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Dog Age Calculator

Dog Age Calculator

Select the breed and enter your dog’s age. The calculator will let you know how old your dog is in human years.


Dog Age:



Dog Age:

What age is your dog?

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dog age Calculator

First Year Aging

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Use this dog age calculator to figure out approximately how old is my dog in dog years, depending on the breed. To calculate the actual age of your dog, you need just to enter the dog’s age in years along with breed, and it will convert to human years. With the human years to dog years calculator, you can also calculate the corresponding period of the dogs with respect to the age of humans.

In the past, How old is my dog in human years? People simply multiply the dog’s age by seven(7). However, this calculation for dog year to human years is not so good. See our dog calculator and chart to find your dog’s age. Let’s move on to explore a little more about it!

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Dog Years To Human Years:

As everyone knows, one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven years of a human. If this is the method to calculate how old is my dog? However, this is the not right method to calculate the dog’s age. Don’t worry! We provide the best solution in this regard as we suggest you use this dog year calculator.

In history, the method of “one dog year equals seven human years” simply shows that dogs age faster than humans, which were created by ancient people.

The Formula For Human Years To Dog Years:

Unfortunately, there is no one simple formula for dog age calculation that allows you to convert dog years to human years quickly. With the passage of time, the researchers studied human and dog DNA changes called methyl groups in humans and Labrador Retrievers. After that, they concluded dogs age in human years by the given formula:

(human_age = 16ln(dog_age) + 31)

Human To Dog Years:

From the above formula, we can say that the first year of a dog’s life is equal to 15 years of a human to dog years. But it is remembered that one year is only like 4 or 5 humans for older dogs.
However, the second thing is that small breeds tend to live longer. Generally, dog breeds have been divided into three types and their age increases at different speeds.

  • Small: 20 lbs or less (when fully grown);
  • Medium: 21-50 lbs;
  • Large: above 50 lbs.

Our dog age calculator calculates the age of dogs below 20 years old. As we know, the older dogs have made the Guinness World Records, but they were exceptions. On the other hand, regular dogs don’t live that long.

Breed Dog Age Chart:

Here’s how old is a dog in human years compared with human age. Note that this dog age calculator is for the every-size breed of a dog below 20 years. Consult the chart to see the difference between various sizes of dogs,

Years  20 lbs or less 21-50 lbs 51-100lbs 100+ lbs
1 year  15 15 15 12 
2 years 24 24 24 22
3 years 28 28 28 31
4 years 32  32  32  38
5 years 36 36 36 45
6 years 42 42 45 49
7 years 47 47 50 56
8 years 51 51 55 64
9 years 56 56 61 71
10 years 60 60 66 79
11 years 65 65 72 86
12 years 69 69 77 93
13 years 74 74 82 100
14 years 78 78 88 107
15 years 83  83  93 114

How Do Dogs Age In Human Years?

As you can see above our dog age chart, the age of the small, medium, and large dogs are pretty similar when they reach the age of six. Keep in mind that larger dogs years in humans become much faster old as compared to the smaller and medium dogs.

What Are Common Signs of Aging In Dogs?

Common signs to calculate the age of a dog will help you to determine your dog’s age. For example, teeth can be specifically useful and helpful in representing your dog’s age. Keep in mind that by seven months, all your dog’s teeth are permanent; by 1 to 2 years, the teeth become duller and could be yellowing. After that, when they reach 5-10 years, they will show wear and possibly signs of disease.

Other indicators to estimate your dog’s age, especially as they reach the old stage, include

  • Greying hair
  • Poor eyesight, cloudy eyes
  • Trouble hearing
  • Stiff muscles and joints, arthritis
  • Lower activity level
  • Behavioural changes such as increased anxiety,
    confusion, accidents in the house, irritability, etc.

Why Do Smaller Dogs Live Longer Than Larger Dogs?

Generally, it is said that large mammals like elephants and rhinos, live longer than small mammals, like mice and guinea pigs. However, when we talk about dogs, this is not true. In fact, smaller dogs live longer than large dogs. This particular phenomenon has confused scientists for many years. The relationship between body mass and life longing of dogs is particularly complex and not fully understood. Nonetheless, current studies indicate that a dog’s life expectancy is decreased by 1 month for every 2 kilograms of body mass. The reason is not found for this but there are some evidence-based and objective options:

  • Larger dogs tend to cave to age-related illnesses rather than smaller dogs
  • Due to their accelerated growth, larger dogs are at higher risk of abnormal cell growth and cancerous changes

How Many Dog Years Is One Human Year?

As the first year of a dog’s life is equal to 15 years of humans, you can also find age 3 years in dog years as well as 2 years in dog years by using either our dog years to human years calculator or manually.

How To Use A Dog Age Calculator?

Let us see how this free puppy age calculator estimates the parameters of human years to dog years. Move on and have a look at the working of how old is my dog calculator.


  • First, choose the version that you want to either calculate dog years with: simple version or advanced version
  • Enter the values of each parameter in the designated box
  • Make a tap on the “calculate” button


This free dog to human years calculator determines the following results.

  • Determine the dog’s age according to the human years.
  • Details of the selected dog are shown in the designated menu include dog breed group, maintenance level, life span, weight, height, temperament as well as colour.


How old is 1 year in dog years?

According to human years age, the age of a 1-year dog is 15 to 12 years.

How old is 2 in dog years?

According to the dog age chart, the dog age by breed in human years for 2 years is 24.

How old is 3 in dog years?

If you find the age of a 3-year dog, our dog age calculator is helpful in this regard as it aids you to calculate age according to humans that is 28 to 31 years from 20 lbs to 100 lbs.

How old is 4 in dog years?

The minimum age of dogs corresponding to human years for 4 years is 32 to 38 for 20 lbs to 100lbs.

How old is 6 in dog years?

The age of a 6 year old dog is 42 to 49 from 20 lbs to 100 lbs with respect to human age.

How old is 8 years in dog years?

Our dog age calculator tells you that there are 51 to 64 years between the age of dog years to human years for the asked age.

How old is 9 year in dog years?

The age of a dog of 9 years is equal to 56 to 71 according to human age.

How old is 10 in dog years?

The age with respect to 10 in dog years is equal to 60 to79 of human years.

How old is 11 in dog years?

The age of 11 in dog’s ranges from 20 lbs to 100 lbs in 65 to 86 years according to human age.

How old is 12 in dog years?

The age of 12 years of dogs is 69 to 93 for human years.

How old is 13 in dog years?

The age of 13 in dog years according to human age is 74 to 100 from 20 lbs to 100 lbs.

How old is 14 in dog years?

According to human years, the 14 years dog is 78 to 107 from 20 lbs to 100 lbs.


Figuring out how old is my dog in dog years allows a veterinarian to determine their life stage. It is important to calculate the dog’s age because it indicates what life-stage-specific health care the dog might need to prolong not just its life, but also its quality of life. In this way, use our online dog age calculator and estimate your dog’s age with respect to human years.


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