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Win Percentage Calculator

Enter the number of wins, losses, and ties and the calculator will try to figure out the win percentage.

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You can use the win percentage calculator to find the winning percentage in the presence of three variables: Wins, losses, and draws(ties). You need only to enter the number of the wins, losses, and ties games in the winning percentage calculator for determining the performance of your favorite team in the last season.

In the topic below we are going to discuss how to calculate winning percentage and the terms related to the win percentage and performance of a team.

How to Calculate Win Percentage?

When we are calculating the winning percentage, there are no tie games. Then we divide the number of games won by the team by the total number of games played by the team. In this, we need to include the number of losses in the total number of games.

The winning percentage= (Number of Games Won /Total Number of Game ) * 100


Number of Games Won= Number of games won by the team

Total Number of Game = Number of games won + Number of games lost

Well, the most appealing reason behind providing an online Winning percentage calculator is that it works best for finding the average of winning of a team or an individual.


If your favorite football team has played in a total of 18 matches, It won 13 games and lost 5, then their winning percentage is as follows:

The winning percentage= (13 /18)*100

The winning percentage= 72.22%

Although the above formula is simple to remember, the use of a winrate calculator displays the result simply by inputting the values of the number of games played and inserting the values of won and lost games.

Ties and Winning Percentage:

When we are calculating the winning percentage, there are tied games. In this scenario, we add the tied games along with the number of games won plus the number of games lost and games tied.

The winning percentage= (Number of Games Won /Total Number of Game)* 100

Number of Games Won= Number of games won by the team

Total number of games= Number of games won + Number of games lost + Number of ties

You only have to input the number of wins, losses, and draw (ties), the win-loss ratio calculator will find the result in a split of seconds.


A basketball team has played in a total of 22 matches, it won 15 games and lost 2 and tied games are 5, then their percentage calculated the  winning percentage calculator are as follows::

The winning percentage= (15/ 22)* 100

The winning percentage= 68.18%

And, if you need to calculate win percentage with ties, then simply add ties along with the number of wins and losses into our win rate calculator.

When you calculate the performance of a team having Wining, Losses, and draws(ties), we need to use the Win percentage calculator with ties to find the performance of our favorite team.

Table of percentage Winning:

In the following table, we are only adding the Win and losses against the number of total games played. Add the values in the win calculator for finding the output values. We are not adding the ties games in the table below:


Losses  % age
5 4 55.56
4 5 44.44
3 6 33.33
2 7 22.22
1 8 11.11
0 9 0
7 2 77.78
8 1 88.89
9 0



Working of the Winning Percentage Calculator:

The simple processing of the win loss percentage calculator is elaborated below:


  • Add the number of Wins
  • Add the number of losses, ties.
  • I want to give ties any value, then add that specific values
  • Press the Calculate button


  • The free wr calculator does the following calculations:
  • The winning percentage is displayed.
  • Press recalculate button if want to find another value


How do you calculate winning percentage with ties?

You are easily able to add the wins and losses easily, but when adding ties add certain values like ½ for loss or ½ win add the values in the win ratio calculator and specify the value of ties.

What is a win to loss ratio?

It is the measure of the ratios of a person or team’s success in a particular competition.

Why do we need a winning percentage?

Winning percentage makes us sure about the rate of winning of a particular team and its average rate of winning.

How to find win percentage?

If you want to calculate the winning percentage, divide the total number of games played against the number of losses and wins together. Calculate winning percentage by using the win loss percentage calculator.

How is win probability calculated by using a win loss percentage calculator?

For example, if a team has a winning ratio of around 80%, it means this team has a probability of winning 8 games out of 10.


The winning percentage calculator has broad importance in the field of sports. It is vital to understand the capability of individual player performance and team performance. This can be great to analyze the whole competition and winning probabilities of different teams.


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