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Free and best macro calculator to calculate your macronutrient ratio


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Input can be in either kilogram or Pounds, feet or cm


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Set your Weight goal and get macronutrients details

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Macro Calculator

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You can select Revised Harris-Benedict, Mifflin St Jeor, or Katch-McArdle formula to calculate macros



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Do it RIGHT NOW and track Weight Loss Progress with this Macro Calculator

Our Macros Calculator is FREE to use for everyone. In just a minute you can calculate Macronutrients values keeping in view your gender, height, weight, and age as well. If you are in middle of weight loss, these macronutrients ratios and values will give you some confidence and if you have just started the weight loss and stay fit mission then this macronutrient calculator going to be your gadget in this mission.


This Macro Calculator is easy to use but if you are still confused a little, we are here to tell how to count macros or how to calculate macros with this free macro counter. Let’s Start!


You can see a simple form that you need to fill if you want to calculate macronutrients values with macronutrients calculator. Well, start by entering your real age in years and then select the gender. In the second row of macros calculator, you will enter your height. You can put in the height in feet and inches or you can select the centimeters option from the dropdown at the end of the row. In the next row enter your weight in “lbs”. or Kg and then select the primary goal which can be weight loss, fat loss, maintain or muscle gain. Select your goal because your required macronutrients values will change with the primary goal selection. Now you have to tell how many meals per day you take and then select the protein level that you can adjust in your daily diet. And in the last tell how active is your daily routine.


Now Press the Calculate button to calculate my macros using this best macro calculator.

What Are Macros?

Whatever we eat daily in our meal comprises of three major nutrients or “macros” often termed as macronutrients. These macronutrients are Fat, Carbohydrates or simply Carbs and Protein. In every food, these macronutrients are there in specific ratio. Some of the foods have more carbs like rice and potatoes while others may have more protein like chicken.


These macros are basically the energy sources and ratio of these three macros is very important. In fact, every diet plan is based on a certain ratio of these macronutrients. For example, the most popular diet plan these days is KETO Diet and KETO diet is based on more fats and less of carbs.


what are macros

Plan Your Diet with Macro Calculator

If you want to find out “what should my macros be?” then this macro calculator will help you find macronutrient ratio and macro percentages, you need to have in your diet. Counting macros is very important if you want to design a diet plan for you. Or you can simply compare the already designed diet plan if it fits your macros.


Calculating macros is the first step in your weight loss, weight maintain or muscle gain mission. Calculate macros using this best macro calculator which is free to use and then search for the diet plan that fits your macros need.


plan your diet with macro calculator

Your Activity Level is Important to Calculate Macros for Weight Loss

If you have used this Free Macro Calculator, you would have seen the last question which is about your Activity Level. You have to select here the option which will tell us how active is your routine. We have given here 5 activity levels to choose from. If it was a little confusing for you to choose any, let us help you by explaining these levels so you may choose the best match to calculate macros for weight loss or muscle gain.


• Sedentary

Choose a sedentary option from the Activity Level if you are very less active and mostly doing a desk job where you sit all day. And even after office you don’t have any sports activity. Rather you love to reach home, eat dinner and sleep to get ready for the next day.


• Light Active

You are light active if you are doing a job which involves a little standing and moving activity like Teacher, Professor, Supervisor, Actor or Host, etc. If you do a desk job and also go out with friends to hang out, then you can also choose this activity level while calculating macros.


• Moderately Active

This option is for the people who are involved mostly in standing and moving in their daily routine. If you are waiter, table server, nurse, trainer or any job where you spend most of your time in sanding or walking around. You can also choose this level to calculate macros using the macro calculator if you are light active but you also go for a long walk for at least 40 minutes.


• Very Active

You fall in the category of a very active person if you are doing some job which involves a lot of physical activity like farming, mining, construction, and jobs involving weight lifting. You will also fall in this category if you are light or moderately active whole day but you also manage to get time for an hour of hiking and trekking.


• Extremely Active

People who are extremely active may not have to worry about weight loss or even may not have time to use this macro calculator. These are rare people involved in sports which demands very high physical activity like going gym, training, etc. Mountain climbers and professional trekkers also fall in extremely active category.

Choose Goal Carefully While Counting Macros

Macronutrient values you calculate using macros calculator mainly depends upon your goal. By default, the goal is set on “Fat Loss” because this is what most people want. More than weight, people want to lose fat because it’s fat that disfigures your body. But if you are still in figure then you can choose different goal like loss 10% weight or you may choose “maintain” to keep in the same figure and weight. If you have joined gym to gain muscles, then you can also choose “Muscle Gain” as your primary goal while calculating macros using macro online calculator.

Adjust Protein While Counting Macros

Another a bit confusing option to choose from maybe the “Adjust Protein” option for a person not much into weight loss activity before. Well it’s not a technical term at all. We can guide you how to choose the best option in “Adjust Protein” dropdown while counting macros using our Macro Calculator.

Adjust protein option will mostly depend upon your activity level. If you have chosen “Sedentary” or “Light Active” in Activity level, we may presume that your body has more fats so you can choose “Moderate” in Adjust protein section while counting macros. For Moderately Active people, the best option will be “High”inthe “Adjust Protein Section” of this Macro Online Calculator. And for Very Active and Extremely Active People, “High” option will be best from “Adjust Protein” options.