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Enter the number of kills, deaths, and assists to calculate your KD ratio with the help of this calculator.


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Want to know your kill to death or kill/death/assist ratio for the game you love most? Stop your search and start using this KD calculator cod that is specifically developed and programmed for this purpose. Yes, this free kill death ratio calculator assists you to compare your gaming stamina with that of the other players.

What Is KD In Games?

In gaming animation: “The ratio of total kills or assists to the number of deaths in a game is known as the kill to death ratio” A player can compare his/her KD ratio for a huge collection of video games. Basically, KD enlightens your fighting capabilities in contrast to other companions playing with you.

What Is a Good KD Ratio?

Well, it’s hard to utter that whats kd for a game that is considered good. This is because every single game has its own battlegrounds for which a player has to set his/her kd ratios for success. And this is where our KD calculator comes to aid free of cost. In case you are playing as a competitor, it’s crucial for you to keep a record of your kills compared to the assists and deaths. Among most loved games, we have kd ratios as follows:

Call of Duty:

It is indeed one of the most played games around the globe.  It requires a very sensitive cursor speed to avoid any delay in movement and smooth running of the game. And this is achieved by determining the edpi of the mouse. If you wonder about whats a kd for Call of Duty, then keep going through the following bullets:
  • 1.5 - 2.0 (Average player being listed in the to 10 percent)
  • >2.08 (Just above Average)
  • 3.75 - 5 (Top players being among 0.01%)

PUBG Mobile:

  • 2.0 - 4.0 (KD for most of the players)
This range is set for those players who are good at playing this game professionally. And if someone is below this, he is considered unprofessional or nill at playing.
  • >4.0 (Professional player)
The players having greater than 4 kd are among those competitors who actually know what they are doing and how to tackle any situation.
  • >8.0 (The ones who are streamers)
If any person is bearing a kd ratio more than 8.0, then it means he is the one having proper knowledge of game. Furthermore, you can also make use of the download calculator to estimate the download speed depending upon the size of these games.

How To Calculate KD Ratio?

There are two basic equations to calculate KD for any game. These include: KD = Kills / Deaths Or KDA = (Kills + Assists) / Deaths The online KD calculator cod also utilises the same formulas to calculate the Kd ratio in a matter of seconds.

KDA vs. KD:

Now one thing important about the question is to understand the KDA meaning. Being a player, you should know that KDA (kills/deaths/assists) may blur your overall calculations for any game and raise the answer value to a higher digit that may not be true. That is why, most players likely prefer to calculate KD alone except how to calculate KDA besides.

Numeric Illustration:

Let’s resolve an example to clarify your concept of KD ratio in more detail! Example # 01: How much is a kd for a player playing valorant if: Number of kills = 2 Number of deaths = 3 Solution: KD = Kills / Deaths KD = 2 / 3 KD = 0.666 or 0.67 approx. Our free KD ratio calculator also helps you here for cross checking the results calculated above.

How KD Calculator Works?

This free KDR calculator needs the following inputs to calculate KD or KDA ratios! Input:
  • Enter the number of kills
  • Likewise, go for entering the number of deaths
  • Also fetch in the number of assists (Optional)
  • After you are done, hit the calculate button
Output: The kill to death ratio calculator calculates: Kill to death ratio (KD) Kill/Death/Assist ratio (KDA)


How many kills do I need to raise my KD?

For enhancing your KD ratio, you actually need to increase your number of kills. And to calculate the exact number of kills you need to do so, we recommend using this online kill to death ratio calculator.

Is 1.4 KD Apex good?

Yes it is good enough! If the KD is slightly less or higher than the 1 for Apex players, then it is considered good enough. In other words, it means that for every death you have in game, you must secure one kill. Moreover, this KD ratio calculator is the one that’s your companion in performing fast calculations for this.

Who has the highest KD in warzone?

Owen Gun from Vanguard has recorded the highest KD ratio in Warone with a score of 1.35.

Is a 3 KD in Fortnite good?

For a player playing fortnite, a more than average score is about 1.5 - 2. Furthermore, a KD ratio of 3 or above is only achieved by professionals and not child play.

What is positive KD?

Normally, a KD ratio of 1 means a positive value. It means for each death, you secure 1 kill. And if you are playing a game and want to know your KD ratio, then you are in a dire need of employing the KD calculator cod.

What is negative KD?

When a player gains a relative KD score of less than 1, then he is subjected to a negative KD ratio. Being less than one, the score is considered bad.


No doubt KD ratio scores allow players to be addicted to the games in order to build up their relative strengths. And this is why we have programmed this KD calculator so that they may never have to face any hurdle while understanding the progress parameters in the game. Besides, you can also determine your ability scores by utilising another best D&D 5e point buy calculator.


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