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Time Span Calculator

Input the first and second time span using the right clock format and calculate the accurate time span.

Clock format

First Time Span

Second Time Span

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This Time Span Calculator computes precisely the time difference between two time spans. It also measures the time difference between the current date and the overnight time.

How to Use This Time Span Calculator?

Follow the instructions below to measure the time span between two events by using this calculator.


  • Choose the Clock Format
  • Enter the First Time Span(Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
  • Enter the Second Time Span(Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
  • Hit the calculate Button


  • The Difference from First time to Second
  • The Difference from the Second time to the First
  • The overnight Difference from the First time to the Second
  • The overnight Difference from the Second time to the First

Definition of Time Span:

“The time span is the difference in time between two different time periods”. 

You can also describe the time span as the difference in time between two events

You can compute the time difference in 24 hours and 12 hours time format by the time span calculator.

How to Find Time Span?

Measuring time Span is a little tricky to measure depending upon the time duration overnight and precisely predicting the second and minute difference. You can calculate the time between two points with the timespan calculator just by entering the values of the two-time span. The online calculator accurately finds the difference in time. 

For the manual measurement, follow the steps below:

  • First, calculate the time between starting and the ending point, the objective is to subtract the starting time from the ending time and vice versa.
  • Second, It is easy to find the time difference by converting the time to 24 hours time format. The AM hours are the same in 24 hours clock, but the PM hours add 12 to the number to convert the time to 24 hours clock. For example, 1:00 PM would be 13:00 in 24-hour time, now calculate time between the first value and the seconds only by subtracting the two values.
  • Find the number of minutes larger in the starting time or in the ending time.
    • If the ending time has a larger value of minute: Then subtract the starting point time span by the ensign point and vice versa. Keep the hours and the minutes on the appropriate side and separate them by “:” Colon Sign, Here the Hours are on the left and the minutes on the right

Example 1:

Consider the first time is  9:22 and the second time is 13:57  then how much time passed between the two time spans?


                –  9:22                                                   



The answer is 4 hours and 35 minutes, the time hours calculator is handy to find the time difference.

Example 2:

Consider the first time is 9:58 and the second time is 13:57 then how much time passed between the two time spans?  In this case, the  first time is 9:58 has a larger minute value, and then


                –  9:58                                                  



The answer is 3 hours and 35 minutes, You need to transfer the 60 minutes from hours to minutes and then subtract from the first values. The timespan calculator would automatically convert the hours to minutes.


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