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time Calculator

Time Calculator

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Time Format:

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Time Format:

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The online time calculator tells us how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years are present in duration among any two times or two dates.

About Time and Date:

Time can be defined as the unlimited and constant progress of events that takes place in an irreversible manner whereas the date can be defined as the day of any month or any year that is represented by any specific number.

Time according to Ancient Greece:

There are many different concepts about time in history. Famous philosopher Aristotle explained the time as “a number of movement in respect of the before and after.” According to him time was endless and nonstop or constant.

Time according to Newton & Leibniz:

Newton considered the time as a complete measure. He believed that times flows by its own without the help of any external force. Opposite to the Newton, Leibniz explained the time as a phenomenon in the existence of things or items with which it can make contact and interact.

There are so many concepts about time and time calculation in the history that are based on different theories but still time in not completely understandable. In old times calendars or glass hours were used to measure the time but in this world of technology we can easily measure the time by using any sort of time duration calculator-f whereas f represents the frequency of the time.

Worldwide representation of the date:

It is the combination of day, month and year in the whole world. For example, in case of 9 June 2020:

  • 9 = day
  • June = month
  • 2020 = year.

Internationally total time between two dates always will be equal to 24 hours. You can easily find the present year, month, week, and day among dates along with the calculation of time with the assistance of time counter.

Concepts of Time and Date (Evidence-Based)

Hipparchus was the first person who made contributions in the development of time concept. He made a system that was consist on longitude lines. These lines were about 360 degrees and every degree was further divided into 60 fragments. These 60 parts were further divided into smaller 60 parts again. These division of parts now identified as as the minute and second.

There are some more basic concepts about time and date that helps us to understand it with evidence.

UTC or Universal Coordinated Time:

It is also as Greenwich Mean Time that is usually abbreviated as GTM. It is the basis for current representation of the time. Furthermore, it is a basic procedure to convert the time into other formats.

Field-Based Time Concept:

This concept explains the time by dividing the date/or time into unconnected factors that could be a specific year, present month, current day, current hour, minute, second, etc. for example 2017-08-10T06:10:32.

Incremental Time concept:

This concept is used to represent the time in computers. It is based on any fixed number that increases gradually.

Floating Time concept:

This concept came out to represent a nominal time. It is defined in the same manner all over the world. Take the example of 90th birthday of British queen that was on Saturday 11 June 2016. The time when her birthday starts were 11th June that starts or ends differently in the altered countries because the clock of every country is set contrarily. On the other hand, no matter in any region how many hours are left to reach that date, birthday will always be on 11 June. Such value is known as floating time.

Time Zone concept:

This concept is usually used to represent the local time of any specific region. A time calculator-f measure the time in any region of the world with ease following the concept of time zone as well. Furthermore, a specific time between two times durations can also be measured with the assistance of such equipment.

Earlier concepts to measure the time:

In ancient times there was no specific or standardized system to measure the time. Every region had its own way to calcite their hours. Some of the methods were:

  • oil lamps
  • candle clocks
  • water clocks or clepsydra

In year 2956 Christiaan Huygens developed a first pendulum mechanical clock. In these days’ atomic clocks are being used.

Date development; an evidence-based study:

Civilization of Egypt is considered as a first civilization that uses the concept of date. They divided the whole day into small parts for calculating time. They introduce the concept of sundials to measure these smaller chunks according to evidence. From sunrise to sunset the whole duration was divided into 12 parts. In the same way the duration from sunset to sunrise was also divided into more 12 parts by Egyptian astronomers. It is also known as time elapsed. This division provided the basis of 24 hours. Therefore, one date consists on total 24 hour or in simple words we can say that the difference hours to days date duration is 24 hours.

