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Percentage Change Calculator

Percentage Change Calculator

Enter the initial and final values in the online tool and the calculator will find the percentage change.


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Calculate percent change to spot all the changes while comparing the increase or decrease in terms of percetage with the percentage change calculator. It assists in making the decision process realistic and reliable. 

What Is the Percentage Change?

The percentage change refers to the increase or decrease in the value of a product or a service. 

The percentage change is extensively used in the fields of finance, economics, and statistics. 

For managers it is essential to know exactly the percentage increase or decrease in their productivity. 

The percentage change calculator spots the relative increase and decrease in the productivity of certain products over a period of time.

This is critical for making the critical decision making to increase or halt the investment in a project to a certain ratio.

How to Calculate Percent Change?

The percent change calculations are used for measuring the increase or decrease of quantity or of a given value. 

The percent change formula is given by:

\(Percentage Change = \frac{\text{Final Value  – Initial Value}}{\text{|Initial Value|}} × 100\)

The percent change calculator provides a simple solution for the percentage change of products and services.

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose the annual percentage increase price of a Mobile X increases from $ 1000 to $ 1200. Then what is the percentage change in the price?


Intail price =  $1000

Final price =  $1200

Percentage change =?


The percent change equation is:

\(Percentage Change = \frac{\text{Final Value  – Initial Value}}{\text{|Initial Value|}} × 100\)

Insert the values to calculate the percentage change in the price of mobile.

\(Percentage Change = \frac{\text{1200  – 1000}}{\text{|1000|}} × 100\)

\(Percentage Change = \frac{\text{ 200 }}{\text{1000}} ×  100\)

\(Percentage Change = {\text{ 0.2 × 100 }}\)

\(Percentage Change = {\text{ 20 % }}\)

The percentage of change calculator addresses the issue of how much investment is required to get the required output.

Purpose to Calculate Percentage Change:

The different uses of calculating percent change are:

  • Measuring Investment Returns
  • Analyzing Price Movements
  • Assessing Volatility 
  • Setting Benchmarking 
  • Managing Risk

You need to calculate percentage change for the above decision-making process to be reliable. 

Working of Percentage Change Calculator:

The percent change calculation is simple to evaluate by the online percentage change calculator.

Let’s learn how!


  • Enter the initial and final values 
  • Tap calculate


  • Percentage increase 
  • Price difference
  • Step-by-step calculation 


What Does Percentage Change Tell You?

Calculating percent change about the change that occurs when the initial value is increased or decreased with respect to the initial value in terms of percentage. The percent change calculator provides real-time estimation of the increase in the price of a particular quantity.

How to Calculate Percentage Change When 25 Is Increased to 45?

The percentage change when 25 is increased to 45 is calculated as

Initial Value = 25

Final value = 45

Change in Value = 45 – 25 = 20

Percentage Change = (change / initial) × 100

                                = 20/25 × 100

                                = 80%


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