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percent to fraction calculator

Percent to Fraction Calculator

Write down any percentage and this tool readily convert it to an equivalent fraction (proper, improper, or mixed number) with the work shown.


Percent %

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This percent to fraction calculator is used to convert percent to fraction (proper, improper and mixed numbers) corresponding to the given percentages. If the given percent value is greater than 100%, then this tool helps to convert it into mixed numbers. To convert percent to fraction all you need to add the percentage into this percentage to fraction calculator and the tool works best to convert it to the closest simplified fraction. Also, if you want to convert fractions number into percent or percentage, then this calculator by calculator-online will works best for you!

Well, we are going to tell you how to turn a percent into a fraction manually as well as with the assistance of percentage to fraction calculator. Let’s begin!

About Percent Fraction:

A number that involves a percentage, represents avalue out of 100 with % whereas a fraction is the algebraic representation of percentages. Before converting percentage numbers into afractions, a decimal form can be obtained by dividing the % number with 100. It will simplify the calculations. After dividing byGCF, a fraction can be further reduced. In addition, the use of percent to fraction calculator is the easiest way to make simpler calculations.


Percentage: 35%

Fraction: 35/100; GCF = 5

Reduced fraction: 7 / 20

Hence, 35% = 7 / 20

About percent to fraction calculator:

An online percent to fraction calculator helps to convert percent to fraction proper/improper and mixed numbers for the given input. Remember that if the given percent value is greater than 100%, then this percentage to fraction calculator convert the value into the mixed numbers. Converting percents to fractions becomes easy with this smart calculator.

How to turn a percent into a fraction with this Percent to Fraction Calculator:

You can readily convert percent to the closest fraction with this online calculator, to perform conversion, simply stick to these steps:


  • All you need to enter the percentage value into the designated field of this calculator (the value that you wants to convert to fraction


Once done, click on the calculator button of this calculator for percent to fraction, the tool generates:

  • Fraction form for the given percent
  • Step-by-step calculation corresponding to the given value
  • Mixed number (if the given value is greater than 100%)

How to Convert a Percent to a Fraction?

To convert percent to fraction you can apply two common methods:

  • In first method you will convert fraction into a decimal to simplify the percent value then reduce the equation to transform it into a fraction form by following a specific procedure.
  • Other method is to simplify the percentage by dividing it with 100.However,percentage to fraction calculator is the simplest way for convenient and error free conversions.

Method # 1: Convert to a Decimal and Then to a Fraction:

In this method you have to divide the percent by 100 to convert it into decimal form. Have a look on following steps:

  • Divide the given percentage by 100. It will convert it into a decimal number.
  • Now the number after division will be used as a top number of the equation. Its bottom number or denominator will be 1.
  • Here and now you have to convert the decimal number into a whole number. For this simply count the digits that comes after decimals. If there are x numbers after decimal, then you have to multiply the numerator and denominator of the equation by 10x.
  • Reduce the obtained fraction as a final step of the whole procedure. For this find the GCF or greatest common factor of the top number or numerator and bottom number or denominator. After dividing by GFC you will have your final simple fraction for the given percentage.


How to convert 35.5% into a fraction form?

  • 35.5% / 100 = 35.5 / 100=0.355
  • 0.355 / 1
  • There are 3 digits after decimal therefore the above equation will be multiplied by 1000.
  • (0.355) multiply by(1000) / (1) multiply by (1000) =355 / 1000
  • GCF of top and bottom number = 5
  • 355÷5 / 1000÷5=71 / 200
  • 35.5% = 71 / 200


Method # 2: Put the Percentage in a Fraction Over 100:

This method does not involve the long procedure. You just have to divide the given percentage by 100 and then reduce the fraction.


Convert 25 percent into a fraction form

  • In the first step divide 25% by 100: 25 / 100
  • Now we will reduce the fraction by dividing it by GFC of top and bottom numbers.
  • GFC = 5
  • 25 divided by 5 / 100 divided by 5 = 5 / 20
  • On further reduction: 5 / 100 = 1 /4.
  • 25 / 100 is the fraction of 25%.
  • 25% = 1 / 4.


What is 15% as a fraction?

The 15% is expressed in fraction form as 3/20.

What is 40% as a fraction?

The 40% is expressed in fraction form as 2/5.

What is 200 percent as a fraction?

The 200 percent is expressed in fraction form as 2/1 or 2.

What is 2% as a fraction?

The 2% is expressed in fraction form as 1/50.

What lowest term fraction is equal to 15%?

3/20 is the lowest term fraction that is equal to 15%.

What is 10% as a fraction?

The 10% is expressed in fraction as 1/10.

What is the fraction for 35%?

The 35% is expressed in fraction as 7/20.

What is 70% as a fraction?

The 70% is expressed in fraction as 7/10.

What fraction is equal to 60%?

3/5 fraction is equal to 60%.

What is 5% in a fraction?

The 5% is expressed in fraction form as 1/20.

What is 25% as a fraction?

The 25% is expressed in fraction form as 1/4.

What is 4% as a fraction?

The 4% is expressed in fraction form as 1/25.

What is 85% as a fraction?

The 85% is expressed in fraction form as 17/20.


With the help of this calculator for percent to fraction, you can easily simplify percentages and then convert them into fractions. It automatically divides the percent number and then show a step by step procedure for your better understanding. Additionally, this tool is one of the best supports for academic purposes that is available online without any cost.


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