Gregorian & some calendars:

In year 1582 Pope Gregory XIII developed a Gregorian calendar that is used in all over the world. The basic purpose of this calendar is to represent the civil time. it is usually known as solar calendar as well that has total 365 days in one year. In case of leap four extra days are also added as well. Any time difference calculator usually follows the Gregorian calendar in its calculation. some other calendars are:

  • lunar calendars
  • Some calendars have different dates to start than the Gregorian calendar
  • Some reset calendars that changes the dates whenever an important person dies.
  • Religious calendrers

For all above mentioned calendars date duration and difference between dates are 24 hours in every region of the world.

HTML5 date and time concept:

In the following, there are some examples of its representation.

Global date and time:

It includes:

  • A 6-digit date
  • T or space
  • A 4-9-digit time that is required
  • A required Time-zone offset that is Z or +/-2 digits along with non-compulsory representation of seconds. For example, 2017-04-25T21:18:46.123+07. To calculate time between dates we usually take the difference among any two global dates.

Concept of normalized global date:

It follows the same concept as above. In normalize global date an additional term T is required and 00 is absent in the seconds. Furthermore, in this concept the time-zone offset will only be Z., for example, it will be written as 2014-03-25T21:16:45.123Z.

About Time Calculator:

Time calculator has the ability to add or minus the given hours, present minutes and seconds as well. Outcome will display total days along with hour, minutes and seconds. You can also calculate total time between dates with the assistance of time finder calculator. Moreover, it works as a date interval calculator because it calculates:

  • Total number of days
  • Total present hours between two given dates
  • Total number of minutes
  • Total seconds

Furthermore, clock time can also be calculated and you can pick the time calculation operation along with the option of addition and subtraction according to present situation. Date and time calculator-f gives you the option to increase or decrease the hours, minutes and seconds by using upward or downward keys. Total time duration between any two events is known as elapse. Therefore,whenever you need to calculate the time among two events such as time duration between sunset and sunrise you can take assistance form this elapse time calculator. This calculator for the time difference is a simple tool answer to “how to calculate time in studies or daily activities?”

How to calculate time with this Time Calculator?

Time duration calculator is functioned to:

  • Calculate total hours between two times i.e. calculate duration
  • Find out how much time between two or more days?
  • Calculate time from date
  • count days
  • add days
  • calculate date and time together.

To calculate time:

To calculate time from one day to another or on the same day just follow the below steps.


  • Select time from drop down menu
  • Enter starting day, hour, minutes and seconds
  • Now choose add or subtract from the given option
  • Now enter the end day, hour, minutes and seconds
  • Click the calculate button


  • You will have total time in terms of days, hours, minutes and seconds

For another calculation click the re-calculate button of this time duration calculator.

To calculate time duration:

Elapse represents the time duration between two events that can be calculated with the help of time elapsed calculator as follows.


  • Select time duration from the drop down menu
  • Select time format from the given options i.e. 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Now in the next step Enter total hours, total minutes and total seconds of start time
  • Enter hours, minutes and seconds of end time
  • Click the calculate button


  • Time duration will be given in hours, minutes and seconds

To calculate time from date:

Time form or within specific date can be calculated with the help of date time calculator with ease as follows by a simple step by step procedure.


  • First of all, you have to Select “time from date” option from the given menu of this time duration calculator .
  • Select the time format from the given options. i.e.12 hours or 24 hours.
  • Now click on “start date and time”. A colander will be given and you just have to clock the starting date to add it.
  • Enter hours, minutes and seconds in am or pm from present day.
  • Select add or subtract according to your requirement from the given option
  • Enter days, hours minutes and seconds
  • Click the calculate button


  • Staring day date and time will be given
  • Added days, date and time will given
  • Resulted days, date and time will be given altogether

To count days:

To calculate days between two dates, select “count days” and follow the simple steps below.


  • Enter the start end
  • Enter the end date
  • Click the calculate button


  • Total number of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds will be given.

To calculate total days:

Select “total days” from drop-down menu. Below are given some simple steps to make calculation.


