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Data Transfer Calculator

Data Transfer Calculator


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The Data Transfer Calculator calculates the time and speed to move data from one place to another, especially when transferring data from one network to another.

The data transfer rate is vital to choose the bandwidth and download time of a certain Internet service provider ISP.

Let’s look at the various terms related to the Data transfer speed.

Data Transfer Rate:

Data Transfer Rate (DTR) is the ratio of the total amount of digital data transferred between two points in a specific time.
DTR = Total amount of Digital data transmitted/Total time Taken
DTR= Data Transfer/Time
The formula of conversion to calculate data rate:

Data Transfer Rate:

Conversion Units of Data Transfer Rate:

The Data Transfer Rate (DTR) is measured in Megabits per second or Megabytes per second. The highest data transfer rate system in Japan is around 1414 terabits per second using only a single optical fiber cable. We need to follow the proceeding conversions to calculate data transfer rate.

Decimal Prefix Binary prefixes
1 kbit/s (kbps) = 1000 bit/s 1 kbit/s (kbps) = 1000 bit/s
1 Mbit/s (kbps) = 106 bit/s 1 Mibit/s = 220 = 10242 bit/s
1 Mbit/s (kbps) = 106 bit/s 1 Mibit/s = 220 = 10242 bit/s
1 Gbit/s (kbps) = 109 bit/s 1 Gibit/s = 230 = 10243 bit/s
1 Tbit/s (kbps) = 1012 bit/s 1 Tibit/s = 240 = 10244 bit/s

Overheads or Fluctuations:

We need to calculate data transfer rate by adding the overheads of data transmission. These extra bits ensure smooth and error-free transmission of data.

How overheads or fluctuation occur in data transmission? 

  • Due to interference, noise, and bad connections
  • Due to communication equipment
  • Due to router speed 

Example 1:

Let’s calculate the Data Transfer Rate of a 500 MB file over a 15 Mbps data connection.
Convert 15 Megabytes to Megabits = 15* 8= 4000 Megabits
DTR = Data Transfer/Time
DTR = 4000/15
DTR = 266.64 seconds
DTR = 4 min 26 sec
This would help to find the data transfer rate and the cost of our communication. Being an entrepreneur it’s essential to calculate transfer time and our network capability. The speed of data transfer should be matched by the capability of our internal peripherals.

Example 2:

Find the percentage overhead of a connection, if we are receiving 8 bits of data and the ISP sending 11 bits.


Actual Data transfer  = 8 bits 

Over heads bits = 11-8 = 3 bits 

% age overhead data = 100 [Over heads bits/ Actual Data transfer*100]

We can’t calculate transfer rate of data without including the overheads and fluctuations.

% age overhead data = 100-[11/8*100]

% age overhead data = 37.5 %

When you select the bandwidth and the ISP,  online help like a data rate calculator to manage your required data speed and rate. Speed of data transfer can be variable due to overheads and fluctuation, try to calculate data rate overheads and fluctuation before deciding your required data speed.

How the Denote Units?

Name Symbol Bit Per Second Byte Per Second Bit Per Second (Formula) Byte Per Second (Formula)
Bit/Second Bit/S 1 0.125 1 1/8
Byte/Second B/s 8 1 8 1
Kilobit/Second B/s 8 1 8 1
Kibibit/Second Kibit/s 1,024 128 210 27
Kilobyte/Second kB/s 8,000 1,000 8 × 103 103
Kibibyte/Second KiB/s 8,192 1,024 213 210

Working of Data Rate Calculator:

Make use of the free file transfer calculator  that takes a couple of seconds to display a precise time of transferring data.


  • Enter the file size 
  • The Transfer Speed
  • Submit the value of the overhead percentage
  • Hit the calculate button to measure data transfer rate


The data transfer calculator generates the following results:

  • The data transfer  rate (minutes, hours, day and in weeks)


What Factors Affect Data Transfer Speed?

The speed of data transfer can be affected by multiple factors like 

  • Transfer technology used for transmission
  • Location of the user 
  • The number of users
  • The devices and peripherals
  • The nature of the network(Mobile or Fixed network) 

What are the Effects of a Slow Data Rate?

The slow data rate may cause the slow processing of business transactions. For example, if a Banking ATM is not receiving the required DTR, then it isn’t able to retrieve the data.

What determines the data transfer speed of a computer system?

The speed of data transfer of a computer system depends upon the following factors:

  • The RAM and ROM of our network
  • Clock speed of our computer
  • Processing time of the system

It is necessary to calculate the data transfer time and internal capacity of your system


Online tools like file transfer speed calculator provides us to match the data transfer speed of the ISP and the bytes received. We can measure the overheads and fluctuations in the speed of data transfer.


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