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Ratio Calculator

Ratio Calculator

The ratio calculator readily finds an equivalent form of the ratios and performs various operations on them including simplifying ratios, making them larger and smaller, with calculations shown.



Enter the three values below to find the fourth value in the ratio A:B = C:D
Enter the four values below to find the fifth and sixth value in the ratio A:B:C = D:E:F














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An online ratio calculator helps you to determine the identical ratios by giving three out of four parts of two ratios. Also, this ratios calculator works best to find the fifth & sixth part from the three ratios by giving any four parts. Our ratio solver performs the following seven operations on both two & three ratios.

  • Find an equivalent of a ratio
  • Make a ratio larger
  • Make a ratio smaller
  • Simplify a ratio
  • Simplify a ratio to a ‘1:n:m’ form
  • Simplify a ratio to a ‘n:1:m’ form
  • Simplify a ratio to a ‘n:m:1’ form

Before we are going to use this ratio calculator we should have to know the basic definition, ratio formula, and how to find ratio manually. Keep reading to have brief knowledge about how to do ratios.

Also, you can try our online proportion calculator that helps you to solve the proportion problems easily with different methods.

Read on!

What is a Ratio?

It can be defined as “the comparison between the two particular numbers, very often represented as fractions”. Simply, it displays how much one part of the ratio is contained to the other part. Our ratio finder developed to compute this contrast & determine the relationship between the numbers.

How to Calculate Ratio (Step-by-Step):

The ratio comprises of two parts, numerator & denominator just same as the fraction. If we have the two ratios and wants to calculating ratio for the missing value in the ratio, simply follow the given steps:

  • Write ratios in the form of fraction and put any variable (x or y) in the missing value
  • Set the fraction equals to each other
  • By using cross multiplication, generate an equation
  • Solve for the missing variable
  • Finally, try the ratio calculator to verify your answer

You can get assistance to our online fraction calculator to add, subtract, multiply or divide the two or three fraction. Here we have a manual example to clear the understanding:


We have 6 slices of pizza from which 2 are eaten. Now we want to know how much slices can be eaten out of the 54 slices of pizza?


Step 1:

Write the ratio in the form of fraction as:

Slice eaten / total slice = 2/6

Slice eaten / total slice = x/54

Step 2:

Set the fractions equal to each other:

2/6 = x/54

Step 3:

By cross multiplication:

6x = 54 * 2

x = 54 * 2 / 6

x = 108 / 6

x = 18

We encourage you to use our ratio calculator if you’re going to solve the complex ratios of large numbers.

How to Use Online Ratio Calculator:

Our calculator is an accurate tool to simplify, and for finding the unknown value in the ratio. You just have to stick to the following points for calculating ratios:

Swipe on!


  • First of all, hit the tab to choose on how many ratios you want to do the calculations. It is either be A:B or A:B:C
  • Very next, select the method of calculation from the dropdown of this calculator
  • Then, enter in the fields according to the selected input parameters
  • Once you done, hit the calculate button


The calculator shows:

  • Missing value (s)
  • Simplification of ratio
  • Visual representation of the ratio (Pie-chart)


This ratio calculator will not give you the values ​​you don’t need; it will give you the output according to the input parameters.

What is Golden Ratio?

When the two quantities have the same ratio as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities, then the ratio is termed as golden ratio. For example, the quantities expressed in x & y, then the golden ratio between x & y is (x+y)/x = x/y


Thankfully, you come to know about how to solve ratios by hand& with calculator. The ratio is used everywhere from cooking to building the house. It is very helpful for the K-12 Education & in many other fields of science like in mechanics, Businesses & accountants, Food and many others. When it comes to solve the ratios for complex numbers, simply use the online ratio calculator that helps you to find the missing value in the ratio and done simplification on the ratio as you want.


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