  • Enter the start date
  • Select add or subtract from the given option according to your requirement
  • Enter years, months, weeks and days
  • Click the calculate button


  • You will have start date.
  • Subtracted or added years, months, weeks and days.

To calculate date & time:

Select time & date option form the menu and follow the below step.


First of all, select the time format from the drop-down menu i.e. 12 hours or 24 hours

Enter the start date

Enter the starting hours, minutes and seconds

Enter your end date.

Enter ending hours, minutes and seconds

Click the calculate button


  • This day duration calculator provides you with the time and date in terms of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds among starting and ending time and date

How to Add or Subtract Two Different Times?

For adding two different times you can take help from time calculator or follow below simple steps to have an outcome time between times:

  • First of all, add the given hours.
  • Now add the given minutes.
  • If the given minutes are 60 or more then 60, then you have to minus 60 from the given total minutes and then add 1 to total given hours. For example:
  • One Time: 2:45
  • Second time: 1:10
  • 2:45 + 1:10
  • Now we will add the hours: 2=1 = 3
  • Now we will add minutes: 45+10 = 55
  • Answer: 3:55

For subtracting two different times you can take help from calculator for time or follow below simple steps to have an outcome:

  • First of all, minus the given hours.
  • In the second step we will minus the given minutes.
  • If the given minutes are present with a negative sign, then we will add 60 to them and minus 1 from given hours. For example:
  1. One time: 4:10
  2. Second time: 1:05
  3. 4:10 – 1:05
  4. We will minus the Hours: 4−1 = 3, now we will minus the Minutes: 10−5 = 5
  5. Answer: 3:05

How to Calculate Time Duration between Two times?

Whenever you want to calculate the time difference among two times of day keep in mind that it will depend on a number of minutes and seconds of two comparable times. The time counter is the best solution for this calculation but for a manual solution following are some simple steps.

First of all, you have to select the starting time as one time and an ending time as the second time. Now you can minus the starting time from ending time to have the total duration between them. There is a certain set of rules that will be applicable:

  • You need 24-hour time format in order to make calculation. For example, while dealing with 1:00 PM you will write it as 13:00 by following 24-hour time format.
  • Now find out the greater number of minutes in tow comparable times.
  • If the greater number of minutes are present in the ending time, then you have to minus the starting time from ending time in order to have time between two times. For example: 13: 57 – 9: 22 = 4: 35. In this example:
  1. Starting time: 9:22
  2. Ending time: 13:57
  3. Time duration: 4:35
  • If we have greater number of minutes in the starting time, then we will handle hours and minutes independently. We will Add 60 to the total number of minutes of our ending time. in the next step we will minus one hour from hour portion. Now finally we have to minus minutes and the hours and we will keep the outcomes on the suitable side of the “:”. Wherever total hours are present on the left, and total minutes are present on the right. However, a minute calculator will do such calculations for you with ease. Have a look on the following example in case of manual calculation.
  1. 13:57 – 9:58 = 12:117 – 9:58 = 3:59.


  • Starting hour: 5am
  • Starting minutes: 10
  • Starting seconds: 50
  • Ending hour: 3am
  • Ending minutes: 15
  • Ending seconds: 20

Now we will subtract ending hours from starting hours,ending minutes from starting minutes, and ending seconds from starting seconds to have our required result in 12-hour format.

Answer: Difference between 5am to 3am will be 22 Hours, 4 Minutes, 30 Seconds. To clear your confusion, you can take help from minute calculator for verification and confirmation of results.


What’s 7 hours from now?

You can easily find out time from now with this time duration calculator. and, if you want to calculate time from now manually, then you just have to follow the simple calculation method.

  • Write down the ending time along with hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Write down the starting time along with hours, minutes and seconds
  • Now to find the difference by subtracting starting time from the ending time to have the present time.

Time since ages has been calculated by this simple method when there was no time duration calculator.

How many hours is 9am to 7pm?

There are two times given. One is 9am and the other is 7pm.

