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Slugging Percentage Calculator

Quickly determine the player's hitting power with the help of this handy slugging percentage calculator.

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Evaluate the correct batting productivity of a hitter in baseball by using this straightforward slugging percentage calculator. 

No need to install any malicious program or software on your system. With it, you can perform unlimited SLG calculations directly from your browser.

What Is Slugging Percentage?

The slugging percentage is not actually a percentage but a number that helps in evaluating the performance of a baseball player.

Keep in mind that walks and hit-by-pitches are not included in it. Generally, this statistic is the measure of batting productivity that helps in choosing the players and creating a batting order for them.

Basically, it’s a number that ranges from 0 to 4. With it, you can easily compare and analyze the performance of individuals or teams.

Slugging Percentage Formula:

Let's see the following formula:

Slugging Percentage (SLG) = (1B + (2 x 2B) + (3 x 3B) + (4 x HR)) ÷ at-bats.


  • 1B represents the singles
  • 2B shows the doubles
  • 3B represents triples
  • HR means total home runs
  • At bats show the total number of batting turns. 

How To Calculate Slugging Percentage?

Go through the following steps to calculate SLG precisely:

  • Firstly, determine the number of singles, doubles, and triples
  • Write down the total home runs
  • Now put these values in the above-mentioned slugging percentage formula 

If you don't like to perform the calculation, then use an online slugging percentage calculator. You just have to add the inputs and it will perform the rest calculations to provide you with the original SLG. With it, you can predict the win percentage based on batter's performance.  


Suppose a batter has been at bat 125 times and in that time he has made: 18, 1 base hits, 6, 2 base hits, 1, 3 base hits, and 5 home runs. Now how is slugging percentage calculated by the given data? 


Given that:

Singles = 18

Doubles = 6

Triples = 1

Home Runs = 5

For calculating slugging percentage, put values in the formula: 

SLG = (1B + (2 x 2B) + (3 x 3B) + (4 x HR)) ÷ at bats

SLG = (18 + ( 2 x 6) + (3 x 1) + (4 x 5)) / 125 = 53 / 125 

SLG = 0.424

Now you know how to figure slugging percentage. If you still did not get it, then utilize a good slugging average calculator.

Career Slugging Percentage Leaders:

Rank Player Name SLG
1 Babe Ruth 0.6897
2 Ted Williams 0.6338
3 Lou Gehrig 0.6324
4 Mule Suttles 0.6179
5 Turkey Stearnes 0.6165
6 Oscar Charleston 0.6145
7 Jimmie Foxx 0.6093
8 Barry Bonds 0.6069
9 Hank Greenberg 0.605
10 Mark McGwire 0.5882
11 Manny Ramirez 0.5854
12 Mike Trout 0.5845
13 Joe DiMaggio 0.5788
14 Aaron Judge 0.5784
15 Rogers Hornsby 0.5765
16 Larry Walker * 0.5652
17 Albert Belle 0.5638
18 Johnny Mize 0.562
19 Juan González 0.5607
20 Stan Musial 0.5591

Working Of Our Slugging Percentage Calculator:

Perform the accurate slugging percentage calculation straightforwardly through this online handy slugging calculator. Let's see how it works.  


  • Add the values of “singles”, “doubles”, “triples”,” home runs” and hits “at-bats” in the designated fields.
  • Tap on the “calculate” button. 


  • Slugging Percentage.
  • Step-by-step whole calculation. 


What Is Slugging VS Batting Average?

The slugging percentage refers to the batting productivity and on the other hand, the batting average refers to the difference between the hits produced by the hitter. 

Is 1.000 Slugging Good?

Yes, it is a good number when you are looking for reliability in a player. 


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