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Percent Error Calculator

Enter the accepted and observed value to get the percent, non-absolute, and absolute error.

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Our percent error calculator helps you calculate the difference between the accepted (true) value and the observed value. You can get the percent error, absolute value, and non-absolute value using this online calculator.

What is a Percent Error?

Percent error refers to the difference between the experimental value and the observed value. With the help of percent error, you can estimate whether your decision or estimation was accurate or how much accurate. Let’s understand this with the help of an example: You went to a grocery shop and saw a flour bag labeled as 5 kg but it actually weighs about 5.4, so the difference between the labeled weight and actual weight is 0.4 and the percent error will be 4.

How Does Our Percent Error Calculator Work?

Here’s how you can calculate the percent error using percentage of error calculator:
  • Enter the accepted (true) value.
  • Input the observed value.
  • Hit the “Calculate” button.

Features of Our Percent Error Calculator

Below are some of the features of this calculator that make percent error calculation easy. 
  • Step-by-Step Solution

You cannot only calculate percent error but you can also get the step-by-step calculation of calculating percent error. The solved steps can be used in your assignments or to verify whether you got the accurate value or not.
  • Multiple Outputs

You’ll not only get the percent error but you will also get the percent of absolute and non-absolute values using this absolute error calculator. So, using this calculator, you can get three values i.e., percent error, absolute, and non-absolute value.
  • Free to Use

For calculating the percent error, you don’t need to spend any cost, simply get into this calculator and calculate the percent error, absolute, and non-absolute value.

What Will You Get in Output?

This percentage error calculator gives multiple outputs and all the outputs are mentioned below.
  • Percent error
  • Absolute value
  • Non-absolute 
  • Step-by-step calculation

What is the Absolute Error Value?

Absolute error is very simple and refers to the absolute difference between the accepted value and the observed value. If you want to measure absolute value manually, here’s the formula:

Absolute error = |Vtrue - Vobserved|

What is the Formula of Relative Error?

Below is the formula to calculate relative error, you can also calculate on your own.
Relative error =
|Vtrue - Vobserved|

How to Calculate Percent Error Manually?

Calculating the percent error is easy as it only needs a formula which is displayed below:
Percentage error =
|Vtrue –Vobserved|


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