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Percentage Difference Calculator

Percentage Difference Calculator

Write down the initial and final value and the tool will readily calculate the difference among them in terms of percentage.

Initial Value:

Final Value:


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An online percentage difference calculator is particularly programmed to calculate percent difference between two numbers. Before we move ahead, let us make sure that you must have a sound knowledge of the percentage between two numbers. After doing so, you need to jump towards learning the difference among two percentages.

This context has been arranged so that you may not feel any hurdle while solving percentage difference problems.

Let’s dive into it!

What Is The Percentage Difference?

In quantitative analysis:

“A relative change between two percentages is referred to as the percentage difference”

For example:

If two banks charge an interest rate of $3 and $6 respectively, then we can say that their actual percentage difference is 66.7%.

Percent Difference Formula:

For calculating percent difference, we have to follow these steps:

Find Difference Among Values:

First of all, we need to find the absolute difference between the initial and the final value.


$$ Difference = |\text{Initial Value} – \text{Final Value}| $$

Note: the mode indicates that no matter whether the difference is positive or negative, we have to consider it positive for always.

Find The Average:

After doing so, you need to calculate the average mean of the two values.


$$ Average = \frac{\text{Initial Value} + \text{Final Value}}{2} $$

Find Percentage Difference:

Finally, you need to use the following percent difference equation to calculate percentage difference between two numbers.

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{Difference}{Average} * 100 $$

The free online percent difference calculator also makes use of all these formulas to generate precise outputs.

How To Calculate Percent Difference?

Here we will be solving a few examples so that you get a firm grip on the concept.

Example # 01:

A shopkeeper sells a pair of shoes for $34. Another shopkeeper sells the same pair of shoes for $55. How to find percent difference among prices?


Here we have:


$$ Difference = |\text{Initial Value} – \text{Final Value}| $$
$$ Difference = |34 – 55| $$

$$ Difference = |-21| $$
$$ Difference = 21 $$


$$ Average = \frac{\text{Initial Value} + \text{Final Value}}{2} $$
$$ Average = \frac{34 + 55}{2} $$
$$ Average = \frac{89}{2} $$

$$ Average = 44.5 $$

Percentage Difference:

Here we need to use the percent difference calculator formula as follows:

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{Difference}{Average} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{21}{44.5} * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 0.4719 * 100 $$

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 47.19% $$

Here the free percentage difference calculator provides you another edge for calculating these quantitative terms fastly.

Example # 02:

How to find percent difference if the price of 10kg flour decrease from $12 to $9?


We have to keep going with the same formulas as discussed in the previous example.


$$ Difference = |\text{Initial Value} – \text{Final Value}| $$

$$ Difference = |12 – 9| $$

$$ Difference = 3 $$


$$ Average = \frac{\text{Initial Value} + \text{Final Value}}{2} $$
$$ Average = \frac{12 + 9}}{2} $$
$$ Average = \frac{21}}{2} $$
$$ Average = 10.5 $$

Percent Difference Calculation:

At last, we have the following percent difference equation as follows:

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{Difference}{Average} * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{3}{10.5} * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 0.285 * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 28.5% $$
Which is the required answer.

Example # 03:

The international selling rate of petrol increases suddenly from $1 to $1.2. How to calculate percentage difference between two numbers?



$$ Difference = |\text{Initial Value} – \text{Final Value}| $$
$$ Difference = |1 – 1.2| $$
$$ Difference = |-0.2| $$
$$ Difference = 0.2 $$


$$ Average = \frac{\text{Initial Value} + \text{Final Value}}{2} $$

$$ Average = \frac{1 + 1.2}{2} $$
$$ Average = \frac{2.2}{2} $$
$$ Average = 1.1 $$

Percent Difference Calculation:

Using percent difference formula physics:

$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{Difference}{Average} * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = \frac{0.2}{1.1} * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 0.181 * 100 $$
$$ \text{Percentage Difference} = 18.1% $$

Also for percentage calculation, use a free percentage calculator between two numbers for fast and absolute answers.

How Percentage Difference Calculator Works?

You can use this relative percent difference calculator to calculate percent difference . What you need to do is:


  • Write down the initial value in the first bar
  • Enter the final value in the same way but in the second bar
  • Tap on “calculate”


The free difference between two numbers calculator determines:

  • Exact difference
  • Accurate percentage between two numbers


Are percentage change and percentage difference equal?

No, both of these quantitative terms are not equal to each other. The percent change gives the difference in the quantity depending upon the first value. On the other hand, the percent difference gives us precision in the results. A percentage change is a comparison with a proper direction while percentage difference is not.

When do we get a 100% percentage difference?

There exists only one chance when we are able to calculate 100% percent difference which is when we get:

$$ a – b = \frac{\left(a + b\right)}{2} $$

To save time, you can also make a free use of the percentage difference calculator online to see whether your difference is absolute or not.

How do you find the percent difference between two percentages?

You can determine the percentage deviation among two percentages by simply subtracting the second percent value from the first one.

For example:

If the performance of a student in the examination gets lower from 85% to 60%, then the percentage difference in percentage will be 25%.


It is very important to understand the basics of percentage difference to maintain financial records and many other such quantitative analysis. That is why scholars and professionals make a vast use of the free percentage difference calculator to better solve their percent problems.


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