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Log Base 2 Calculator

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The Log Base 2 Calculator calculates the log of base 2 of a number number “x”. The number is generally written as log2(x) or lb(x).

How to Use Our Log Base 2 Calculator?

For the accurate calculation of the log of base 2, follow the below instructions: Input:
  • Enter the value of the “x”
  • Hit the "Calculate" button 
  • Log to the base 2

Log of Base 2:

Log to the base 2 is also known as binary logarithm and it has a base of 2. The binary logarithm x is the power to which the number 2 must be raised to determine the value of x. You need to calculate the log to base 2 for finding the binary logarithm of any number. Moreover, another number system that helps you to understand complicated log with base 16 is the hex numeral technique that can be resolved with the assistance of a hex calculator

Example of Log Based 2: 

For example, the binary log of 1 is “0”, and the binary log of 2 is “1”. The log of base 2 is commonly used in computer science and in information technology. The log base 2 calculator can be used to compute the values of the log to base 2 or any given value.
Log2(x) Subscription Notation Value
Log2(1) log base 2 of 1 lb(1) 0
Log2(2) log base 2 of 2 lb(2) 1
Log2(3) log base 2 3 lb(3) 1.58496
Log2(4) log base 2 of 4 lb(4) 2
Log2(5) log base 2 of 5 lb(5) 2.321928
Log2(6) log base 2 of 6 lb(6) 2.584963
Log2(7) log base 2 of 7 lb(7) 2.807355
Log2(8) log base 2 8 lb(8) 3
Log2(9) log base 2 of 9 lb(9) 3.169925
Log2(10) log base 2 of 10 lb(10) 3.321928
Log2(11) log base 2 of 11 lb(11) 3.459432
Log2(12) log base 2 of 12 lb(12) 3.584963
Log2(13) log base 2 of 13 lb(13) 3.70044
Log2(14) log base 2 of 14 lb(14) 3.807355
Log2(15) log base 2 of 15 lb(15) 3.906891
Log2(16) log base 2 of 16 lb(16) 4
Log2(17) log base 2 of 17 lb(17) 4.087463
Log2(18) log base 2 of 18 lb(18) 4.169925
Log2(19) log base 2 of 19 lb(14) 4.247928
Log2(20) log base 2 of 20 lb(14) 4.321928
You can calculate log base 2 of any value by the log base 2 calculator, as the binary values of the log are commonly utilized in information technology.

How to Change from Log10 to Log2?

You can calculate log base 2 from the log of base 10 by the following formula: log2 x = [( log10 x)/( log10 2)] The generalized formula for changing the base from one form to another is: loga x = [( logb x)/( logb 2)] You can convert the log of base 10 into the log of base 2 by the above the mentioned formula. The log2 calculator can be used to find the log to the base 2 of any term.


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