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Biological Age Calculator

Biological Age Calculator


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The biological age calculator assists to find the biological age of a person. The human body has two types of ages at a certain time: the Chronological age and biological age. The biological age actually deals with the functioning of various systems of your body like the digestive system, blood circulatory system, nervous system, etc.

On the other hand, the chronological age is actually the calendar age of a starting from the date of birth (DOB). Your biological age relates to the functioning of the body system and it has nothing to do with your chronological age.

What is your Biological Age?

Biological age is a concept to determine at what rate your body is degenerating and what is the Entropy of your body tissues. What your biological age depends upon the factors like your anxiety level, sleeping hours, activity level, and heredity.
What is your Biological Age?

One needs to understand body age calculation is the best indicator of how much damage has occurred during the course of your lifetime. Your biological age test can indicate what you need to improve living a healthy life. When you are improving your lifestyle, you are actually improving the chances of biological age. The main question here is how can i calculate my biological age, for this you can use the biological age test calculator.

Chronological Age and Biological Age:

Have you observed two people who have spent the same number of years on planet earth? A person may look younger than the others due to the better biological age score. A person managing its biological age can live a longer and healthier life. The biological age calculator paved a way to correct your lifestyle and habits.

The biological age of a person is directly related to the lifestyle and habits of a person. You can compare the real age with the biological age by the biological age calculator. If the biological age of a person is greater than chronological age. It means you need to improve your overall lifestyle, and Cholesterol level.  A person may look younger than the other,the main reason behind it is the biological age and a person’s lifestyle. 

How to Find Biological Age?

It is a necessity to answer certain questions to find a result of the biological age calculator, these questions are simple and relate to your lifestyle. You can understand this by a simple example, considering you are a 30 year old man eating high-fat and smoking 5 packs of cigarettes every day. Then you would find the real biological age test may reflect, you are older than 30 years. The main reason here, you don’t care about your calories burning and eating and smoking habits. It is better to use the calorie deficit calculator to regulate your activity level and the diet plan. Ideally, calculate biological age and if it ends up being lower than your actual age. If your biological age is lower than your actual age, then you are in perfect condition. To find your chronological age, it is quite helpful to use the age calculator.

Lifespan vs. Healthspan:

The longer a person lives chronologically, the higher would be their lifespan. The other thing is the health of a person and it is directly related to your biological age and it provides sufficient information about a person’s wellbeing.

It is better to create a positive difference between your biological age and the chronological age. The body age calculation may be positive or negative and it depends upon your activity level and lifestyle. You can compare the chronological age of two people by the age difference calculator. Then compare it with the biological ages of the person, the person with a better score usually looks younger. A person having positive biological age, when tested by the biological age calculator, leads a happy and healthy life.

Working of Biological Age Calculator:

The free body age calculator does require the following data to calculate biological age: 


  • Select your gender and race
  • Choose the heart related data
  • Insert the Nutrition and Physiological data 
  • Enter the security and current age
  • Hit the calculate button to estimate the biological age


The biological age calculator estimates the result given below:

  • Your life expectancy 
  • Your biological age
  • Detailed scores of a person


What is my Biological Age?

You can calculate the biological age by using the online questionnaires of the body age calculator online. The respondent is required to provide the simple data related to your heredity, heart health, nutrition and lifestyle related activities.

What is the Best Indicator of Biological Age?

The Telomere length is the best indicator of biological age, you can calculate body age by the length of the Telomere. The Telomere is the repetitive DNA sequence capping the chromosomes.

How Old are you Really Meet your Biological Age?

Body age calculation relates to your physical and mental condition and can be completely different from your calendar age. You need to fill out a questionnaire to get the result using the biological age test calculator.

Can you Reverse Biological Age?

It is possible to reverse your biological age. As a matter of fact how old are you biologically depends upon your lifestyle and the activity level. It is essential to use the free biological age calculator quiz and regulate your work activities to score better.

What are Good Habits for my Biological Age?

Some habits can have a positive effect on your biological age:

  • Burn your calories by exercises and can estimate the requirements of calories per day by the TDEE calculator.
  • Try to eat healthy foods like  fruits and vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, and milk and determine your macros requirements by the macro calculator.
  • Limit your alcohol 
  • Avoid tobacco and smoking

Your biological age test can be a good way forward to regulate your work activities.

Why is my Biological Age Higher than my Actual Age?

The biological age and the real age difference are an indicator how much damage has occurred to your body tissues.It means there is a lot of damage that has been done to your cells and tissues due to a disease or some other factor. You can use the biological age calculator to find the difference between your actual age and the biological age.


The  biological age calculator highlights the particular indication of how to halt your biological age. These indications may help to reverse the biological age. It is better to control your biological age by the general guideline given by the online free body age calculator.


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