  • Starting time: 9am
  • Ending time: 7pm
  • Task: how many hours between two times?
  • Answer: To calculate the duration between two times manually we have to count the hours. 9am to 12pm there are just 3 hours. From 12pm to 7pm there are 7 hours present. Now we will add 7 hours and 3 hours.
  • Now to have over-all hrs.: 7 hrs. + 3 hrs. = 10 hrs.

Other than the manual calculations an online time finder calculator is the best option to have the accurate results. Furthermore, it also eliminates the risk of error.

How do you calculate minutes?

To calculate minutes, we have to divide the total number of given seconds by 60. In this way seconds will be converted into minutes. Now we will add these obtained minutes into total minutes. Results of addition will be divided by 60 to convert it into hours.

How many hours is 7 30am to 4 00pm?

We will count the hours between am firstly. From 7:30 am to 12 pm there are total 4 hours and 30 minutes. Now we will count hours between pm. From 12 pm to 4 pm there are 4 hours. Now in the last step we will add our both answers i.e. 4+4+30 minutes or ½ hour = 8.5 hours. Also, you can try elapsed time calculator to calculate elapsed time within few clicks.

How many hours is 7am to 11pm?

Count hours that are present within am and pm separately and then add them to have the total hours.

  • Hours between 7am to 12pm: 5 hours
  • Hours between 12pm to 11pm: 11 hours
  • We will add both results: 5 hours + 11 hours = 16 hours.

What time will it be in 45 minutes?

Time duration of 45 minutes from now can be calculated by applying following rule:

  • Two hours = 2 hours * (1 hour/ 1 hour) = 2 hours.
  • Same rule will be applied on 45 minutes
  • Forty- five min is 45 min multiplied by (1 hour and then divided by 60 minutes = 45/60 hours = 0.75 hr.

Also, you can readily calculate the time difference between two times with the ease of elapsed time calculator.

How do you calculate hours for payroll?

You can easily find out your total hours for payroll as follows:

  • Divide your working minutes by 60
  • You will hours and minutes in a numerical form.
  • Now multiply them by your wage rate.

For instance, if any employee works total 38 hours and 27 min in one-week calculation will be:

27/60 = 0.45 for total 38.45 hr.

How do you calculate hours and minutes?

There are two methods to make this calculation.

  • Use of any online time to time calculator
  • Manual calculations.

If you are using any time calculator, you have to follow its commands to have the answer without any error. For manual calculations you have to follow some simple steps that are explained below:

  1. First of all, you have to divide the give minutes by 60.
  2. If you get the result in a decimal number then hour is the integer part of that number.
  3. Decimal part will represent the minutes that are multiplied by 60.

What time will it be in 55 minutes from now?

Let’s suppose a date and time. if the date is 05-14-2020 and the tome is 5 pm then time after 55 minutes will be 05:55: 00 PM from now. 1hr 45 minutes from now or 3 hours 45 minutes from now can be calculated in the same way. However, calculator for a time duration is helpful to measure that what will be 55 minutes from now with accuracy and less effort.

How do you calculate elapsed time between two dates?

Elapsed time between dates can be calculated by a formula or with the help of elapsed time calculator. calculator will give you commands that you gave to follow to have your results. In the manual calculation you have to follow a simple formula. All you have to do is putting the dates in following formula:

  • formula = B2-A2,
  • A2 represents the starting date
  • B2represents the ending date

How do you convert work hours to days?

A time duration calculator is the best option for this purpose that is available online without any cost but however there is chart as welt that assists while doing manual calculations.

Hours to Days Conversion Chart:


What is duration of time?

Duration represent the length of something or a time interval before a thing end. If you want to measure such duration, there are many rules and methods for this purpose. The most common thing is the date and time duration calculator that calculates duration time.


This time duration calculator is intended to deliver a general estimate about time duration in different scenarios. For financial purposes no one should completely relied upon on this calculator for time duration. It is designed for educational and learning purposes.


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