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House Age Calculator

Enter the date of construction and the material used in the house age calculator to find the precise and expected age of your home.

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The online house age calculator will instantly calculate the current and total life age of your house. 

Age of the Home:

All things, including your home have to face a process of entropy. It is the degradation with time, the same goes for buildings and for the home. There is always a time when the home starts to lose its sheen and structural shape. It is critical to find a home age before buying or selling a home. You need to measure the age of the home with the house age calculator relative to the material used.

The Average Lifespan of Home:

The age of a home depends on various factors like weather conditions and the material used in the construction. The construction material is the basic thing to determine the age of the home. There are various expected lifespans of each material like wood, stone, bricks, and concrete. In the table below the expected lifespan of various construction materials is given below:  
Material Expected Life Span
Cement and Bricks Structure 75-100 years
Stone Structure 150-200 Years
Concrete Structure 50-60 Years
Wooden Structure 100-150 Years

Why Measure the Home Age?

A home is a structure that degrades with the passage of time. Poorly constructed homes usually degenerate quickly due to their material quality. The things include in the material are the water pipeline, power cables, sewage system, and water sanitation system of a home. Each material has its own degradation pattern and timeline of utilization. The windows, doors opening, waterproofing, and painting layout also affect the age of the home. The house age calculator computes the age of a home and its relative expected age proportional to its material. It would enable you to decide the price of the home. 

How to Improve the Lifespan of a Home?

You can improve the life span of your home by applying the following measurements:
  • Choose a sustainable material to design your home interior and exterior like the flooring and outside paint. It is essential to choose locally designed material as it is prepared by keeping in mind the weather conditions. This can improve the health and lifespan of the home. 
  • Regular maintenance and whitewashing are essential to keep your home in good shape. Proper upkeep can increase the market worth and the lifespan of your home.
  • Use material parallel to the weather condition of an area. For example; In coastal areas, it is necessary to use the concrete block to build the home as the other material would degenerate quickly due to higher humidity levels.

Working on the House Age Calculator:

The online house age calculator can be used easily by the following instructions:


  • Choose the age of construction of the home
  • Select the material of the home (Cement, Wood, Concrete, etc.)
  • Hit the calculate Button


  • Your House age
  • Expected age of Home


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