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D&D 5e Point Buy Calculator

D&D 5e Point Buy Calculator

Select the calculation method, racial choice, and enter your basic values. The calculator will instantly let you know about your d&d stats and ability scores.

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Don’t you have any idea about the dnd5e point based system? If it’s a no, then do not worry at all! Get to know about your dnd stats and ability scores with the assistance of this free online 5e point buy calculator. Okay, let us discuss what this specific term indicates!

What Is The Point Buy 5e?

Point buy is actually the ability of calculating your ability scores. It is done when your Dungeon Master (DM) asks you to use point buy 5e to design your character. You can get a complete control over the stats of your character by using point buy. But we should keep in mind that this way is much more time consuming than that of the “Standard Array” method which we are going to discuss below.

Standard Array Method:

This can be considered as the set of numbers that you build by using the point buy system. Moreover, you can also use here all those stat numbers that you created by using our best point buy calculator 5e. You can simply put numbers in your choice of ability scores rather than buying each stat.

Here if the idea of random ability scores selection does not suit you, you can go for saving time. You can simply use the following d&d 5e point buy scores like 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8. Well, all of these numbers are actually the ideal configurations that we will be discussing in the point buy 5e.

Rules of D&D Point Buy:

Let’s have a look of the rule of the point buy system to determine your characters in the game.

  • Number 8 is the first ability score always
  • Certain costs are set against different numbers that are greater than 8
  • In case you want to increase your scores, you can do so by using only 27 points
  • Before any racial bonuses, the maximum and minimum ability scores are 15 and 8, respectively

All of these rules are kept in a strong observation by our free dnd 5e calculator to figure out a certain data that represents your ability.

Below we are having a complete table that shows how many costs are set against each ability score:

Ability score Cost
8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 7
15 9


Working Criteria:

First of all, keep in mind that all of the ability scores start from 8 and can never exceed 15. It is also confirmed that you can only use 27 points available for increasing any of these ability scores. Now here the only thing that matters is the modifiers. You can calculate the modifier with the help of the steps described below:

  • Subtract 10 from the ability score
  • After doing that, half the resulting number
  • At the end, round off the final number to nearest possible integer

Below is the comprehensive table that goes for providing you with the modifiers against different scores:

Score Modifier
1 −5
2–3 −4
4–5 −3
6–7 −2
8–9 −1
10–11 +0
12–13 +1
14–15 +2
16–17 +3
18–19 +4
20–21 +5
22–23 +6
24–25 +7
26–27 +8
28–29 +9
30 +10


It may seem time consuming. That is why we consult making use of our best dnd point buy calculator that automatically calculates the modifier in seconds.

Six Ability Scores In D&D:

In D&D, we have six abilities that actually represent the character’s qualities. These include:


It represents how much power your body is actually having.


It shows how active you are while playing and fighting


It displays your health and stamina and how much energy you have to perform a certain task.


It goes for analysing your mental and analytical skills


It indicates how good you are at decision making


It displays the confidence of your character and how determined you are.

All of these ability scores are accurately determined by our free 3.5 point buy calculator immediately.

Ability Score Increment From Race:

Basically, it is a technical practice to first select your race and then go for estimating your ability scores. But these ability points that you gain from the race you select are added afterwards. It shows that when you are up to adding ability scores, then you can decide about these racial bonuses and what to do with them all. But it is a tricky concept to understand. That is why you must use free point buy calculator 5e to verify the results at least once.

How Point Buy Calculator Works?

Let our free dnd 5e stat calculator look for all the ability scores that you will be having against your character within the game.


  • From the first drop-down list, go for selecting the race
  • After that, write down base score against each and every parameter that enlightens your personality (Keep in mind that this score must not be less than 8 and more than 15)
  • Tap the calculate button

The free dnd 5e ability score calculator determines:

  • Base score
  • Racial bonus
  • Total score
  • Modifier
  • Point cost


Is D&D hard to play?

There is no doubt in saying that becoming a proficient player in D&D is not child play. But you can learn this game easily. In case if you use some reference books, you can actually get yourself ready for playing the game. For further assistance, our best point buy calculator 5e can also assist you right away to move apart in the game by knowing your various quality parameters.

How do you DM in D&D?

Below are some of the most important tips for beginners:

  • There is no need to know each and every rule
  • Plan smoothly but sharply
  • Stones are not used to write anything
  • You can create a world with your players
  • You can not consider your players as your enemies

Is the standard array the same as point buy?

You can consider point buy as the advanced version of the standard array. You can obtain a particular number of points that you can use instead of the only six points that is not possible in the case of a standard array.

How would you read the dice rolls?

Here the first die does represent tens digit. While on the other hand, a second dice represents the ones dice. For example, a roll of 1 followed by a roll of 5 will give a total of 15, while a roll of 3 followed by a roll of 6 will give a total of 36.

Is it okay to put all 8s with point buy in 5e?

No, not at all! You must use 27 points available on the ability scores. If in case you are using all 8s, it means you are using 0 points. In this case you must be capable of using all 27 points on the 15 (9 points for each number).

Can 27 point buy get to 16 in 5e?

Never. The ability scores lie in between 8 and 15 only and can never exceed this maximum number. But in case you are getting racial bonuses, the number can exceed but to a maximum of 17 only.

How to optimise using point buy?

In case you are looking for a better optimization of your character, you need to go through the following steps:

  • You must be able to identify your core build
  • Afterwards, you must be capable of optimising your core stats
  • At the end, you must optimise your remaining points


So far we discussed the usage of the free d&d 5e point buy calculator to determine various qualities of a veteran player. We hope this article will help you a lot in understanding the basics of the point buy system. In case you are a game player, then this read must be your first thirst.


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