is paid to the government.

It is not the tax on the goods sold as sales tax. It is different from the sales tax as it is being added at every stage of production where the price is added by the last seller. The seller has to pay the tax on the total value added by him in the process of making goods which are net worth minus the value of parts purchased from other sources/firms. As the raw material during its production passed through various stages of processing before being converted into final product and then moving through sellers till reached the final consumer. At all these stages some element of value is added to the price of goods. This value added tax is imposed only on the value added at each stage.

It is tracked using invoices which are proving to the government that the tax is only being paid on the amount added. Initially the value added tax is only in use in united states and Europe, but currently, almost every country is using VAT. It is implemented in most of the countries of the world.

Using VAT Calculator

VAT (value added tax) is a complicated thing to understand and calculate. It is almost impossible for a layperson to understand VAT calculations. So if a person has not enough knowledge and he gets the help of somebody for calculation, he might end up giving higher value added tax than the original tax. No ordinary calculator is available in the market for calculating value added tax on goods being processed. But you have to pay Vat at every stage of production. Here you’ll need some tool to calculate VAT for you, and we are giving you this tool free of cost. Yes, the VAT calculator which is the tool of choice for you people in calculating value added tax.

It is not an easy job for even an educated person to have a sound knowledge of value added tax as it is not being imposed at a single point. It is imposed at different levels and on the value added at each level is also not same, so the tax comes out to be different at each stage. Therefore you must have a powerful tool to calculate value added tax (VAT) quickly in the blink of an eye by using our VAT payment rate calculator.

You can get quick results as our calculator does not involve any length procedure you just have to enter a total of two to three value. The actual price of the product and the value added tax rate which is fixed in a country but can be different in different countries. Then click on the calculate button and the VAT calculator give you the tax amount which you or the buyer has to pay. It is also the way of knowing the actual price of the product as you can minus the Vat amount from the net price to get actual price.

There is no need to be highly educated and topper in mathematics for calculating value added tax. It is true that it is the complicated procedure if one has to calculate Vat value manually. It involves complex formulas and some calculations. In current century I don’t think anyone has enough time to waste it on manual calculations when one knows that quickest ways to calculate are available and that too is free of cost. So in today's fast paced world, everyone wants to save time by doing some work at a single time. There is no survival without technology nowadays. Our free online Vat Calculator is the only tool which you can use anytime, anywhere just by having an internet access. No time wastage, no waiting for the results, no complexity, no knowledge needed. We are providing one of the exact types of VAT calculator that will give you exact figures on the value added tax.

Not the only businessman can use, but the final consumer can also use our Value added payment calculator because they should also know the net price of the product they bought. They must have information about the value added to the original price of the product during its processing. However, it is most commonly used by business related people as they have to insert the value in the sale price of the product as value added tax.

Why our VAT calculator?

We know that there are many online available Vat calculators, but on calculator-online, you’ll get the best absolute tax value just by entering the total price and the tax rate. We have made value added tax calculation very simple, quick and easy for you so that you don’t need on waste your precious time on VAT calculation. You can quickly calculate vat value at various stages of processing goods in just a few seconds. And any person can use this value added tax calculator no need to be an expert in calculations, a beginner businessperson who doesn't have much information about vat system can use our vat calculator to calculate and pay value added tax to the government. Our calculator is of equal benefit to every individual.