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Decimal Calculator

Decimal Calculator

Enter the decimals in the required fields and the calculator will readily perform various arithmetic operations on them, with the steps shown.


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This decimal calculator with steps performs various basic to advanced arithmetic operations on decimals, integers, and whole numbers. Now you can easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide different decimals by using this online simplifying decimals calculator with work.

How to Use This Decimal Calculator?

Here are a couple of steps to follow for using our simplify decimals calculator.


  • Select the operation i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponent, root, and logarithm
  • Enter the value of “a” and “b
  • Tap “Calculate


  • Decimal simplification according to the operation selected
  • Step-by-step calculations

What Are Decimal Numbers?

In mathematics:

“Particular numbers that are combinations of whole numbers and a fraction are known as decimal numbers”

Let’s suppose a decimal number is 3.2. In this number, we have two parts which are:

  • 3 as a whole number
    .2 is a decimal part that could also be written as the fraction from 2/10

Arithmetic Operations on Decimals:

You can easily perform arithmetic operations on decimals by using a simplify decimals calculator. But having a hands-on grip on manual calculations is also important. For this, let’s explore some examples!

How to Add Decimals 30.8 and 10.201?


Here we will add two zeros after the decimal digits in the first number to make it equal to the second one.


+  10.201




You can also verify the results by utilizing our best and only adding decimals calculator.

How To Subtract Decimals 2.302 and 5.238?


Now here, we are required to subtract a greater number from a smaller one. In this case, we will simply subtract the smaller number from the greater number and put a negative sign with the result. This goes as follows:


–   2.302




This is the right answer for the combination of decimals given and can also be verified by using the subtracting decimals calculator.

How To Multiply Decimals 2.3 and 5.21?


Now here, we will be placing a large number above and a short one below:


×       2.3



+ 10420




Apart from this, if you thinking of multiplying decimals by whole numbers, you may get instant solutions with multiplying decimals calculator.

How to Divide Decimals 2.3 and 4.21?


The given numbers are as follows:

2.3 and 4.21

Now the bigger number is 4.21 which has two decimal places. So following the guideline aforementioned, we have:

2.3 / 4.21

= 2.3 * 10^2 / 4.21 * 10^2

= 2.3 * 100/4.21 * 100

= 23/421

Now we have an integer divisor and dividend:

23/421 = 0.546

To exactly divide any decimal numbers, it will be a good choice to use our division decimal calculator.

How to Divide Decimal Exponents?

If your number is decimal and is raised to a specific whole number power, then simply multiply the decimal number power times given


3.5^2 = 3.5*3.5

Now if the power is also the decimal, then you are required to transform the expression into the radical form and then simplify it.


(2.1)^1.2 = (2.1)^21/10 = 10(2.1)21

How To Find The Square Root of a Decimal?

Now here, the genuine technicality starts! But there is good news for you which is that the square roots in the following case can be considered as the fraction exponents. The generic expression for the case is as follows:

ᵇ√a = a^1/b

The simplify decimal calculator with solution also considers the same expression while determining the decimal exponents of any arithmetic depression.

How To Resolve Decimal Logarithms?

Logarithms are somehow so difficult to get a firm grip on. But do not worry as this decimal simplifier will let you understand the calculations for simplification in this case.

Generally, the expression logₐb depicts that you have to carry out the calculations in such a way to raise the subscript a to a power so that it becomes b.
Now if the logarithmic sentence is in the form of fraction or simplify decimal, then you can apply basic log subtraction law to reduce to the final results. Or you can also subject yourself to the online dividing decimals calculator to swift your answers with 100% accuracy.




Here we have:


= log3 (2123/1000)

= log3 (2123) – log3 (1000)

= log3 (2123) – 10

= log3 (2123)

Further, it can be reduced to the final outcomes by using this online number to decimal calculator.


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