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Ratio to Fraction Calculator

Write down the ratio values and the calculator will convert them to the corresponding fraction form. Also, you can convert any fraction to ratio form by using this tool.



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We can convert the ratio to fractions and fractions to ratio readily with the help of ratio to fraction calculator. This can be great to make your calculation simple and smooth, sometimes in long cautions you may need the swift answer to your query.

Ratios and Fractions:

We need to understand the main difference between the ratio and the fraction. We can understand the simple difference by the following examples.

Why Do We Need Ratio?

A ratio represents how much one quantity is compared to another term. The ratios are written in the form of a:b. Example: The ratio of number of boy and girls in a Math class: Boys: Girls 25:27 It means there are 25 boys and 27 girls in the Math class. You know here we are comparing the number of boys with the girls in the Math class. This relation or comparison can’t be truly represented by the fraction.

Why Do We Need Fraction?

A fraction represents a part of the whole, and there's always two portions of the fractions. The top number is represented as the numerator and the bottom number is represented as the denominator. We are readily able to convert the ratio to fraction by the ratio to fraction calculator. “You can say the fraction represents the equal parts of the whole or a collection” When we divide a whole into equal parts, then each part is the fraction of the whole. Example: A watermelon is divided into two equal parts, then each part is represented by a fraction of ½. If the watermelon is divided into four equal parts, then each part is represented by a fraction ¼. You need to understand the ½ or ¼ represents a part of the complete or whole of the watermelon. You need to know the ratio is the same as the fraction, and they both have the same meaning. A fraction is just a different way to express a ratio and vice versa.

What is Reducing Ratios?

It is necessary to write the ratio after converting it into the fractions. The reducing ratios concepts can be understood by the following example” Consider you have a fraction 5/10, you can simply convert it into ratio 5:10. You need to reduce the ratio by dividing both the sides by “5” and we get the simplified ratio or reduced ratio of 1:2.

What are Equivalent Fractions?

The equivalent fractions are the fractions which are generated by multiplying the numerator and the denominator by the same number.We can find the equivalent fractions with the help of the  Equivalent fractions calculator. Example: 5/7=10/14=15/21 The equivalent fractions are automatically calculated by the fraction to ratio calculator.

How to Convert Ratio to Fraction?

We need to learn how to write a ratio as a fraction and vice versa. A ratio is quite similar to the fractions and a ratio consists of two numbers which are compared to each other. We can write the ratios in the fraction form simply but traditionally ratios are written as a set of numbers separated by a colon: Let see an example in which we do explain the relationship between the fractions and the ratios. Consider a Pizza is cut down into 6 slices. One piece is separated for more pepperoni. Then you can say the Pizza is ⅙ pepperoni, and the ratios between the pepperoni and the non-pepperoni is 1:6.

Conversion Tables:

 The following table represents the fractions to ratios conversions :  The Fraction to Ratio table:
Fraction  Ratios
2 5 2:5
4/3 4:3
2 to 7 2:7
5/6 5:6
2/3 2:3
55/66 5:6
We can learn how to turn fractions into ratios, and this is simple to understand.  The Ratio to Fraction table:  
Ratio Fraction
5:4 5/4
4  3 4/3
5 to 7 5 /7
5: 6 5/6
7:14 1/2
                                  6:8 3/4
Instead of these calculations,you can perform various arithmetic operations to the ratios by the Fraction calculator. Example: Now consider a ratio 36:48,we need to write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. Solution: We can solve the following ratios into fractions as: Consider the ratios: 36:48 Add the left side and right sides of the ratio: We get 36+48=84 Now we can write the fractions by considering the total as denominator: 36/84 & 48/84 We have: 36/84=3/7, ,48/84=4/7 Our reduced form fractions are: 3/7& 4/7 We can find the ratios to fraction with the help of the ratio to fraction calculator.

Working of the Ratio to Fraction Calculator:

We can convert the fraction to ratio and by the help of the fraction to ratio calculator.This is best to find the relationship between any two fractions or ratios. Input: Select the desired conversion from the drop down menu
  • Select the desired conversion from the drop down menu
  • Select the type of the fraction from the second list
  • Enter the values of the ratios in fields A and B.
  • Hit the calculate button.
Output: You can convert fractions to ratio readily by fraction to ratio calculator, it only takes a second to convert the ratio into fractions.
  • All the steps are displayed
  • Easy to understand for the students


What is 4/5 as a ratio?

To convert a fraction to ratio, need to write the fraction ⅘ as ratio 4:5. We write the numerator of the fractions as the left part of the ratio and the denominators as the right part of the ratio.

How can you write 0.8 as a ratio in the lowest term?

The lowest form for 0.8 is ⅘. You need to enter the ratio as a fraction in lowest terms as 4:5. The actual fraction in this case is 8/10, and we write the reduced form of fractions which is ⅘.

How to turn a fraction into a ratio like ⅔?

The fractions ⅔ can be written as a ratio as 2:3, or 2 to 3.

What is 1/3 1/4 as a ratio in simplest form?

Expressed as a fraction in the simplest form. The common denominator: 1/3 + 1/4 = 4/12 +3/12 Add numerators: 4/12 + 3/12 = 7/12 Cannot simplify further, so answer is 7/12.

How to turn a ratio into a fraction 3:4?

The ratio 3:4 can be written into the fractions as ¾ or 3 to 4.

How can we write 2.25 as a fraction?

We can write the 2.25 as a fraction as 225/100, we can convert the decimal to fraction by the Decimal to fraction calculator.

What is the ratio of 12 and 14 in the simplest form?

The ratio of the 12:14 in the simplest form is 6:7 and in fraction form it is 6/7.

What is the ratio of 8 6?

The simplest form of fraction 8/6 is 4/3 and the ratio of 8/6 is 4:3.


We can convert the ratios into the fractions and the fractions into the ratio by the ratio to fraction calculator. We may need to write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form, this can be time consuming. If you are using the fraction to ratio calculator, it is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds.


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