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Dog Age Calculator by Breed

Select the breed and enter your dog’s age. The calculator will let you know how old your dog is in human years.

Dog Age :

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Dog age calculator finds the age of your dog in equivalent human years by considering specific breed characteristics or weight range.

Dog Years To Human Years:

One year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of a human. Ancient people believed that dogs age faster than humans. The American Veterinary Medical Association categorizes it as follows:
  • First year of medium-sized dogs is equivalent to 15 human years
  • Second year of dog's life is approximately equivalent to nine years of human age
  • Every human year would be roughly equivalent to five years for a dog
The misconception that 1 human year equals 7 dog years was popularized in the 1950s based on assumptions about average lifespans.

Formula For Human Years To Dog Years:

The formula to figure out the dog's age varies from breed to breed. The general formula is: Human Years to Dog Years = ( Human Years - 2 ) x 4 + 21 Generally, dog breeds have been divided into followings and their age increases at different speeds.
Breed Size Average Life Span
Small or Toy Breed (less than 20 pounds) 10-15 years
Medium Breed (20 to 50 pounds) 10-13 years
Large Breed (50 to 90 pounds) 8-12 years
Giant Breed (more than 90 pounds) 8-10 years

What Are Common Signs of Aging In Dogs?

As dogs age, they might display various signs indicating the normal aging process. Common signs of aging in dogs include:
  • Greying hair
  • Poor eyesight, cloudy eyes
  • Trouble hearing
  • Stiff muscles and joints, arthritis
  • Lower activity level
  • Behavioural changes such as aggression, fear, anxiety, confusion, inappropriate elimination, irritability.

Why Do Smaller Dogs Live Longer Than Larger Dogs?

In fact, smaller dogs live longer than large dogs. Current studies indicate that a dog’s life expectancy is decreased by 1 month for every 2 kilograms of body mass. General reasons are as follows:
  • Larger dogs tend to cave to age-related illnesses rather than smaller dogs
  • Smaller dogs have faster metabolic rates, genetic factors that contribute to a longer lifespan, and less strain on the critical organs
  • Due to their accelerated growth, larger dogs are at higher risk of abnormal cell growth and cancerous changes

How To Use This Calculator?

To use a dog age calculator, simply input the required values and the calculator will provide you with the equivalent age in human years. Required Values:
  • Choose the version that you want to calculate dog years
  • Enter the values of each parameter
  • Tap on “calculate”
Results Summary:
  • Dog's age according to the human years
  • Dog Breed Group
  • Recommended for
  • Maintenance Level
  • Life Span
  • Height & Weight
  • Temperament
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Colours

Breed Dog Age Chart:

Here’s how old is a dog in human years compared with human age. Note that this dog age calculator is for the every-size breed of a dog below 20 years. Consult the chart to see the difference between various sizes of dogs;
Years  20 lbs or less 21-50 lbs 51-100lbs 100+ lbs
1 year  15 15 15 12
2 years 24 24 24 22
3 years 28 28 28 31
4 years 32 32 32 38
5 years 36 36 36 45
6 years 42 42 45 49
7 years 47 47 50 56
8 years 51 51 55 64
9 years 56 56 61 71
10 years 60 60 66 79
11 years 65 65 72 86
12 years 69 69 77 93
13 years 74 74 82 100
14 years 78 78 88 107
15 years 83 83 93 114
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