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Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Calculator

Write your numerator and denominator and the calculator will convert the improper fraction to its corresponding mixed number notation, with the steps shown.

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An online improper fractions to mixed numbers calculator is specifically designed to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers in no time. Not only this, you can also resolve the proper fractions by using fraction to mixed number calculator. Let’s go through the article below to understand how to convert fraction into mixed number. Just stay focused!

What Is An Improper Fraction?

In the contextual of mathematics: “A particular fraction fin which the numerator is greater than its denominator is known as the improper fraction” For example: The given below ratios are the best examples of the improper fractions: $$ \frac{3}{2} \hspace{0.25in} \frac{9}{7} \hspace{0.25in} \frac{65}{34} $$ All above fractions are considered improper ones and can be turned to mixed number form by using our best improper fractions to Mixed numbers calculator.

Steps Involved For Converting Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers:

Let’s recall the steps that you need to follow in order to perform improper fraction to mix numbers conversion:
  • First, go for dividing the numerator with the denominator
  • After that, write down the whole number separately that is the quotient
  • At last, write the remainder as the new numerator and take the same denominator as it was in the starting fraction

Rules To Simplify Fractions:

Whenever you want to simplify fractions, you need to remember couple of rules in your mind that are listed as below:
  • You must look for a number that will divide both numerator and denominator to simplify the fraction
  • If you want to convert fraction into mixed number, make sure that the fraction is the improper one.

How To Convert Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers?

Here we will be resolving a couple of examples to perform conversions among improper fractions and mixed numbers. Let’s move ahead! Example # 01: How to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers given below: $$ \frac{8}{3} \hspace{0.25in} and \frac{9}{2} $$ Solution: Going to change improper fractions to mixed numbers as follows: $$ \frac{8}{3} $$ Step # 01: When we divide this fraction, we will get the remainder of 2. Step # 02: The quotient represents the whole number that is also 2 in our case. Step # 03: Now the next step is to write the remainder as the numerator. Also, choose the first ever denominator which is 3 and consider it as it is here. At last multiply the fraction with the whole number that is quotient. The whole process is shown as below: $$ Quotient \frac{Remainder}{Denominator} $$ $$ 2\frac{2}{3} $$ Which is the required mixed number form of the given fraction. Now we have: $$ \frac{9}{2} $$ Step # 01: By dividing the fraction given, the remainder of 1 is obtained Step # 02: The second step is to look for the whole number that is none other than the quotient which is 4. Step # 03: At last, take the remainder value as numerator, the denominator goes unchanged and is 2 again. After that, multiply the whole number with the fraction as shown below: $$ Quotient \frac{Remainder}{Denominator} $$ $$ 2\frac{1}{4} $$ You can also verify the results with the help of improper fraction to mixed number calculator.

How Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Calculator Works?

Get the instant and best possible simplified results by using our free calculator in a single click. Let us guide you properly about its usage! Input:
  • Write down the numerator in the upper designated field
  • Also, go for writing the denominator in the lower designated field
  • Now tap the calculate button
Output: The free converting improper fractions to mixed numbers calculator determines:
  • Mixed number form of the given improper fraction
  • All steps involved during the calculations


Is \(1\frac{0}{2}\) an improper fraction?

The simplified form of the given equation is \(\frac{2}{2}\) which is equal to 1. So it is not an improper fraction.

What is the improper fraction form of the mixed number \(2\frac{1}{2}\)?

The equivalent improper fraction of the given mixed number is given as: $$ \frac{5}{2} $$

How do you convert mixed fractions to improper fractions?

You can determine the corresponding improper fraction of the mixed number with the help of free online mixed numbers to improper fractions calculator.

Can both improper fraction and mixed number show the same value?

Yes, both of these quantities always give the same result.


Changing improper fractions to mixed numbers makes it easy to apply arithmetic operations on them. By doing so, the complex fractions can be simplified in a very short time. But to make this process even faster, mathematicians use this free online improper fractions to mixed numbers calculator.


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