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Fraction to Decimal Calculator

Provide any fraction or a mixed number and the calculator will convert it to equivalent decimal notation up to maximum decimal accuracy.

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An online fraction to decimal calculator is used to reduce fractions and mixed numbers into the simplest form and then convert this simplified number into a decimal number. It is also functioned to convert improper fractions to decimal and shows the steps of conversions. Read on to learn about fraction decimal, its conversion chart, and how to turn a fraction into a decimal in the blink of an eye. Want to perform decimal to fraction calculations, try this calculator by calculator-online.

About Fraction Decimal:

A number that is present between zero and 1 or zero and -1 is a fraction decimal. It is an alternative way to express the method of division. We can also write it as part/whole. Changing fractions to decimal involves the simple process of division. For example, a fraction 12 / 17 is the same as 12 divided by 17. In both cases, the final result will be the same. You can convert fraction to decimal with the help of a formula, long division method, and fraction to decimal calculator.

Fraction to Decimal formula:

While converting fractions to decimal, a simple formula can provide support in manual calculations. If you have fraction 9 / 12 then it will become 9 ÷ 12. Now you just have to complete this division. It can be done by hand as well as with the help of fraction to decimal calculator: 9/12 = 9 ÷ 12 = 0.75.

About Fraction to Decimal Calculator:

The fractions to decimals calculator is the smart tool that not only accounts to reduce fractions, but also the mixed numbers into the simplest form, and then simply convert the simplified fraction into a decimal number form. It does not matter whether you entered proper or improper fraction values into the given field; this tool will provide you with instant results along with step by step calculations. Read on to know how this calculator will convert a fraction to a decimal!

How to turn fractions into decimals with this Fraction to Decimal Calculator:

Stick to the given steps to changing fractions to decimals with this calculator: There are three fields given by this calculator for fractions to decimals:
  • For whole number (this field is optional)
  • For numerator
  • For denominator
  • If you want to convert a mixed number into a simplest decimal number, then all you need to enter the values into all the three given designated fields
  • If you want to convert a simple fraction into the decimal number, then simply add the value of numerator and denominator into the designated boxes
Outputs: It doesn’t matter whether you entered the values for a simple fraction or mixed numbers; this calculator will generate the same outputs:
  • Decimal Number for the given values
  • Step-by-step manual calculations for the given inputs

How to convert fractions to decimals (By Simplifying)?

Any number can be stated in the form of a fraction, with decimals, or in terms of a percentage value. In some conditions, it is important to change a number from one type into another. There is a list of methods to convert fraction to decimal. One of the fastest ways is the use of fractions to decimals calculator for quick calculations. However, another simple step by step method is explained below as well.
  • For changing fractions to decimals you have to simplify the given fraction.
  • You have to find the multiple of denominator or number that is present below the division line.
  • The above step will give you 100.
  • Now you have to multiply the numerator or the number that is present above the division line with the same multiple. It will change the original fraction.
  • In the last step, you have to put the decimal on the new numerator (above number).
  • Decimal will be placed on the left side after two digits.
Example: Take a fraction 1 / 4 and convert it into a decimal number.
  • First of all, we will simplify the fraction.
  • We have to find the multiple of 4 (denominator) to get 100.
  • 25 is the multiple of 4 that will give us: 25 * 4 = 100
  • We will multiply 1 (numerator) by 25 as well: 1 * 25 = 25
  • Now the new fraction is 25 / 100.
  • Original fraction 1/4 = new fraction 25 /100
  • The numerator in the new equation: 25
  • To put a decimal in 25 we have to count two digits from the left side.
  • It will be: 0.25
  • Therefore, the decimal number of 1 / 4 = 0.25.

How to turn a fraction into a decimal Using Long Division Method?

Long division gives us another way for converting fractions to decimals. In this method, you have to deal with dividend and devisor. In mathematical number that is going to be divided by another number is called the dividend and the other number is the divisor. It is a gradual process that is divided into 4 steps:
  • Find an appropriate dividend and the divisor to use them in the division.
  • In this method Numerator of a fraction is dividend and the denominator is a divisor.
  • Use these numbers in long division.
  • In the last step, solve the long division to convert fraction into decimal
  • Fraction: 1 / 4
  • Dividend: 1
  • Divisor: 4
  • 1 ÷ 4 = 1.0 – 0.8 = 20 -20 =0
  • The remaining answer will be: 0.25
This method to convert fraction into decimal is complex. For easy calculations fraction to decimal calculator is more preferable.

FAQ’s (Fractions to Decimals):

How do you turn a fraction into a decimal on a calculator?

If you want to find the decimal form of a fraction, all you need to divide the numerator by the denominator by using a calculator or long division method. Right after, all you need to add the decimal number to the whole number.

What is 5/8 as a decimal?

5/8 expressed in a decimal form expressed as 0.625.

What is 5 over 9 as a decimal?

5 over 9 or 5/9 in a decimal form expressed as 0.55556.

What is 1/3 as a decimal?

1/3 in a decimal form expressed as 0.33333333.

How do you write 5 2 as a decimal?

5/2 or 5 over 2 in a decimal form expressed as 2.5.


This online fraction to decimal calculator is functioned to change any fraction into the simple decimal form with step by step method. It can provide support in academics as well as in professional life. it is designed to return the decimal number that is exactly equivalent to the fraction. Every time you wish to recheck your calculations for accurateness, you can take help from this online tool.

Fraction to decimal chart:

For the conversion of some common fractions into a decimal number, a fraction to decimal chart might be very helpful. chart:


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